Friday, May 30, 2008

It was back at it after a couple days of rest. The legs are recovering quickly. I'm skipping the Canada Cup this weekend. A few reasons. Not a benefit to my training this week. That is the excuse I'm using. It's more that its going to pour rain all weekend. I also would start early and I just don't feel like doing this event. Yep just an excuse to not race in the rain. Of course I will probably still go to check things out.

I'm hoping that the rain lets off a bit to sneak a night ride in. It's been a few months since I've had to use the lights and I really want to play with the new twin system.

Another toy showed up today. A sweet set of Mavic Crossmax SLR's along with my Michelin tires. These wheels are equal to some 22 inch chromes with spinners on a pimp wagon. I've had great luck with the Crossmax's and am hoping it continues with the SLR's. Fast and almost a pound lighter that my XL's.

Hoping the rain lays off a bit so I can get some testing in of both the wheels and the lights. Hell I would be happy with one or the other.

Pictures later once I get the setup done.

Monday, May 26, 2008

the curse of Mansfield?

My last day of holidays and also a rest day gave me a little time to think about this past race. Not so much about it being an 8 hour but more about the location of the event. I think Mansfield has a curse on me.

If you remember back to my ordeal with the Paris to Ancaster race and the cursed hotel I think there is a trend for Mansfield and me. This is the 4th year I've done this 4th time I've done the spring 8 hour there along with 1 Ontario Cup and 1 Enduro.

So here comes the list of things I've had happen. So this 8 hour I was puking, got a flat that couldn't be fixed with a co2 sealant, had severe pain in my right foot and topped it off with my seat coming loose on the 2nd last lap.

The Ontario Cup race a month ago I had my handle bars come loose about 2 km from the finish line. That was still a scary decent down devils drop with my bars turning in my hands.

Last fall there were no issues during the Enduro. Well nothing that stands out at least.

The 8 hour of 2007, I had my bars come loose on me at the 3 hour mark and some moron forgot to have a tool on him. That happened only once, Tool pack, don't leave home without it!

2006 8 hour was another nightmare. Just after the 2nd lap I had the chain start to skip on me. I found out later that it was 2 broken teeth on the middle chain ring. I also had the seat come loose. Holy crap.

So now to clear things up. Yes the bikes are checked before a race. Actually multiple times by myself and Dave. I have never had problems at any other endurance race. I don't think I've had any major problems at any other real mechanical problem at any venue besides Mansfield.

So is Mansfield cursed to me. I don't know. I did see the culprit to the flat tire on the weekend. A 1.5 inch long nail. That was what was ticking but by the time I stopped and looked for it, it was already pushed far enough into the tread to blend in with the tread.

Some decisions were made on the bikes that I will be riding for the Solstice race. A very early THANK YOU to Rob for helping me out. It will come back ten folds. Will update more as the event draws closer. For now its back to building.

Great job again to everyone who raced this weekend. One of the most demanding course the boys from Chico Racing have done to date. What will they have for us at Summer Solstice!!!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Opus Spring 8 Hour

I don't swear to often on here but all I can say is Holy Shit that hurt. This is definitely the hardest 8 hour course I have ever ridden. It was technical for sure but it was also incredibly rough and hard on the whole body. It was also extremely hard on me mentally as I had lots of bad times during this race.

So the start was nothing out of the ordinary. Last year the solo's started 10 minutes behind the pack, that didn't happen this year. Good!

As I looked around the start area I saw a few people I wished I hadn't. First off was Jeff Shikaze, only good thing was he is now 40 and in a different class. Next up was who I was really concerned about. Tristan Smit, #12 in the world right now at 24 hour races and defending champion of this race. Yep it was going to hurt today no matter what the course was like.

3,2,1 go. The pace stayed sane for about 20 seconds. Just long enough for everyone to get clipped in and standing. With the mix of solo, tags and teams in the start you really need to get in the right spot at the start or you can get stalled up.

Halfway through the first lap I felt something bad in my stomach. Yep I need to throw up. No I am not slowing down!! BLAH!!! drink and pedal. The gurgling is still there as I passed through pit row. I have a good rhythm. At the top of the next climb my stomach talks back again. BLAH!!!! Alright there can't be much left in there. Eat a gel and go. Last time I eat that particular power bar before a race again. A good clean lap happens after this.

