Monday, August 13, 2012

Buckwallow Ontario cup

Round what ever in the Ontario scene brought us to the land of rocks. Had some simple plans for this race, survive the double track and pin it in the singletrack. Basiclly work my strength and try and cover my losses where I'm weak.

The start was intense, long double track. It seemed longer than I remember and with random rocks and roots on there it was tough tucking in the pack. The first lap felt pretty good, rode the technical well and when I came up on riders I got a chance to recover. Then we hit the double track and I suffered. was still semi fast though.

Lap two had Mr. Holmes join me, we worked together for a bit but couldn't keep his pace on the double track. I was also stressing a little, my bottle decided it didn't like my bike and removed itself early in the lap. No worries,I can suffer it out till the feed. Again the lap felt pretty good, strong where I should be etc etc.

Came through the feed and took a huge gulp, turned left into the single track feeling relieved and good, pick it up a little. When I exited upon the double track I reached down for my bottle. "Are you shitting me?". No bottle, this is going to start taking its toll. I tried to stay positive and keep pushing hard but I could feel the legs craving a bit a some sort of calorie intake. I started to watch for my previously dropped bottle on the trail. I also got tempted to just grab some random bottle but everyone I spotted I was travelling to fast to make it worth stopping.

Lap 4, I was feeling it, that hint of cramping. Trying to bring in fluids as quick as I can but not bloat myself. Damaged was done,this lap was going to be survival. I also panicked a bit about losing this bottle. That's when one of my strategically dropped bottles appeared. Dam right I stopped and picked it up. You know, just in case.

By the midway part of the lap I knew I was going to survive without cramping, attempted to raise my pace a little. I could hear some bikes in the distance and wasn't sure if my fading was allowing someone in my division to gain, ended up being Watson lapping through for the win in elite. Crossed the line a few minutes later.

A couple things, the 1.5 hour kayak Saturday nit may have not been a great idea but was enjoyable. I really missed my dualie yesterday, need that baby fixed before provincials. I was happy with my results, considering the lack of training etc etc. I'll be changing out that bottle cage this week.

I need coffee, a lot of it

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Friday, August 3, 2012

avoiding it

I rode my bikes, woohoo. Nothing out of the ordinary but I found myself in the hills and of course a conversation that came up on the MNS ride popped into my head. This hill is on there. aww so is this one. Hmmmmm. Don't do it, don't be a follower, don't be weak.

I'm talking about strava, yes I know it's cool but I'm going to avoid it like I avoid twitter. I do have a twitter account, I forgot the password a couple years ago. As for strava, I just can't do it. Maybe it's because I'm not as strong this season as previous years, maybe I like keeping my training, or lack of it top secret, maybe I don't want big brother knowing where I am.

Don't get me wrong, I'll chase a few of the times on that sight, I kinda know where I'll rank knowing the company that I keep. I will mention that I hit 74.4 km/h on a certain downhill which was the fastest to date. I won't share what my times were going up the different hills, that's top secret.

Good weekend coming, it's longer. Buckwallow trip planned and potential another one of those "I've wanted to do this ride to see if it can be done" It's on the map.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's on the map

Great weekend, almost training like rides but the views became distracting. Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the view. Especially when they are this ice.

A short stop at Severn Falls

Followed by a stop at Laughlin Falls. Yes I did ride not just sight see. Saturday wasn't bad but Sunday I stepped it up.

I've seen what looks like a road on the maps, even satellite images online show there is a road there. I had to try to get to the big chute with as minimal regular roads.

Notice the very small line that connects E Shore Rd. a that was my concern. Took the do anything bike (29er), I'd attempted this once before on the cross bike but was shut down quickly with a flat tire and mud. This time I was going to make it. As I rolled into what was supposed to be the start I now see how some people get totally screwed when they follow a gps. This so called road was not something I'd recommend taking a car or truck on, you might get about 20 feet. Of course the 29er was perfect.

Great Canadian Sheild type riding

I wanted to take more photos but my ride became more of a survival than enjoyment. The deer flies were almost unbearable. Stopping was not an option and even slowing down in technical sections became a fine line decision. Slow and get bite, go fast and potentially flat or crash. Ya I slowed a little .

45 minutes after I started the trail I rolled out on to upper big chute road about 100 feet from the bridge. I'll be planning for another run through there again but I'll wait till the fall when the bugs are dead.

A few more random trails mixed to the loop including a tunnel under the 400 turned it into a 3 hour tour. Followed up the ride with a 2 hour paddle in the bay, attempting to screw up my cycling tan lines.

Coffee is needed today, oh coffee how I love the.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Life just keeps rolling along, some great road rides over the last couple weeks. Been pretty must forced to ride road after I shredded my hand and braking became questionable. I sometimes forget how many great roads there are here, including a couple that were just paved yesterday.

Slowly starting to feel stronger, having the later start of somewhat structured riding this year has me feeling happy to not have small hills hurt as much. My main focus for this year, the house, is coming along, the big jobs are done giving me more time to play on the bike and now with the new kayak. 13.5 foot day tripper is perfect for Georgian Bay adjust gives me one more Toyota play with. The Molly monster does give me a dirty look when I leave with it instead of the canoe and her.

Looking like a nice day, no rain again today. I feel it will be a ride then paddle type day. Coffee first

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sudbury Ontario Cup

Headed to the big nickel this past weekend, no other way to describe it. Awesome. Had a lot of fun on both the riding and social side on this northern adventure.

Saturday's course scoping wasn't exactly what I wanted, flatted half way through the first lap, ended up walking the rest of the lap before heading back to the hotel. Got to see all the sharp rocks at a much slower pace.

Race day came, small group this time, many missed out. Season plan this year was a top ten finish, accomplished with only ten of us on the start line. Start was better than expected and stayed with the lead pack for most of it, felt good. Rode the single track through the haze with no problems. Rode smart, hit the rocky sections and stuck to the main lines watching for those race ending rocks.

There was no head down and grunt it out point on this day, felt great through the whole race, stayed smooth on the double track sections, seemed to pick up an elite woman every lap. on these sections and gave them a good pull. I knew I was riding well when I caught was riding into the divisions that left ahead of me and not being caught by the guys starting behind me. Yep a great day. Finished 7th but it was my lap times I looked at more than anything. Felt closer to what the old me was capable of. Could I get a little faster this year? Maybe.

Highlights, two broken spokes on the rear wheel, had to stop and wrap one around before it jammed up in my caliper. Had a link in my rear suspension come loose, it's a giant, worked great even like that. I was so happy I was on the Anthem, dualie all the way. Rode a clean race right until the end when I just about nutted myself coming into the finish line/feed zone field. There was a hole, it was deep, I hit it at speed and had both hands off the bars, people saw, I survived and stayed moving. Nice scratch on the leg and a sore hip from being stabbed by my seat.

Great weekend, Monday night ice cream ride tonight.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

the good and the bad

Solid weekend of riding, a day with some puke inducing pace mixed in, another with a ton of climbing in the big backyard topped off with watching the twins do what they do best. Something that others would never try, including myself. Partly from fear, partly because of common sense. Yep, a great long weekend.

Then I woke up feeling off, sore thought, hazy head etc etc. Sick and me don't get along well. I don't like being forced not to be able to do things but I took my medicine and spent two evenings on the couch watching movies and napping after busy days at work. I had to, I'm excited for this weekends road trip.

Sudbury Ontario cup,nice change,new venue, something different. Back on the dualie, forgot how much I love my anthem. Should be fun.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

rolling rolling rolling

Been top secret training that's not really secret. The wide tire bikes have been hanging since the 24 hour after cleaning, it's been somewhat structured time on the road bike doing a few of those workouts that make the legs ach and lungs bleed, unfortunatly I'm not powerful enough right now, but I'm working on it.

I've been loving the road, there is something so simple about it. No prep, no driving, no thinking, just turn the legs. Of course the perk of an excessive amount of recently paved roads that nobody uses is a bonus.

A week till the next test of the legs, hopping to have them working a little better. A few big rides planned for the long weekend. Top secret training for sure

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Monday, June 25, 2012

24 hour Summer Solstice

I found myself in a change of rolls this year. It was a nice change and a great weekend but for some reason though I still feel almost as exhausted racing on a corporate team as I do racing solo or tag. It might be my lack of fitness, the beer I drank in between laps, the lack of sleeping. What ever, I had fun.

I got the privilege of riding with the crew, great guys. With 7 of us it meant a good rest between laps. It also meant lots of time to wander around and enjoy all the festivities that I normally don't get to see.

First lap was late afternoon, rocked the 29er. Description of the course, fast and extremely dry. After many years of being rained on we had the exact opposite, no complaints here. The corners were about as slippery as in previous years. Fast laps, longer than in previous years which I think most were happy about, half decent performance of my legs but far from where they used to be. Didn't care, had fun.

