Friday, September 30, 2011

Is drinking coffee training?

It's become that time of the year, the time when some of us who appear to be tougher than the elements instantly become fair weather riders. Where in the spring you will battle the worst conditions because everything is better than the trainer to now even the remote hint of unfavorable condition the bike stays on the rack and another beer is opened.

The first cross race went as well as expected, it hurt, I liked it, I will be back next week to be kicked at yet again. I haven't been on a bike since then, it seems that the only time I might be on it again will be for racing. Tonight, doubt it, tomorrow??? Well if things fall the weather predictions it's a major debate. Lots of fun and exciting things to do that I normally would be all over. I question the cold and rain that is supposed to be coming in. I know lame and weak. I'll use the reasoning that I'll be well rested for the Tour de King.

The bike debate is still on, cross bike or hard tail. Attack the trails and suffer on the road? Faster wheels but questionable handling? I'm at this point thinking I will strap both bikes to the car and see what the masses are do it. If the cool kids are on cross bikes, I may turn sheepish and join it or knowing me will rebel against the norm rock the hard tail. Decisions to be made, some important, some not so much.

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