This is where the next round of bad things happen. Have you ever had that feeling of floating? Let me be a little more specific. Have you ever had the feeling of your back end floating all of the place? Coming into the transition tent I heard a weird ticking coming out of the back wheel. I topped quickly, spun the wheel looked and didn't see anything. Screw it ride. Over the next few minutes is when that floating came into play. The back wheel is going all over the place. Flat tire? Grab my co2 with sealant and hammer it on the valve. My mind is going gotta go gotta go.

I run Stan's sealant in my tires and have never ever had a flat. This was different, no more than 5 minutes after I filled the tire the floating came back. I have a tear in the tire bead!!! Shit, do I stop, screw go and deal with the damage later. This was on the 4th lap. Came riping into the pits like a man possessed. I'm lucky my Mom loves me. She grabs my other bike as I'm tearing the wheel off the hardtail, changes my bottle and puts gels in my pocket. A shot of Coke(the legal kind) and I'm off.

You can't get another flat again, tubed tire, no spare tubes. I also updated the crew on a few things while I was doing all the panicing. My right foot has a stabbing pain in it and it's getting worst. Ok Matt settle down and focus!

The next couple laps are really hard on me. My right foot is getting worst and I'm having a hard time standing up on descents. It wasn't that annoying pain or throb. This felt like I had a couple nails in my pedal. Lap 7 came around and as I hit the pit row I come to a complete stop. Got off the bike and took off my shoe. This is where I wonder if my Mom and Aunt love me or hate me. Your in 4th and gaining on 3rd. Alright give me some drugs. Lucky Advil is not a banned substance or I think just about every endurance racer would fail that urine test!!

I start riding mad, seems to work for me. It took a full lap for the drugs to kick in but I was able to pick the pace up again. It also seemed that the people I needed to see at the right time were there when I needed them. Lee running through transition to tell me that I'm less than a minute behind 3rd and 2 minutes behind 2nd. Of course that gives me more go.

The body of course had other plans but it was definitely a mind over matter thing. this is where I ran into Andrew Parry. Number 10 in the world right now. He said the words I needed to hear and started showing up in different parts of the course. Some how I missed seeing the 3rd place rider, whether I missed him in pit row or not but I passed him with less than 2 hours to go. Of course I'm still looking for him.

With just over an hour left I saw who I thought was in 3rd. Actually he was in 2nd. Unfortunately he saw me also. So much for the element of surprise. This is also when my last round of bad luck happened. The double track climb coming out of the timing tent my seat moved. Not a little but all the way to the back of the rails. Stopped quickly and slammed it forward, grabbed my tool and go to tighten it. Shit I don't have the adapter on it. Alright just deal with it.

Start going again hoping I will have someone I know come by to get a tool off. There is Andrew again. He has tools. You know this guy knows his racing strategy when he goes start riding and I'll meet you around the next loop. This gave him time to get things out of the bag and not have me sitting still. I owe Andrew a huge thank you for keeping me in the race. He also said a few more motivating words to me that got my mind in check.

Last lap I'm looking over my shoulder to make sure there are no solo plates coming up behind me. Nothing. Crossed the finish line 3rd with 14 laps. 7 minutes behind 2nd place.

My whole body is sore today. Some decisions were made on what I'm riding for the 24 hour race. This was a great race mentally and physically. I have to give a huge thank you to my Mom and my Aunt for putting up with my crap. If any of you have ever seen them run the support crew you will understand why. I've had teams ask me to borrow them. Also to Lee and Rob for yelling at me at the right times. Andrew, Thank you, and I will be chasing you down at Solstice. I think you wouldn't want it any other way.

Congrats to the guys from Oakville Racing.

Great race Chris and Terry. I Chase Terry in the O Cup races.

The boys from Cadence XC Kick some ass again.

Lee knows how to hydrate afterwards

My recovery ride today was great, now its relaxing with a Corona, clean the bike and enjoy the last 2 days of holidays.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Just blah!!!! Well that's what I have felt like the last few days. This crappy weather has gotten to me. The less you are able to do will eventually give you the energy level of a rock. I have slept alot on my holidays. Not that there was much else to do.