Returned to the dualie for the night. I love night riding, maybe it's because with the exposure lights it's not really dark. Love my dualie, first night lap was pretty much episode free, lots of traffic but passing was easy with everyone knowing what to do. Everyone was friendly, seemed like lots of first time racers and potentially first time night riders, great to see.

My second night lap was on going along smoothly until just over the midway point, at roughly 3 in the morning every solo is going through those demon hours, I caught up with one who seemed to be doing well with the demons, then they struck. Reached out of the darkness and knocked him down, I found myself on the ground right behind him. Made sure he was ok, got him back on his bike and then motored on. A few seconds late I felt weak, It wnt me, it was the bike. In the tumble my rear rotor got bent, a quick once over had me a little concerned, of course I didn't have any tools on me to attempt to resolve it. Tried to bend it back, it was beyond that, screw it ride it you wuss. The downhills were fine, it was that drag on the uphills and flats that started to take a toll on the legs, was happy that it was cool, only a minute or so slower with all the extra fun.

Team was on track for a podium, everyone picked it up on their last laps. Solid gap over 4th, not catching 2nd. 3rd is a great finish out of 99 teams. Smack talked Mr. Wagler and the milk kids on the podium, if your going to finish behind a team you don't mind it being them.

End of the day, had a great weekend, glad I had the opportunity to race with a great group of guys. Return to the road bike this week. Couple weeks till the next adventure.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

slip slide melting

The life in a nut shell, road my fixie in the rain Tuesday, got a little scared when I hear thunder and saw lightning while being on a steel framed bike. I t want doing that when I left, I don't normally poke at the mother nature bees nest like that.

Solidly weak 2.5 hour road ride in the wall of heat yesterday. Legs felt like rubber, power was nonexistent, still climbed a couple thousand feet but questioned my power tap and hoped it was out of calibration,of course it wasn't.

I'm playing this weekend, rocking the Summer Solstice with the crew. Nice being on a team for a change, rest, real rest between laps, should be fun. Looking forward to the social side of the 24 hour, something I normally don't get to see.

A return to the little wheel bike, seems that the next couple Ontario cup races are dualie friendly. Add in a couple other potential events that a longer than a short ride, it's time to get used to the Anthem again. It will take about 30 seconds, like putting on your favorite sweater, It always just fits.

Weekend is coming, should be good

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Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm not dead

I've just been on a holiday. Vacation time came right when I needed it, both from the bike and the company. So what have I been doing you may ask, I've been working, first up was painting the house. Two days on a later in the heat pretty much killed me but I kept motoring along with many other "need to get done".

The checklist got smaller and my play time increased.

This means, surprise surprise, I started to ride. Two back to back 2.5 hour road rides, each with some company. Some solid climbing in Oro,some tired legs afterward.

That's when it really set in, Saturday morning. It was hot already,I had a short idea of my ride which changed only a few minutes into it. I felt good, I smiled. Headed out on the 29er for a mixed ride of pavement, gravel and atv trails. After 2.5 hours of Oro hills I found myself riding past the house right around the perfect time, not to stop but to refuel and continue along. No stopping me this day, I was in a zone.

Made my way to the south side of the wye marsh, as I turned in I knew there was no slowing down. The deer flies were violent. I'd come across them a few times earlier in the ride but was able to keep the pace fairly high, here in almost singletrack like conditions they got their chance to feed. I shortened up my visit to the marsh. Some time later as the clock rolled past the 4 hour mark I rolled down my driveway. The temptation to continue going was there, I do believe there will be more of these rides.

Finished up the day with this.

Last day of holidays, a few more things to be done today,ride tonight. Am I training again? Yes and no, will I be faster? Hopefully. The next run of Ontario cups are technically harder, to my benefit, if I can get my fitness up in the next few weeks I might be able to move myself closer to the goal of a couple top 10 finishes. I don't feel it's an unrealistic goal, I'm just looking forward to the rides.

Working with a new program, hopefully it works better,more photos, multipule paragraphs, etc etc.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have to pass

It's come to this, I'm still shaking my head but yet I actually expected it. Multipule things have lead to the decesion for me to skip the Ontario Cup race this weekend. I know there is a solid break coming but a short adventure in the big backyard on the big wheel gave me that gentle hint I needed. My hands are not a happ camper right now, old age, arthritis, over abuse etc etc has come into play and when I felt cramping and strain while on some long singletrack decents I knew for my own well being they need a rest. The plan, weak but realistic, my road bike is my friend. I've never really stressed bout being able to ride the trails. I have a month to be ready for Sudbury, I will train, sort of. I will ride my bike, I may ride it faster than I should sometimes, and slower than I should others, I will enjoy the scenery, I will chase down and pass anyone I see on a bike ahead of me. I will remind myself that this is not a job, it's fun. I will thank Sean Ruppel again for the impromptu talk in a random gas station that caused him to kill the world by over filling his tank. I do feel that Sean has a career as a shrink. What was said was private, if asked though I'll share the A couple key points. So where am I at, I'm a 39 year old used to be fast but remembering how much fun it is to ride a bike while not stressing that I put this many hours in so I can be borderline fast. I eat what I want, drnk what I want, have fun, enjoy life, race my bike from time to time, middle aged man. On a side note, I am planning on a 24 solo in the 40 plus catagory next year, I will train, I will have fun, I will push myself for me, not the podium. Of course that will still be in the background. Looks like the TCR is calling my name.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Canada Cup

Well that was fun, it's amazing how a course can go from fast to abusive with just a few rain drops. Didn't have the race I was hoping for but got what I expected. Weak warm up, my own fault but rolled in with the crew for what was yet again a crazy fast start. Felt not to bad, back of the lead group holding ground ok for the first half of the lap, then I got hot. The sun broke, I had opted for a second synthetic which 2 minutes in I knew was a bad idea. It was supposed to rain on us, the sun came out. Second lap had me in damage control already, took the next half a lap for my brain to kick in, half my drink in my stomach half on me. Started feeling better mid third lap and picked up the pace. Last lap I started to dig deep and push a harder on the double track, some extra risks on the single track, I knew the distance to the next rider, I can catch him. Stalled up going over a rock, front flip dismount into the woods shook me up enough to stop for a few seconds to find my head. Lost a spot, hammered and caught the rider, bike making weird noise, stopped, lost a spot to same guy. Cable touching, hammered caught him and dropped him on coffee run, crossed the line. Knee hurts, solid swelling this morning, generally sore today, still having problems with iPad/blog site merger. Couple days of playing then Albion followed by a week of holidays from work and a month till the next race. Maybe we can find some fitness for the second half of the season, maybe. I'm having fun, this year that's all that matters.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Still hold firm to my opinion

A few rides this week but it all topped out with my ride in the big backyard. A three hour tour was planned, the same luck that gilagan had chased me into the forest. Easy smooth pace, legs feeling good on the climbs, I just enjoyed rolling along. As I made my way farther away from the car, at this point about 25 minutes of lefts and rights, I felt a change. That change was a drifting back end. A blast with the pump, I see the small hole, it's not sealing. Spin the wheel again, still not sealing, it's flat. Of course I don't have extra air or a real pump, that's just silliness. The walk back begins, walking lasted for about 10 minutes and then the Mosquitos seem to realize I was there, I begin to run a little, my feet hurt. Off come the shoes, carbon soled shoes are just not designed to run more than 20 feet in, the bugs increase, I run faster. I'm still a firm believer that running should only be done when it's of survival mode which this was. 35 minutes later I was back at the car with sore feet and knees. A nap was needed. MNS ride with extra time planned.

Friday, May 25, 2012

a little more than a coin toss

Quality time spent on the Canada cup course yet again, bike decesion has been finalized. I love my 29er but for this one the dualie will be my choice. Solid sustainable race pace lap in the heat yesterday let me see the slight advantages the dualie had over the big wheeled hardtail. Legs are feeling, well they are feeling. Setting some realistic goals for the race in a very fast group. Some more good training days this weekend, roadie tan lines are starting to show up,trademark stealing, good living

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

needed the 3 days

Busy weekend, lucky there was an extra day otherwise I wouldn't have gotten eveything in. Awesome road ride with my sister Saturday morning who was sporting the fastest bike on the thebig chute loop that day. I will be a little concerned when her fitness increases, most should be. Followed up with some window stripping and painting. This old house likes to beat me up but gives huge rewards. Found myself with some of the crew from Total sports Sunday touring the Canada cup course, rocked the 29er, still torn. Back at the house again in the afternoon followed by beer and great friends on the back deck. Monday had me on the bike at 7am, done by 9 and tearing apart my sunroom. It was supposed to rain, it didn't, new stone and pine floor laid. It was hot, it looks awesome, body is sore, easy ride and recovery tonight. to busy to fix this paragraph problem, maybe tonight.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just checking things out