The rain finally broke yesterday. Not that it was all that great. It was still only about plus ten. It was the wind that just wrecked it. Talk about taking the fun out of great route. 2 hours of grunting. I guess I can't complain that I was on a rest week because I would not have wanted to spend 5-6 hours out there this week.

Ok enough whining. Mansfield 8 hour is tomorrow. Gear is almost all packed. Pick up the bike from Dave at Georgian Cycle today. That wonderful stick I picked up took out more than just the hanger. Bent cage on the derailleur. Great. My legs, hopefully they will show up sometime late this afternoon. I'm hoping the massage and physio I have today will bring them back.

There is a crew from Big Ring Racing coming down from Ottawa. This includes my sometimes tag team partner. With some gentle taunting from a few of us he agreed to race.

I need to get a bit of fun in my riding life right now and for me that is racing. Racing is fun. 6 plus months of training is now finally going to be tested. As much as I know where my legs are in short races this is the first test.

Race report and pictures in a couple days. For now COFFEE!!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rest rest rest!!! Recovery week and holidays at the same time. I think some people would find this a dream but I have to admit I'm not used to this much down time. I'm a bit of a busy body and I was told by my girlfriend that I suck at vacationing since I want to do stuff.

So some of the things on the list. Get my NRS ready for this weekend. I have yet to get my 2nd hardtail yet. Should be here in the first week of June. This means I wouldn't have a backup ride for the 8 hour. No spare bike, couldn't have that so off the wall comes old blue.

Lots of stretching is right at the top of the list. 4 days till the kick off of the endurance race season. The XC Carbon is in at Georgian Cycle with Dave doing his magic on it. I broke my first ever derailleur hanger on Monday. It actually shocked me. This is part of the reason it's there, make sure nothing is out of alignment.

Weather is blah today, trying to get a couple hours on the road bike today. Hoping it won't be on the rollers. For now, because I can, another cup of coffee.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm on holidays and it's raining. HMMM I've also timed my recovery week and a race around this time. It also happens to be the famed May 2-4 weekend. All back to the reason it's raining.

Saturday's LSD ride turned into a boring roller session. After spending so much time on them all winter I really do find it hard to ride indoors now. Now the excitement did pick up yesterday.

Big group ride planned in Copeland Forest. Of course the plans are always great until it rains. Only 3 other brave soles showed. Of course mix the rain in with temperatures in the single digits and the discouragement to ride shows up really quick.

I love the cold and I get off riding in conditions that make people suffer. Hell I did it all winter but I didn't even want to be out there. Even with trails that look like this.

With all the crap weather the shortened rides are not a bad thing. The body is really liking the extra rest and I'm pretty sure it needs it now. The intensity has been pretty high these last few weeks and this recovery week is well needed.

It's time for more coffee and lots of lounging. Another group ride this afternoon, the sun is out, should be fun.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Riding with anchors last night. Timed the weekly series race into my ride tonight. Ok, so it wasn't a race for me. My legs are no where to be found. The boys hammered off the line and I paced with them for the first couple km's. That was all I needed to tell myself to slow down.

Cruised the course at a pace just below what I ride at for an 8 hour. May as well get the mind into slowing down a hair. Have to get into the mind of endurance racing not 3 lap stuff.

My legs show up when they need to be there, race day. The Mansfield 8 hour is next weekend. I know that Big Ring Racing is sending a crew down for the race. I've also heard that Andrew Parry will not be racing. Andrew is one of the biggest threats for Solstice. This is a bit of a proving ground race for the June race.

On a good note, the rest of my lights came in yesterday. Will get some pictures up and a review in the next couple days. I so need to go for some night rides. I fired them up in the living room last night and lets just say, Holy Crap they are bright!!! Huge burn time, no heat from the light itself, super light and no worries about the bulb breaking if I crash.. Gotta love LED. I will be selling off some of my older systems.

More to come on the lights.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to boring training rides. Recovery week and holidays next week. What am I going to do with all the time? Legs are, well they are keeping me vertical.

I'm now debating about doing the Canada Cup race in a couple weeks. It's still a short event. It was also give me the points I need to move up to Expert class. Where I should be. I think it will be a last minute decision.

Since there is nothing exciting happening I thought I would put up some of the photos from the last few rides.