Still can't sort out the paragraph proble, feeling there is some app I need now to solve it, maybe by the weekend. Made my way to hardwood for a Mini world cup race, that was the secondary reason. The main reason was to check out the Canada Cup course now that it's marked and to also see if I still liked my little wheeled dualie. It took a few minutes to get used to the slight movement of the suspension, I spent the tour of the CC course debating with user on what bike will be better. I do still like the squish, I also love my big wheels. As for the course, for a 29er, there are a couple tight spots out there and of course the roots made me question the hardtail. I think there really isn't a dramatic advantage to either on this one. It's a good course though, it seemed really long but lap times was equal to any other event. There is just a lot of stuff, it's a mentally tiring course where one mistake will have you dead stopped. Climbing was about normal for Hardwood, lots of short steep punches, the climb I hated is in again at the second feed/tech zone. Bone shaker seems a little more manicured again this year. Fnished up with the usual chase the little kids that have gotten even faster this year, around serious. Legs hurt, still sore. Older age, I guess I don't feel to bad getting beaten by someone half my age. Looking like a great weekend for some big miles. Two weeks of solid training, should be good. Oh, I'll probably end up racing the 2-9 for the Canada Cup. Probably.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Woodnewton Ontario Cup

I am happy with yesterday, I'm not happy with yesterday. It was exactly what I needed. I know sounds confusing but it will make sense in a minute. So wandered my way down to Woodnewton yesterday, feeling lighter than I've been in a while, music blasting, sunshining, heading to a course that I like. Had a great warmup with Paul from the lapdogs, thanks for the advice, my head was in the game today. I did something that I haven't done in a while, written on the back of my plate was "don't think, just pedal" My head used to get m in trouble over thinking, this is just a reminder. Rolled in with the pack, waiting for our time. For now I'm still being smart and starting at the back, I think my fitness is there but it's really not proven yet to me so it's easier to move forward from the back than fading the other way. First lap was like that, I started conservative, I know where my streghts are and pinning it of the start isn't it. First climb done and a few passed, Feeling good, kept it steady, by mid way I was seeing my streghts kick in, I love singletrack. Started to pick up the pace in there to compensate what I would lose in the climbs. Seemed to be working as I picked off a couple more fast starters. Lap two was pretty much a blurr but three had me see that I was pushing the body hard with a couple stupid bobbles that cost me a few seconds each time. Looking in the rear view I could see Scott, the planning started. Last lap, at this point I had maybe 15 to 20 seconds on Scott, I was pushing hard everywhere I could, I had to give it a little harder on the climbs if I wanted to hold him off. First climb still ahead, good, tech section ahead but a bobble, still ahead, then it happened, he caught me on the fast flat section with a hard attack, I didn't respond. I could feel the cramps and with fear I didnt step on it. Patients. I started to gain back up on the sweeping downhill but Scott gained that back on the last big climb. Ok, focus Spak. No climbing left I started to push and take risks in the singletrack, there is still time to catch him. Over the next km and a bit I gained a few seconds back, close enough that I saw him but far enough I wouldn't catch Scott, 10 seconds down finishing 14th. I'm happy, I pushed hard, I suffered, I had fun, I was riding bikes with my friends on a great course on a spectacular day. I felt like me again, my first big steps to being in a happy place again. Now that I've made my steps forward in personal life I can now make the steps forward needed to get me faster. I see my road bike and I spending some serious quality time together over the next two weeks before hardwood. I need to work on that going up stuff. Thanks again to Liz for handing me bottles, thanks to everyone else for their support over the last few weeks. It's very appreciated. MNS ride tonight, looking forward to it. Not sure if the blogger is still making one paragraph, if so, I'm sorry.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

keep rolling along

After an enjoyable MNS ride I realized how sore Myles we after Sunday. Opted for a couple chill days with some easy spins and lots of stretching, attempts to be strong for this weekend. I'm also spending some quality time on the Ouse as I try and put things back in place. Only a few more days till the house is back to my things only. Of course this has brought out my creative side, some new ideas for rooms, counting down till the inside is painted etc. Busy busy. Looks like I could be housing an espoir for the Canada Cup. Still havent sorted out the blog problem, to busy keeping my wheels rolling. Heading to Woodnewton tonight hoping to miss the mad rush on the weekend. later

Monday, May 7, 2012

interclub road race

How often do you get blown for 5 dollars. Opps I meant blown up. Manned up and headed down to the first interclub road race yesterday, I figured I better try and fast track my fitness back to a higher level and doing something that I'm not good at, sustained top end power for a long time. No coasting for this guy on this day. Did the brave/stupid thing and signed up for group 5, the fastest group. First lap turned into a manic surge, yet another thing I'm not good at. Pace was high, watched numbers on the power tap shaking my head. 800 watts, 200, 800. I won't sustain this for long, and I didn't. Got blown off the back 2/3 through the first lap but I want alone. Tristan and another yong rider were off with me. A short time later it was just T and I, no backing down. The next four lap we worked together with T doing much 60 plus percent of the pace setting. We picked up a ride, then another staying steady till the last lap were T picked it up a bit more, I was behind the extra rider and couldn't regain the gap. Finshed, content, good training day. I suffered and suffered hard but loved every minute of it. Thefirst day of the return to being me. So why is that last comment there, well some major life changes. Some have heard, Shannon and I have split up. To say its been a bit of a rough go is an understatement, a major reason for me shutting down at the first o cup. For that guy who made the stupid comment on my ocup post, feel like and ass yet? Things havent been good for the last couple months and finally came to a head. Will be happy again,that's important, will be training properly again also. Looking forward to Woodnewton to see where I'm at. Time for coffee, have a bit of a hangover to deal with,last one for a while. Detox time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

just realized that the program update at blogger and my iPad don't like each other. So much for paragraphs, will attempt to resolve

returning to a focus

I'm beginning to figure out things, life can be difficult sometimes filled with extremely difficult decisions. My head is a lot clearer, of course it also was not also being hazed over with alcohol like it was Sunday. I felt like I should again at the Wednesday night world cup. I rode like I should and pushed like it should. The fitness is there, the brain is coming back. For the clown that was brave enough to make a comment in my previous post. If you're so wise with your opinion to post at least put a your name. It's always easy to make an uninformed comment behind the comfort of annonimity, manup or shut up

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ontario Cup #1

It has begun, unfortunatly for me it didn't start as planned. Made my way to Mansfield for Ontario Cup #1 feeling far from ready. The legs were there, somewhere, good ride of the course on Friday let me know they were there and the bike was right for the course. A good warm up and things did still feel good. All the usual hoopla from warm up to the start line. A few new faces in the group, a very fast group indeed. Off and ru Ning and my legs did what they normally do in a mass start. Settled into the back 2/3 of the pack as everyone killed it up the start climb. I just did my thing, as the pitch got steeper some began to fade and my wattage just stayed steady, rolling by a few. Next half of the course I just let the bike do it's thing sitting atthe pack of 4, couldn't get past them on the straights yet and no room in the single track. Just waiting patiently for my move, aww there is some pause and fatigue, one passed. Fade at the bottom of the short steep pitch, another. On the brakes in a wide section of single track, another. Hey this is feeling pretty good. I've motored my way to the edge of the top 10 and still feeling good. Hit the feed at a steady pace but for some reason my brain got made at me and my race has now taken a back seat, up the climb I shift way mo than I needed to, hit the top and sit up. Yep, that's it. Have a couple major personal issues shut down the body. Pulled of the course, frustrated but I almost expected this to happen, I was hoping that some adrenalin And hype would mask and distracte me from what is happening in my head, unfortunatly it didn't. Of course I did race long enough to catch the Mansfield cough which had me in bed a few minutes after I got home feeling like death, some sleepless nights over the last couple days didn't help either but managed to use the old fashion chicken noodle soup to hopefully battle off the potential of a cold. Feeling pretty blah this morning but not as bad as I expected. Hoping the ride with the boys tonight will make me feel better, of course the first Wednesday night world cup is this week, that always does. Training will resume a couple weeks till Woodnewton. Lots of time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a new weapon

Life is just rolling along, unfortunatly the rolling the last two days hasn't included forward momentum. Snowed in and onto the trainer. I do beleive that the seconds go by much slower when you're not moving. Good work out but yet a better recovery. A new weapon has been included into the self abuse recovery tools. Check out the Rumble Roller,it looks like it hurts, in some cases it does but the end results are amazing. The pain we inflicted on ourselves to make you feel better. Return to the woods this evening, with the return of the sun.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

a strange change, I like it

It's Sunday morning and I'm pouring coffee down my throat and watching a bit of a reversal of rolls. I'm sitting here not moving fast and Shannon is scurrying around getting ready to ride. Who would have ever thought they would see this. I'll be moving soon, just waiting for it to warm up a hair before heading to the big backyard to try out the now rocking xtc29er that's sporting new wheels and a few other weight dropping improvements. I'm excited. We have taken 4 plus pounds off the bike from its initial delivered weight, most of that it the rolling department. With all the fun with the bike there have been some discussion involving racing, mainly between Tristan and myself. It's pretty much official that we won't be spinning the wheels at the 24 hour this year. A few simple reasons, first off, T separated his shoulder a couple weeks ago, it's healing, slowly. As for me, I didnt really have the race in the cards until T asked me. I'm really looking forward to a season without complete and utter exhaustion, it will give me a chance to recharge for my return to the solo catagory as an old guy in the 40 plus division. I must say that I'm enjoying the shorter races, short training days etc. 5 years of big hour days adds up. So what does the month of June have in store for me? What about July? I've normally been trashed in July and have crap results, could this change this year? Myabe, will there be a longer race in my schedule this year? Maybe. It's a season of changes, no 24 hour, I continue to forget that I have a sweet 26 inch dualie in the basement, Shannon is more anxious to get on her bike than I am. I like 2012 so far.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to where I started

I forgot, I should have gone sooner. Back to where I started, back to where I learned to ride 10 years ago. Back then it seemed to huge and epic every time I rode there, now it seems smaller but the end result is the same, one huge smile on my face. Where am I playing that does this, the 8th line trails. I found myself there last night with some timeand no really training agenda, just riding. Of course this meant random times of an increased pace because, well the trail tempted me to do it. The easiest way to describe the trails, fast and flowy. Played there for just under two hours, so much fun, must remind myself to visit those trails more often. Starting to count down till next weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The season has truly begun

Best ride of the year to date happened last night. Pub ride number1 was filled with its usual antics on the way to the pub and increased on the alcohol fueled return trip. A good mix of carbon MTB, a little over kill for the paved trail, and fixed gear cruisers. It was nice to ride for the sake of riding. Stories told, one major bomb was dropped, some was also called fat.

Oh, yes I have been training not just drinking. Another good week ahead. It seems like a long time between races, starting to craving the intensity.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Not much, just life

Nothing exciting happening. Sme riding is getting done, some bike tlc to the 29er is happening, with every tweak I'm liking the bike more and more. With each change weight keeps coming off. Feeling the end goal weight with race wheels is in sight. Won't be the lightest thing on the trails but won't be to bad.

Looking like a good weekend, big chute loop on the agenda for tomrorow morning, will be racing mother nature's bad attitude, Sunday is filled with a bunch of excitement, hopefully. Unlike other years, it seems like huge gaps now between races. Just a random thought, time to get more coffee.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My international Easter

Headed east this past weekend, travelling lighter than normal with only a road bike strapped to the roof. Its been a while s once I've driven the northern route to Ottawa, fun roads, sometimes I craved a little more immaturity to play on them. Once at my sister's place in Rockland I got out for a short spin to get the 5 hours of stagnent movements out of the body, followed with seem family time.

Saturday was the bigger day, some map starring. Finally came up with a route off my sister's idea. 45 km up and down the river with two ferry crossings. I figure I would add more distance after the 2nd crossing. "How hard could it be". For those that know Top Gear you know what that leads to. Rolled down the driveway, along the first road, turned left and got blasted by wind. Yep it will be a nice ride. 15 minutes later I rolled to the first ferry crossing. I was nervous, crossing the boarder with no papers. I did bring my wallet, I was prepared, 2 dollars was all it took to bribe the operator to sneak me across the river. Once on the other side I started heading east on the 148. Nice wide shoulder,relatively flat but random blast of wind to slow the forward motion down. All is good, or so I thought.

I looked at the maps but didn't actually plot any distances. I was told 45 km loop, no worries. As I motored along I started wondering. It had been an hour already, hmm I'm not riding slow, I should have been to the other crossing by now. I know I don't speak the language but I don't think they have different pictures for boats,or do they. Did I miss it? I couldn't have. I started paying more attentiion to every sign. I finally stopped in Montobello and pulled out the phone. Hmm, should have plotted it, 2 km later I was heading back to Canada. Of course it cost me more to come back, for some reason it cost 3 dollars to get back,I didn't even have anything to declare.

The sun broke on the Canadian side of the river but the wind didn't drop. The return trip had me looking for a refueling stop, I was travel long light for what was turning into a 3 hour ride. Got some strange looks at the local depenaur where I swear everyone smokes. I remember those days, don't miss them. Great loop, there is a longer option which I'd like to do. Sundayhad me out riding with my brother-in-law for a 2 hour loop. The wind again was hammering. Great as a tail wind, stop-you-dead blasts not so much.

Legs are a good tired from the weekend, will feel them tonight on the MNS ride. Will be happy to be back in the woods, out of the wind.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A return to structure

Riding bikes isn't supposed to be, it's serious shit so start to focus. Woo, hold up screw that thought, its always fun. But it's time to get back to some controlled workouts and that means leaving the big tired bikes alone for a while. My sneaky manipulation of Mother Nature has worked and the weather has returned to slightly warmer than normal spring tempatures and the return of the sun. How did I do this, Shannon and I finished the training room on the weekend, to say its bad ass would be an understatement. Roughly a 7 foot screen from the projector for entertaining and amusing while trapped on the hamster wheel of death. Hopefully I don't have to use it till the winter.

The return to the road bike, I must say I'm happy about that, I miss the simpliesty and the structure of the the road and the power tap. Less than 3 weeks till the next big leg test, lots of time,so little time. No trails for the next week, let the asphalt games begin.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ler the games begin

The first race has come and gone, whens the next one. It hurt, it was fun, oh how I missed it. Woke up to something I was really excited to see, a dusting of snow. My thoughts jump to worst case scenarios and start thinning Mansfield will be under a foot of snow. luckily that want the case. A weak short warm up, just long enough to know Thea legs were a little draggy. Settled into the start coral a little farther back than I wanted to be, I'd planned on keeping it semi sane of the start. This meant get in the lead pack and get pulled through the start loop, It took only a few minutes until tho e burn set it,yep this is racing.

The first lap of 25 kms, well just felt like shit. Not horrible,it just felt awkward. Lots of bobbling on the bike, lungs didn't feel great, legs were burning, eyes were fuzzy,pretty much everything. I was expecting the pain in the body, it was the bike handling that was bothering me. I normally make up for any fitness weakness with some good bike handling skills, at th is point I wa wondering where I left them. I was riding the brakes way to much, I wasn't t letting the bike find the fastest smooth line. I just felt awkward while at race pace. Of course the whole time I'm talking to myself about this. Was the 29er a bad idea? This was my thought at first then sit started to click.

Second lap things just started to feel right, heartate was still as high but it felt good. Like I could hold a lecture and not be gasping, I also seemed to find some of my bike skills. That thought about the 29er went out the window. I was rolling through things faster, of course a couple climbs really started to burn but started paying attention and being in the right gear again. The fun returned. seems that nothing has changed, I still see to need an hour to warm up. Second lap felt short, it was more that I was dramatically quicker. Crossed the line with a smile on my face. At this point I think I was top 10 overall, Of course being the old man in the young division kept me away from the podium, would have been 2nd if I was that magical one year older. I'm one of those rare ones that's actually looking forward to turning 40next year. Jacob put AWI Racing on the radar for 2012 taking the overall win.

I'm feeling pretty happy with my fitness, it needed that hard fire up. I also created the to do list for the xtc. Stan's wheels are on order, I must say I wish I had them yesterday minus the one nasty stick I picked up which probably would have snapped a spoke. A minor slimming of the bars is in order. I like the 690 but mentally its hard heading towards two trees wondering if your going to fit. I'm feeling that 650 to 660 may be the happy number. Last but not least, brakes. Already looking into a change for something more powerful. The stock brakes just don't seem to be powerful enough to slow down the wagon wheels. It would have explained why the bike came with a 180 rotor, of course that came of for the 160.

Let the season begin!!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

flip flop

Back up plans are supposed to be back ups, not used daily. After the great start to the season with amazing weather then reality coming back with a vengeance I just can't seem to make myself ride road when it's only a few degrees above freezing and the wind blasting. Normally I'd Bernie but I'm already accustomed to 20 degrees. I'm weak and frail, luckily the trails have been amazing, the place to hide when the road just doesn't look favourable. Of course this means those very specific type workouts I had planned go on the back burner.

It's been 4 days in a row playing in the big backyard known as Copeland forest. Two of those days included some solid climbing. Nothing feels better (cough cough) than 1400 feet of climbing in under an hour. What goes up gets to go down, almost an equal reward. I'm getting a little more comfortable on the 29er, it still doesn't decend as well as my dualie but makes up for it in other areas. Looks like it will be the bike of choice for this weekends race season kick off.

Looking forward to seeing where the legs and lungs are at, it's going to hurt, it's going to feel good, it should be fun

Monday, March 26, 2012

A week flies by

A rest week is much shorter than you think. Did I really rest and recover, we will see. So what have I been up to? On the bike front, I've been getting a little more fine running done on the 29er, new gear ratio helps a lot. 38 Chainring should get me though most race courses. I d o have the fall back though of the Copeland gear and with the flick of a switch the 26 comes into play. Some tire pressure experimenting done and pretty sure I've found my happy place. Now there is a debate on which bike to race this weekend, a slight delay on my race wheels has,e tempted to pull out the Anthem, decesion will be made later this week.