Group ride to Honey Harbour

Heather flashing a pose after doing her gymnastic routine.

Rob attempting the same move a few days earlier

Molly at her best The car looked like that puddle

Trying to catch a glimpse of Provincal team member Jaccob McCelland at the Mountainview Weekly race series.

Thats it for now. Back on the bike!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Ontario Cup Number 2

Over trained, if I am than I think I'm going to stay this way. I really didn't have much expectations for this race. Some clown scheduled a 5.5 hour ride the day before. What type of legs am I really going to have? Especially for the intensity of a 3 lap race.

Sitting in the starting grid I'm chatting it up with the boys saying how trashed my legs were. Honestly they did feel weak. During the warm up my Quads seem to have some choice words for my brain.

I had hoped that they would stage the group a little different this race. the 35-39 guys are running some of the fastest laps and also have the most traffic to deal with. I can guarantee that our lap times would be at least a minute faster a lap with the open track that some of the other groups get. I will say that everyone was really good about passing.

It was another one of those 3,2,1 go things and of course it always seems to start with a hill. Even with crap legs I still went into my mindset for these races. Go as hard as you can, if you blow up, you blow up. Terry Dean took the lead right off the start line, I grabbed his wheel. The first lap was a bit longer with some double track to split up the group. Terry and I worked together and gapped the pack pretty quickly.

Into the first single track I got my reminder on how much I love Albion Hills. Fast!!! Terry and I started catching slower riders from the group ahead. This is also where I found out how my legs really felt. One of the long climbs had about a 20 foot section of mud in it. I hit that and the bike felt like the anchor hit the ground. Terry dropped me. Got through it and started to push but he was gone.

Ok, focus Matt. In the following sections of single track was the first time I saw Dave. He was close enough to see me means he is close enough to catch me. I recovered quickly and did everything I could to get past as many slower riders in the double track as I could. Hoping that some human obstacles would slow him down and give me a bit of breathing room. Seemed to work because when I came through the timing tent I never saw him again.

Lap 2 was nothing spectacular. Dr. Bill was my bottle guy today. He does so much for my racing. Thanks Bill!!! Found my rhythm this lap and just had fun. Of course I did almost hit a tree and looked like a complete rookie trying to pass a rider at the top of a climbing. Heading into the single track he stalled up to let me go and I lost my balance. Both feet unclipped and banged into a tree. The guy was thinking how did this guy catch me riding like that. I was actually a little embarrassed.

Lap 3 was where things changed. I knew I had a good lead on 3rd now and a ton of traffic between us. I also caught a glimpse of Terry in the distance. That bright green points leader Jersey should have a bulls eye on it. Going through the feed zone I was my typical smart ass self and belted out a couple one liners getting the feeders laughing. Hey we are racing mountain bikes not doing brain surgery. Gotta have fun.

Half way through the lap I look down, oh crap no bottle. HMMM well I'm not going to turn around an look for it. The thought did cross my mind though. If it was a beer I would have!! This is also when that green jersey seemed to be a little closer. He is fading. Actually he wasn't I was going faster. Lap time numbers show that. Sweet.

At one point I was talking with a rider saying I'm not sure I will catch him. That is when we both say him and I hear there he is go get him. I found out later that Terry heard that. He said he started to put it all out there. We are running out of race track but I'm getting closer and closer. I had another rider help slingshot me in the double track section. Every thing I could do but unfortunately it wasn't enough. I came in 11 seconds behind him. I was wired when i crossed the line. I really wanted to do another lap, hell I wish this would have been an 8 hour.

2nd place. Where did this come from. I really would have been happy finishing in the top five and back a few minutes from the leaders. I had just over 2 minutes on 3rd place. Someone asked me if I wanted to switch over to short course racing now. Hell NO!!! They hurt to much. I love the long races.

Now I will say that I really did have a major advantage over most of the riders on that course. I have done at least 6 24 hour solo/tag teams races at Albion Hills. I swear I know every root, switchback and climb there. This was also a great chance for me to preview what Solstice will be like and how the XC Carbon feels on the trails. No worries for either.

It's a rest day today, Dr. Bill will rip the legs apart this evening. One more build week, 2 weeks till the first 8 hour. I'm feeling really happy with where my fitness and riding level is at right now. My remainder of my panic attack of last week is gone.