O the rest front of riding I've got my rail trail cruiser ready. Pubs, here we come. The fixie is looking pretty sweet, How many times will my 20 year old Gardin change styles? For 2012 it's rocking the high gloss white look, now we just need summer to return. Negative numbers will keep the Fixie in the basement instead of the front of a waterfront pub.

Took advantage of a lowly week for some hammer away at the house time. Lots of summer prep projects going on, scrapping windows and trim etc readying things for the big house paint this summer. On the inside, prep for next winter is already happening. The training room is getting some huge tlc and even more modern tech to make time in there more enjoyable. It will petty much be a movie theater in there, with a full wall as the screen. With the plan to return to 24 solos next season that also means the return of long winter training. It should help me stay in there.

Getting a little excited to start the season, legs do feel good, most of the time. Some weight training will be incorporated into my rides this week, all the extra clothing needed to stay warm. Let the fun begin.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What time is it mr wolf

I must say that I'm almost stunned that I'm saying this. I love my 29er. Finally got it into the trails , where it belongs, it doesn't act like 29ers of old, quick handling, great climber. Who knew. Of course I'd probably be happy riding a mid 80s 6speed CCM at this point. I forgot how much I missed the trails. The conditions are stunning, feeling more like mid summer than the first day of spring. Global warming ,Southern Ontario is the new Arasonia.

Other quick notes, new light is in and been tested. One word, Awesome!!! The new Exposure Diablo has a bit more kick than previous models in the same size. 975l lumens for 1 hour using the internal battery. Of course you have two other settings that have longer burn times but that's like having a 911 turbo and never revving the engine over 3000 rpm. Of course you have the optns of plugging in the external battery which adds huge burn time. The 24 hour will be just a little easier on this old guy with his limited night vision. I still think aboutmy first 24 back in 2002 using a 10 watt light bulb with 1.5 hours of burn. How things have changed in my short 10 year race career.

Bodyis feeling back in forth, feeling strong but some random discomfort in the joints. Lots of treatments being done, recovery week, lots of stretching, hoping this cures it after a long training block. Only a week and a half till the first aggressive group training ride, oh wait that's called a race. Homage to Ice, I'm not sure if I remember what ice is anymore.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No title just riding

A few solid days of riding put in. Found myself in one of those no win situations on Tuesdays tempo work out. Power was there, roads were great etc etc. As I head north-west towards Honey Harbour I'm at a steady pace into the wind. Steady pace stands for slow, into the wind stands for strong and cold headwind. Now the balance to this was the warming sun on my front side. It meant it was bearable for everything and right on the edge for my feet. Then came the turn around,, no head wind. I didn't get off so easy? With the tail wind speed increased dramatically, the return to a wind chill and now having the sun on my back, again, just on the edge of staying warm enough to not turn miserable. Now my anti complaint, I'm riding road, clear roads at that in early March not wearing seventeen layers of clothing to stay warm.

Yesterday brought on an Andrew Watson paced endurance ride. Had my minimum and maximum numbers to stick by. The max is easy to avoid but those minimum are hard to maintain on those descents. 2 hours in the sun, unfortunately it's not quite warm enough for me to shed the knee and arm warmers yet and blind the world with my pale body parts. Legs are impressing me right now with the numbers they are pushing comfortably. The change of focus seem to be doing them well, hoping to add a couple big turbo chargers to that diesel engine I've built the last few years.

Looks like some changes to the race season have already happened, Pole Pound and Pedal has been cancelled. Something about needing snow for two of the three sports. I'm disappointed about not being able to do two out of the three events. The skis have been coated in their summer storage wax. Looks like AWI Racing may start the season with a group ride in Orrillia this Sunday.

Mother Nature's road cleaning service showed up this morning. Forgot how cool thunderstorms can be, hard rain will kill the last of the snow, clear the salt and dirt off the road and will have me unfortunately riding indoors this afternoon for my shortest workout of the week. Weekend is looking good.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A bad Chuck Norris joke and a great weekend

One season ends another begins, I'm ready. Hopefully Saturday was the last indoor ride for a long time, followed it up with what should be the last skate ski of the year, took the rocket skis down to the bay. This was more for the dogs than for me but I wasn't complaining about being out there. For safety I was restricted to about 10 feet off the shoreline, any farther it and it looked like a skating rink. It was nice to get that last one in, there seemed to be a calm on the bay. No snowmobiles out on the ice, no noise, the sun broke and the wind died down. A great way to finish.

Once home the prep for Sunday began. The biggest thing to do, come up with a new Chuck Norris joke. As I removed Chuck from his winter home in the trainer and given a once over before the returning to where it belongs, on the road. Mother Nature didn't choose to change the weather ,Chuck Norris decided he was bored in the training room and ear flicked her until she changed. I'll stick to my normal job.

Training becomes so much easier when your outside, I like movement. Big day planned, big day accomplished. First half of myride was alone on the TCR with wattage leading the way. Nice warm up followed by a right turn on to Vasey line where I went up and down the hills for the next hour with about 2000 feet of climbing. I was enjoying myself as I suffered, so much that I even turned around one more Tempe to blast the longest climb on the road one more time. What felt like a short time after I left I roolled back into the driveway, at this point I'd put in 2.5hours. Swapped bikes and picked up some company. Shannon was anxious to be outdoors also. I put some ore quality time in on the 29er. Good out and back with Shannon, the last few km's were tough though, Stomach was growling and the energy was fading quickly,understandable as the the 4 hour mark was approaching. The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up the sun and consuming food.

How long will it be until the trails are clear? I'm anxious.

Friday, March 9, 2012

life and what comes with it

Little excitement happening. Solid road ride in the spring like conditions on Wednesday. Used the 29er,trying to get as much time in on it to get any fit fine tuning done. Loving the bike more and more, now just need some wonderful single track to play on. Melt dammit. Last night had life take over,some later than normal business meetings kept me off the bike. Not to concerned, still putting in the hours to make me semi-fast this year. Another reason I was stepping back from the long races this season besides the body recovery etc was based on Mom retiring from the family run company. Means I have more on my plate this year in my day to day what pays the bills life. No worries, just a new challenge.

Heading to the hills tonight for what will probably be the last downhill sliding.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Some super secret Pole Pound and Pedal training last night. Not that I am focused on doing all that well at this particular race. It has running of sorts in it and for those that know, running is stupid. Is a sub primal instinctive reaction to fear that is activated when a big ass dinosaur shows up. The human race has evolved , dinasurs are dead and we ow have bicycles. See running is stupid. It was more some quality time on the snow with my skate skis, my new skate skis. I love these skis, this was the first time I got to just slide around on them. The first word, fast. Fast skis help compromise average technique. This could be the last time they are used until the race, something about 10 degrees and sun.

Theconditions last night were far from prime, I didn't really care though. Good glide made up for slightly rough snow. There was a secondary motivation for my visit to Copeland. To see how much snow was there and guesstimating how long it will take to melt. I'm craving singletrack, a romp in the woods. The29er is crying for some attention, I'm just wanting to play. So my thoughts, there ally isn't that much, 2 weeks of warm may be all it will take. This also leads to having dry roads. Not to much snow on the shoulder less to melt on the road. Melt dammit. I'm ready to start putting storage wax on all the skis. I have no problem. calling it on the sliding season let the wheels start rolling.

Attempts to put some colour into the legs and arms may happen today. For those in Ontario, thank Andrew Watson for his out of country plans. That always guarenttee great weather here. Enjoy South Carolina, I'll enjoy Ontario.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

getting my shit together

Ducks in a row, etc etc as spring has a strong chance of showing up in the next 2 weeks I figured I better get my to do list laid out. This is always easier on the third cup of coffee and with little or no craving to step outside. So where am I racing in 2012?? Looks like another busy season, I'm excited.

Pole pound and pedal this month will pretty much end the ski season, good way to finish. I think. On to the two wheel stuff.

Homage to Ice
Ontario Cup Mansfield
Ontario Cup Woodnewton
Marathon 1 Ganaraska?? Maybe
Canada Cup Hardwood
Ontario Cup Albion
24 Hour Summer Solstice. Tag yet again
Ontario Cup Sudbury
Ontario Cup Buckwallow
Sir SAMs 4 hour. Haliburton
Ontario Cup Championships Duntroon
Tour De King
Hardwood Singletrack Challenge

This is subject to change but at this point I doubt it. A very busy season but a new trend, except for the 24 the longest race is Sir SAMs which is just so much fun I dont even think of it as a race. They have berms on their course and the climb doesn't really feel like a climb. Oh and their chalet has awesome beer for after the race. Yet again it's and stacked early season. Better get at it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A loaded question

So I get this little reminder yesterday, of course it wasn't really needed because the official reminder came by email 6 hours earlier. It was subtle but I knew there was more to this than what it said. What was I supposed to doubt call a spade a spade. What the hell am I talking about? Registration opened yesterday for the 24 hour of Summer Solstice. I was very aware of it, I was also indecision on my plans for it. With a short races only plan originally planned a large team would have been my first choice. Single laps, lots of rest in between, have some fun, drink a beer or two, just go fast.

So what happens when you are asked to partner up with Ontario's premier tag team rider? How can you say no? The big change this season, Mr Tristan Spurr asked me to team up, not the other way around like the past two years. He has forgotten how much pain is involved with this race, for me,I remember all two well. Yet again I just can't say no, I just change my thoughts on what the race is so that it jives with my 2012 race season. It's not a 24 hour race, it will be 6 two hour races at the same venue held over the course of a weekend. Good bullshit? I think so.Yes Mr Spurr I will race the 24 with you again.

This lead me onto the trainer again last night slightly more motivated. That lasted for a few moments before realizing how much I get annoyed on the trainer. After 2 movie different movies, both failing to distract me enough I loaded in an older 24 hour of SS video. It worked well, watching a little racing, seeing some very familiar trails, course of the past. A little race simulation while watching a lap of the 2008 course. The things we do. Legs are starting to feel strong and that matchbook is getting a bit larger, time to start buying the matches.

Toronto Bike Show tonight, another weekend of training lined up. Looking like it will be a trainer day tomorrow with the predicted 100 mile an hour wind. Let the fun begin.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

lost mittens, crying kittens

Little excitement happening in central Ontario. Training has resumed after dragging my ass for a day or two after the race. A weak attempt was was made to ride outside yesterday, the sun gave a false sense of warmth. Five minutes into my ride my hands started getting cold, i turned around and headed home. Not before have a sprint contest with a dog. I believe a dog owner and I are going to have a talk. This is the third time I've been chased by the same dog,lucky for me the dog is fat and slow but as the warm weather reappears more riders will have this dog running often. Popular route. A little concerned that those growls are a little more focused now.

As for my weakness and bail, I lost my lobster claw mittens a few weeks ago and have yet to replace them. Of course I have ones for extreme cold and a few for milder days, just nothing for right now. My hands don't like being cold, I'm slightly over protective of them, need to be with my line of day job. So I settled in on the trainer with some good tempo work. I actually enjoyed being there, maybe it's the thought that the first race is only a month away. Time flies, snow melts?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loppet of death

I'm still shaking my head, what the hell was I thinking. An early rise on Saturday morning with some last minute ski prep and I was off to my first Loppett. It was a simple plan, do the 20 k classic and then try it the new skate skis. Simple, so very simple. How come simple plans never seem. to work? Warm up was pretty good, classics strapped to my feet, grip and glide perfect. Should be a good day. Headed towards the start line and caught only parts of the announcements. I had time to kill before my start, Jacob told me so. Watched the mass start of classic skiers, wow big group in the 40k, I should have been racing with those guys,dam hip.

A few minutes later the 40k skate group left, a quick chat with the race director to get a time check on our start. "You should have already started". So amongst the confusion the 20 and 40 left together. Aww shit, ok some quick thinking and I was now swapped into the 20k skate and I did the mad rush to change gear. Nothing like using new skis on race day, what's that golden rule about trying new things. Settled in the middle of the group, no way I want to be in the front of this pack, I know my place. Go, some double pole, shifting and positioning into the train doing everything I can not crash people out. So far so good, 1 k done. Snow conditions were far beyond my skill set and figured my limited technique was not going to get me through, need to be smart. After a little bobble trying to avoid a stepping on a pole I took 30 second break to regain my focus. At this point we were 15 minutes in to the race and I was redlining already.

Things got better, except for the snow. It was soft, limited glide and climbing was far from smooth. Some battles back in forth with a couple different skiers kept it interesting, on the flats they were faster but I was braver and had faster skis on the downhills. On the climbs fitness seemed to be my saving grace, it was grunt work, no technique would help on the soft thick snow. Keep going, it can't be far now I kept telling myself, when I went past the timing area I had false hope, a glance at my watch I knew there was lots left. It was one of those put your head down and suffer type moments.

Stayed steady for the secondhand and even caught a few more people. I finally knew where I was, not far now. I saw the sign I wanted to see, done. Crossed the line, didn't collapse, happy to be done. Finished 20th out of 42, not bad for new skis, no warm up, tough conditions and questionable skill. I must say I did have fun, I may even be tempted to do another one. A few hours later I found myself on the trainer trying to make my legs feel better. The snow can melt now.

Best quote. Ski racing is the stupidest sport in the history of sport. From some middle pack 40 k skate finisher.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm torn

I really am confused, what do I want? No I'm not making a life altering decision, I can't decide if I want winter or spring. A few days ago I w all over watching the snow melt, now I'm wanting a few more weeks of it. When the XTC showed up I was very anxious to try it out, some snow covered trails helped calm that craving, This was topped up with a two hour road ride on it last night. I really like the bike. Melt dammit,I want to rip some singletrack. Oh wait, the Loppet is tomorrow? I think I would be ok with everything melting except that I just brought home a new pair of rocket skis.

My 7 year old RS9 skate skis have been demoted. My skating abilities have increased and the skis have been a big part of the improvement but it was time. It's called the end of the season selling things that are normally very expensive at a much more reasonable price time. S a visit to my favorite ski dealer last night had me looking at a new pair of Atomic race skates. They were calling name, I couldn't resist, they are on the waxing table now. Like bikes the evolution of skis over the last couple years is amazing. The changes in sidewall construction etc, lucky I don't plan on adding xc ski racing as a major winter activity. Just some random fun.

I had some debates on changing categories for tomorrow but sticking to my original decision. 20k classic and while others are still out there puking during the 40 I'll get some play time on the new skis. That old proverb of don't try something new on race day will be followed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have realistic expectations on results. Hoping that my gear and waxing abilities will make up for limited fitness and technique. Chill tonight for what could be another epic weekend of playing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It was worth it

Im tired, I'll be dragging my ass today and guzzling coffee like it was water but it as so worth it. Last thoughts Monday had me skiing, oh I skied alright. First round was 2 hours in the glorious sun. With only light winds by the mid way point it almost felt hot out on the ice. I had the mad pack of dogs chasing me. It was perfect, great snow, great conditions, great pace. I would have been content to call it a day after that but I didn't.

After a good stretch out on the deck it was out for round two with Shannon. The snow was even better, it was even warmer, even with tired legs I was ready for a f more solid hours but we kept it fairly light, light being another hour and a half. Again the dogs running around like lunatics. I think they enjoyed this time a little more as we skied around all the islands, lots of smells to amuse them and the pace was much slower. They are both moving slower today. They easily ran 70 plus km this weekend.

The day was not done,refueled with some coffee I met up with the boys for the MNS. It's been a while since the last adventure but it was done right. Afte some recon work the previous day The Mighty T promised us a loop that w rideable. He was right, it was perfect. Even though it was a narrow hard packed trail which when slightly tired seemed even narrower the conditions were perfect. It was also the maiden voyage for the xtc, I like it. Fit felt good, the handling was great. It's night and day between my KHS winter bike and the Giant . A great decesion to change

. Some quotes from the night include "who would have thought it woulda look like this a year ago". This coming from Jer on the fact that a year ago we were all on 26 inch hardtails and smack talking 29er as we are all now on twenty niners. A great ride including a couple near death moments, leads into a great rest day. Weather is hinting for some indoor riding this week, prep work for Saturdays race will be mixed in. I need another cup, oh sweet coffee.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Just what I needed. Sun and fun. Fun being attached to some skis and it's still not done. With the long weekend here and what could actually be called the best conditions for winter activities, umm all winter, I've taken advantage of it. With a bit of a solo weekend, just the dogs and I home I pulled out the my pace training. Saturday found us out on Georgian Bay for a warm up skate ski. Conditions were 97 percent perfect with the sun breaking through the clouds and warming the soul. It was a good mix of cat and mouse with the dogs depending on our direction, I love tail winds. An hour and a half of goodness, can it get better?

Yes, yes it can. Sunday was even more gooder. Loaded up the car and headed to Awenda, first one on the trails so a little fluff to break through but overall amazing snow for a 18 km classic around the park. The perfect tempature, the perfect grip, the perfect glide. Had it been track set. The Molly Monster returned at the mid way point and showed her years of endurance and pacing by taking the lead for the last 5 km, the young whippersnapper started to drag her tail on the last 5. 2 hours with some solid tempo mixed in that time, not hard to do in those conditions. It's also given me a chance to evaluate my thoughts for next weekend. At this point I'm at 96 percent set on the 20 km classic for the Loppet. A little disapointed that I don't have faith in my hip to do the 40. The fitness is there but id pay for it, would be taking to many steps backwards. So far the long term Saturday weather is looks no pretty good.