Will get some pictures up as they come in.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great results today, full race report tomorrow. Much better than expected. Right now. FOOD!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well I'm not dying, I'm not exhausted, I'm not overtrainied. I have a stupid computer that likes to give me stress that I didn't need. Everyone kept saying your fine but until both Dr Bill and Heather said it I was still unsure.

Fixing Heather's appliances is well worth the information she gives me. I think I better start stock piling the repairs for the hundred plus questions I will have when I start training with the compu-trainer next winter.

With my mind back in check it was back to riding. I broke my routine to ride with Heather yesterday in Tom's forest. Man have they ever done an amazing job cleaning up the trails. Almost the whole system is ride able again. Here I was thinking that I would be finding a few new training trails. This is great because I need to start planning a few night rides to get the eyes used to playing in the dark again. I also want to play with my lights. My bar lamps should be in any day.

This morning things were all back on track. 5.5 hours on the mountain bike. I know O-cup tomorrow but I'm not concerned. Tomorrow is a hard training ride. My legs felt tired right after I got off the bike but are now feeling really good. They should be a bit tired considering the crew I was riding with. Riding the XC on the road with slicks is always fun when everyone is rolling on the skinny wheels.

As for my crashed computer. New Garmin on its way. Even with the stress it caused I still think its that best toy I've bought in a long time. I'll send the crashed unit out for repairs once the new one arrives. The only complaint I had with the Garmin was the burn time of only 9 hours. This means no tracking 24 hours races. With the second unit it will be covered.

Ok enough babbling. 2nd Ocup tomorrow. Of course a race report will be up after the event. The course map shows ALOT of double track. 9km loops. Albion Hills is always fast and this will also give me a chance to ride some of the single track that will be in Summer Solstice.

Gotta go, food is here


Friday, May 9, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Going to see Heather today. Been a bit concerned about this heartrate thing. I know that my Garmin had a weird shut down on Sunday and since then it seems to be reading a wrong heartrate. Out by about 20-25 beats. Ok that is what I think is happening but of course I want to make sure I'm not hitting that overtraining mark.

Heather is going to check my training program to date and give me a few suggestions and will probably influence my decision about racing at the O-cup this weekend. It's not an important race to me but if it would be better to spend the time riding slow that at full out pace that is more important.

I have talked to Dr. Bill and he thinks will be all ok but he thinks its a great idea for Heather to check things over. She doesn't coach me but when your best friend does that coaching thing for a living I'm constantly picking at her brain. All it costs me is fixing her washer!! Works for me.

With that said, I have taken it easy the last 2 days. Not going to get fat and lazy with 2 rest days. I know I'm training better than ever but of course you need to have a little reminder that yes the program is right or no you need to change things.

It's interesting though that all this is happening since I just did my fastest ever non TT bike result at the time trial. I also had a kick ass result in the weekly series and the first o-cup. The legs feel great, I'm sleeping great, I'm no grumpier than usual, I want to be on the bike! My resting heartrate is normal also. Everything is normal except for this strange readings off the heartrate monitor. Fingers crossed that everything is fine.

I'm taking half a day off work and will be getting a ride in this afternoon. Going to play in the dirt!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Tri club's first time trial was last night. Had to incorporate this into my ride.

Of course it wasn't all about a short burst of pain. Spent the first hour and a half on the XC Carbon with some base miles. I'm really starting to like training more on the hartail. It's making short routes a bit longer in time since the speeds are down. Still averaging just under 30 km/h though with the slicks.

It's also allowing me to ride roads that I would so not ripe down with any of the road bikes. Legs were feeling great but something was a little out of whack. Checking my heartrate monitor and I'm seeing weird numbers. I know I have a strong heart but when its showing just above a recovery pace number and I'm climbing a hill something is wrong. Battery time.

Back to the car and a bike switch. Since I'm TT bikeless now with the Trinity in a new home and since I do not have a T16 hanging on my wall it was old faithful. The OCR is still fast, I guess the Ultegra gear and deep dish wheels help. Don't need no stinking areo bars.

I did get placed a bit out of whack in the start line up which played to a disadvantage to me later in the route. 3,2,1 go. Hammered right out of the gate and down on the bars. Legs feel good for the moment.