Just waiting for the coffee to kick in and the dogs and I are off to the bay for yet another ski, the sun is up. May be the first test of the xtc 29er tonight. It's fit and comfortable, I figure there will still be a few tweaks to do. After next weekend, spring can arrive.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Official

Im a big wheel owner,who would have thought. Of course I've already started some changes,the first off will be making it Ontario trail ready. The 700 mm bars are, ummm, well wide is an understatement.I don't think I could get through some of the trees in e big backyard with those on. I barely get through some sections with 630's. Basic fit is pretty much done, finding that I may need a different stem to get me low enough but besides that the bike is pretty sweet right out of the box. I'm being smart and keeping the xtc on a different floor than Chuck, of course Chuck Norris knows its here, he knew before I did.

So when will I get the first offical ride in? No clue, hip is being a nuesence right now and of course mother nature has started spitting out the white stuff. Who would have thought that the weather would change to what it should be doing the momentum I start accepting an early spring by getting all things bike ready to go. Some random thoughts of skiing are on the maybe to do list for the winter long weekend. Dogs to tire out, keeping things pretty simple right now with more focus on flexibility than fitness. Is this what old age has for me in the future? Maybe if I start to bubble wrap myself before every outdoor activity I can prevent injuries. Maybe but for now I'll just null the pain with more coffee.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This and That and This

Could be today, maybe tomorrow. New wheels could be on my door step when I get home. Almost like Christmas even though I do have to pay for it. Spelling of Christmas, also preping for just I case. The Anthem is ready to roll, thanks to Jacob for the rebuild and tune up. A few grams lighter and sporting some shiny new parts. Now I just need the snow to melt everywhere but the ski trails. Picky and demanding right.

The bike side of the season is coming together, my body on the other hand. Just as things started to settle and get better I have my wonderful ass smack on the ice which has set me back a bit. Jumping on it full force right now, hoping for some quick recovery, hoping.

As for training, this week so far has been the train, skate skis and a road ride. Nothing longer than an hour and a half, but controlled intensity. Minus the hip, the strength is coming along. Plans to stat increasing the time will start next week, weather and body dependent.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I've heard the trainer is nice this time of year

Why oh why didn't I think a out my actions. I was over anxious without thinking things through and now I'm paying for it. Oh I'm paying for it. I spent the remainder of the weekend trying to remedy the consequences. The scenario, Saturday morning, new snow, minus 15, sun. Yep looked like what mid February should look like. I went to do what I would normally do on a winter morning, yep I went skiing. Still being on a chill week I figured I'd take it was and ski on the bay. No hills, good glide etc etc, low exertion. I should have stayed in bed or on the couch.

I opted to start in the next town over with a rough plan to ski Hoggs Bay, my plan failed quickly. It took all of 6 strides to know that it was going to be a lot more work than I originally planned, the first 5 strides were on snowmobile packed snow, then came the light powder. I should have known better, cold and fresh snow, doesn't pack well. Screw it, toughen up, be a man,keep going. 5 minutes later I'm stopped, this sucks. No ski traction, no ski glide, the wind is a lot colder than I thought, forget being a tough guy use common sense and turn around. That is exactly what I did.

A few minutes later and the hands were frozen, still not back to shore. Why didn't I ride the trainer? Why didn't I take the classics into the woods? Getting closer, getting colder even though I know I dressed right, minus the wind chill. I've been it for ten minutes and hated every second of it. I finally reach the shore line, come to a stop. It wasn't hard since I was barely moving. Catch my breathe, look to the left, look to the right, nice view. That's when it happened, for some reason I found my balance shift onto my right ski, then my balance completely fail. When is the last time of fell on ice? Obviously for me it was Saturday morning around 9:43 and guess what, it friggen hurts.

After the first few seconds of shock went by the pain started. I came down center tailbone. Yep I fell on my ass. Of course being a skinny cyclist means not a lot of booty back there. So now I'm on the ice with my low back and ass screaming in one tone and my hands freezing and screaming at me in another. Attempts to walk it off were useless, instead once home I tried to spin it out on the trainer. Now I'm doing everything and anything I can to feel better, yoga, stretching, heating pad, ice, laser, voodoo, meditation etc etc. With the Loppet only who weeks away some ski mileage is needed, also a random thought about the FrostBike race this weekend has returned. Hopefully my ass recovers quickly, need it two so I can get it handed to me on skis.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yep, I'm a sheep. I'm following the trend, drinking the kool-aid, buying into the fad. I have a big wheel bike coming. Sticking with a Giant, will be rolling on an xtc 29er by the end of the month. It's funny how this has come around. It's not that I really wanted to change bikes, I still plan on racing the dualie most often but I like options. I love having a hardtail for certain conditions and just even technical riding. I need to have a hardtail, that's where the problem developed.

I like my Blue, at one point I loved it. Now though I have a bit of a fear of it. I know that sounds dumb, being afraid f a bike but when I ride it I'm always just a little hesitant on it. Every time I stand up and put some power down I pause, back off, or worst sit back down. Why I went over the bars last fall for what I consider one of my most painful injuries to date is still a mystery but it's always in my mind. It happened on the Blue and I. just can't seem to get past it. This is a problem, how can you tride aggressive if you have fear your bike may hurt you, I'll never push on the Blue again. So that's why it's has to go. It's still an amazing bike and hopefully it will be a great race bike for someone else.

This is where the debate went in, new 26 inch bike or do I chance it and see what all the fuss is about with the big wheels. I thought long and hard, about 6 minutes, roughly how long it took for me to drink a cup of coffee. Some research was done, option list was made, the search began. Less than a week after really looking and planning I have a 2011 Giant xtc 1 coming. It's black, the Chuck Norris bike will either be happy to have a friend or the world will catastrophically implode. Some plans for a Stan's wheel build up have already started. I haven't even got the bike yet.

The countdown to spring has begun, I'll be a little more anxious for it next week. For now, another cup of coffee before heading out for a ski in the winter like conditions

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

needed, deserved

Little happening as the week hits the midway point. Rest week became a reality, body is draggy and craving sleep. That day job plays its toll on the play job sometimes. A light spin on the rollers helped make the body feel better, unsure what tonight will bring. On the happy side of things, new goodies for e Anthem are rolling in. Bike will be ready for spring riding when spring shows up . I am guesstimating that my be on the 29th, just a wild guess.

Doesn't look like I will make it down to the FrostBike race this year. A little disappointed but there is always next season. Timing just not working for me at this point. Thoughts on the the ski race the following weekend, I'm wondering if I should start looking for some wheels to bolt on. Hoping winter and mother nature sends a little white stuff our way.

Check out the AWI Racing site, new team members announced. I need coffee.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another good one

Another great weekend with a solid mix of outdoor adventure, the highlight was Saturday. With the cross country ski conditions here very limited we loaded up the car and drove north, way north. 2.5 hours later we were in Killarney Provincial Park in hopes of some great skiing. Overall it was pretty good, what was surprsing was that they didn't have all that much more snow than what we have, they just didn't get the rain. This made the trail a lot bumpier than they are probably used as we made our was out to Freeland Lake.

Lots of tracks that we're not owned by skiers, deer, moose, wolves, cougars, well we think it was a cougar track. Unfortunately we didn't see any of the culprits that left these tracks. The return loop had us out on the ice, I was craving some skate skis at this point, the conditions we perfect for them. An inch of snow on mirror smooth ice, life is tough. Some more photo opps at what would normally be a canoe portage, this time of the year though the skis did have to come off as we waked passed the water falls. George Lake was also spectacular with great snow and awesome ice waterfalls along the rock faces. Yep, it was worth the drive for the 2 plus hour ski.

Sunday was back at home and on the two wheels, an our of solid tempo pace out on the road before meeting Shannon at the parking lot in Copeland. For the next two hours we made all the xc so IRS shake their heads and smile as we ripped around the trails which yet again we better for bikes than skis. Maybe I'm a ski snob now but I just didn't like hearing the bases being shredded off. Hopefully some snow will return. Of course the dogs were with us both days.

Good weekend of training, feeling that there maybe be a couple chill days this week. It's been a few weeks of unstructured structured workouts. Body is craving a little rest, just a little.

Friday, February 3, 2012

when given lemons,

Oh Copeland forest trails, I've missed you. I know I've played on your wide paths many times this winter but it's your narrow winding trails. You know what I'm talking about, singletrack. This is not a word many talk about in this part of Ontario at this time of year unless you have a trip south planned. Thats changed this year.