Our course is very hilly and not the best pavement. Means you are working hard and riding smart to go fast. So back to the staging part. Carrots!! You need that carrot in front of you to chase down. 30 seconds between rider means they are just in sight when you start. The problem for me is I ate up all my carrots faster than a bunny rabbit on crack. At the turn around I had passed everyone in front of me. Not good. This gets me in mountain bike race mood where you are defending not attacking.

I know I backed it down a hair on the return trip, not much but in a TT dropping 5 percent makes a huge difference. I know I could have pushed a bit harder on the hills had I had some riders in front to chase. The reason I know I had backed down was that I'm looking behind me all the time to see if anyone is gaining. I knew they weren't but I'm still not in attack mood. Should have did a split on the course at the turn around.

Crossed the line a few minutes later. 37 km/h over the 15km course. I'm .2km/h slower than my best ever time and that was last year on the Trinity TT bike. I'm pretty happy considering the legs are sore. Wait the legs are always sore!!! 4th fastest of the day. It's a rain day so I think it's going to be time on the trainer tonight.

Gotta roll, time for work


Sunday, May 4, 2008

One hell of a long weekend. I've revised my training plan a bit now that the season is under way and I'm spending more and more time on the mountain bike whether its on the road or trails. Some slicks are making things a little more enjoyable on the road.

My sister and her boyfriend were down from Ottawa this weekend. Rick aka Golonghardman from Big Ring Racing road from Ottawa over the last two days. 200 plus km each day. Great job Rick.

This gave me a chance to ride with my sister. It's been a long time since we have racked up some km's. 3 hours with Jenn then another hour on my own. Trust me when I say that it was hard getting that 4th hour in. The weather was crap. Rain and wind.

Today was another story. Since I didn't get a pony for my birthday this morning I did the next best thing. 3.5 hour trail ride with the boys. Copeland forest was the playground for the day. Small group, Rob, Lee and Dr. Bill but this also meant very little waiting since they are all quick strong rider.

Copeland is a great place to work on climbing and technical riding. Rob was the tour guide. Thanks buddy. There was a 5th there. The Molly Monster was in her glory.
As for me, it was all about base miles and time in the saddle.

Every ride I do I'm loving my XC Carbon more and more. I am also have less concerns every ride about my back and riding a hardtail. The carbon smooths out all the chatter.

Rolled back down to the cars, a quick jaunt home to drop off the dog and switch out the wheels to the slicks. Another hour and half later I'm not sitting on my ass typing this. Things are feeling good overall. I'm a wee bit tired but I'm getting an amazing birthday dinner tonight.

I think this is one of the best birthdays I've had, even though I didn't get a pony!!!

Rest day tomorrow. Will post some pictures of the ride today later. For now it's relax time.


Friday, May 2, 2008

That was the plan for the evening with a stop at the Mountainview weekly series. Spent the first 2.5 hours on a mix of rail trails, atv trails, gravel roads and a little bit of single track. This was all about base miles.

It's not a great route for the mind and excitement but perfect for the legs. This is what round two was for.
The Mountainview race series has grown dramatically in the last couple years. So has the trail system. The level of riders has also jumped dramatically in the last couple years with a couple of them being the top riders in their divisions. Yep this means no cruise control to ride with these boys.

My legs were feeling a little trashed before the race even started. The last couple days have been tough workouts and I knew things were going to hurt even more. There were around 25 riders in the unlimited division include Pro Elite rider Jacob McClelland. Lets just say that the pace was stupid fast right from the word go. I did what I could and stayed in the top 5 for most of the first lap but my legs kept reminding me that this was a training ride. I backed things down to an 8 hour pace.

There is alot of climbing in Mountainview. The hill is not that high in vertical feet but you would swear you were climbing a mountain. I was down in the small ring spinning. The course is very physically and technically demanding. It's awesome. Of course knowing everyone there its fun to get little battles going on the course.

An hour later I was sprinting across the line with Mark only a few feet behind me. So much fun. In a sick twisted way of loving that pain. Yep I'm doing it again next week.

Add in the spin down to the house for a total of 3:45 on the bike. My legs are feeling like anchors today but it's a rest day. Hot tub and ice baths tonight. Crap weather for the weekend. Lots of rain. Trainer sessions all weekend? Probably.