After a quick start and stop on the road, I just wasn't in the mood to ride on the road yesterday and the dogs we in need of a run I did what I normally would do, in June. I went to the big backyard. My thought of this was pretty simple, it was either going to be awesome and amazing or it would be completely unrideable but the dogs would atleast get a short run. It wasnt the later. The snow was just hard enough to roll on and just soft enough to give some traction. No studded tires on my bikes, just big wheels. The 29er winter beast was in its element with the 2.3 tire. Started out on the ski trails, I'll be honest I would have been content to just ride around on these but after close to an hour I noticed one of the marked snowshoe trails looked solid and made that left turn that puts a smile on your face.

Again they were perfect and with the dogs still in chase I found the pace quicken. It got the dogs fired up and Molly showed signs of her old self by passing and then ramping up the speed even more. Yep I got dropped by a 8.5 year old dog, I smiled. I was having fun, I started to craving spring. The biggest reason, I want smoother trails, my head is still rattling from the bumps on the trails and the rigid bike. It was worth it. Even made my way up the wall singletrack, some of it while on the pedals, some of it was pushing the bike.

2 hours of play time that will help me deal with any boring trainer time, the dogs a tired, the legs are tired. Hmmm thinking I may have to do that again.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

which way

Ground hog day. Grab your gun and threaten any of the rodents. My only problem is which way would I influence it. Have to admit that I would still like some sort of winter but on the others sorts the legs are looking pretty pale. Hmmmm, I feel that I need to have atleast another cup of coffee before deciding. Trainer last night, something outside tonight.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Almost wasted

Shoulda, woulda, coulda, didn't. It felt like a waste but it was needed, a rest day. In what was almost tropical like conditions for January I failed to take advantage of it with some sort of outdoor training, instead an easy stroll with the dogs who probably weren't complaining. After 4 days of solid winter based training my legs were mad at me. I did get a little spring fever though on the walk, that thought of riding without seven layers of clothing. It doesn't seem like it will be all that far away. More than likely it won't be, let's see what the rodent says tomorrow.

Some race discussion was brought up at the MNS snowshoe. Some debating on my part to be had. The thoughts of a 24 hour may be in the mix yet again. Yes I said I wasn't go to do one this year, I may have lied about that for the second time already. Let's see how the body feels over the next few weeks.

Feeling chipper this morning, craving some exertion, ski, bike? both? Will see what the rest of the week brings.

Monday, January 30, 2012

It's possible

If I didn't have a witness you would call me a liar, but I have proof. All get to that soon enough on a weekend of sliding. A great weekend filled of toys that need wax, some play time with the help of gravity. Played a little more on the carving board, slowly getting used to it. Of cruise finished up the evening ripping up the snow at warp speed on the gs skis. Awww how I love speed.

The rubber legs though were still there first thing Saturday morning but it didn't stop me from taking the dogs out for a chase me session on Georgian Bay. Skate conditions were perfect, water saturated half inch snow on mirror smooth ice with temperatures at the freezing mark, except for the wind which did help with a few sunny breaks, this has been the best skiing to date. Now the wind had some advantages, some steady resistance on the way out as we did the long loop of the bay but the return trip was just super hero like. The dogs had to pick their pace up to keep, I just smiled and enjoyed the gentle push. Just shy of two hours followed up with a short spin on the hamster wheel to recover the legs.

Sunday was yet another wonderful ski day, headed to Awenda park and had company. Death march Liz and her dog Sophie joined Shannon and I for a classic ski around the park. We headed out for the long loop with Liz leading, well technically the dogs were blasting ahead like a mad pack of lunatics. Unfortunately the trail had limited traffic and Liz was making fresh track set, it slowed her down, it happens. After some discussing of a potential ski race in my winter plans somehow some Jedi mind twisting happened and I found myself in the lead breaking the
path. Not a bad thing. After the loop around second lake we had a short break to let the dogs wrestle and some wax touch up was needed.

The bonus for us doing the extra loop meant more traffic on the many trail and a bit of track set. This also lead to carrots when I saw an old lady ahead of us, gotta pass her cant get smoked by a senior. A few minutes later the pace had been raised and I caught her, she settled in behind our mad pack, we eventually blew her p as she tried to keep pace. Yes I'm mean. I will adjust my statement to the truth now, I didn't try and kill the elderly skier, honest. I had bigger plans to see happen.

We broke her, we saw Deathmarch Liz slow, it is possible. That or she was just toying with us which is what I think happened. I won't go into detail, I do wonder of she will ramp up the pace tonight to through some hurt into me, Shannon will escape this torture, she is off to Calgary for the week. Just shy of 3 hours in not perfect but still very enjoyable conditions. I'm happy to get some good miles in, there is a strong thought about the loppet at the end of the month. Maybe, just maybe.

Friday, January 27, 2012

skates or skate skis?

Yet again I beat the odds and made something questionable work. Wedneday I had a couple options for activity but chose the one I craved the most but had the least chance of doing successfully. Yep I went skiing. Now I know this a far fetched idea for central ontario during January. I must be mad and should be locked up for even considering that you can ski at an area that man has not fabricated the snow. Well I did forget my meds that day and headed to the big backyard.

I wanted to skate ski but just for backup measures I packed what also might be needed for a classic ski. I was going to shuffle along on skis at all costs. Arrival in the back lot lead to the conditions that I expected, bulletproof slippery with a dash of traction on top. Looking questionable at first, walking in skate boots was not recomended but once I locking my toes in the bindings it wasn't as bad. A few minutes later and I was on the north trails and I was slightly surprised. It wasn't half bad, a perfectly smooth sheet of ice with about a half an inch of snow on top. No tracks, no machine grooming, just mother natures work. I some cases it's the best I've seen this winter.

I continued forward instead of back to the car cursing and swearing. Hit some big hills and received m first vomit paced intensity of the year. It hurt, I liked it. The downhills were perfect, smooth and untracked. I just went with the flow which eventually had me over to the west trails for some steady paced 1 skate, the time on the bay last weekend helped with the balance. I found a couple sections where someone attempted to groom, bad idea and I would have loved to have had steel edges in that area. Over the next two hours The big loop of Copeland was done. My legs felt great, the body was tired and my ability to endure vomit pace has increased. This lead to the rest day yesterday, it was more of a forced day off, busy work day, errands to do. By the time I walked in the door I wasn't craving an indoor ride. It happens, weekend is looking good though.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

he likes it

I did it willingly, no medication, no idle threats, no guilt trips. I just did it and I liked it. Its nothing wild or crazy, actually it's pretty boring and normal but it was the feeling I had while doing it. I liked being on the hamster wheel of death, I was tempted to stay on longer than I did. This is a good thing since the turn of crap ski conditions have returned with 24 hours of rain.

O course the reasoning for free ride was initially started as a distraction. I had to sit in on a conference call for work, it meant inactivity, I might as well make the best of it. I've heard stories of what others do doing conference calls, this worked for me. I mixed in some tempo training while we discussed metrics, to say I was crossing my fingers that I didn't need to talk during an interval. Some questions of what I was doing may have risen if I was short of breath. I must say though it did make the hour and a half go by almost easier than watching a good movie.

The week ahead is full of what to do's? As much as I'm more willing to play indoors I must say that I'm craving fresh air, forward momentum and coasting. Let's see what plays it.

Monday, January 23, 2012


The weekend that many have been waiting for, well at least everyone who loves winter. Conditions were perfect for just about eveything and I couldn't not take advantage it. Weapon of choice, slippery sticks, destination of choice, Georgian Bay. Calm winds, warming sun, a skim of snow on the almost perfect ice. How could you not. Shannon got her first skate ski lesson, it was limited as my teaching ability is a little limited when it comes to skating.

It seems that everyone has been waiting for this day, ice huts were buzzing with activity, snowmobiles were everywhere, the bay was the place of choice. The dogs loved it also, running around like lunatics a km off shore. Good first time out for Shannon, an hour and a half of slipping and sliding but near the end she was finding her grove. I was craving more though. After a responsibility filled break I found myself back out on the bay at 3:30. The thoughts of riding my bike crossed my mind but then the reality kicked in, it's been crap all winter, I better get some miles in out her now because it might not be her tomorrow. Another 1.5 hours of slide and glide around the west side. Watched the sun drop in the background, a perfect day.

Hopefully a few more days like that will happen before spring appears.

Friday, January 20, 2012

can't think of anything better than Stupid

I'm venting a little this morning. I'm frustrated with the lack of common sense in people. Especially the ones attempting to do something illegal. What am I talking about? It was my near death write off the work truck close call yesterday. Taking one of my normal back road short cuts I passed on truck sitting on the side of the road, nothing out of the ordinary. Continue along and around the corner, nothing strange. As I come over the crest of the hill doing below the speed limit, yes I was not doing warp speed for a change, the road was slippery, I went into a panic.

So it's one thing to find a truck parked on the side of a road just over the crest of a hill, yes this is stupid, but what about a truck, much larger than. mine backing up that hill in your lane. The gap disappears very quickly, I started preparing myself for impact as I started my attempts at evasive moves. First though, go for the ditch, ground and snow banks are probably softer than the bumper of a full size Chev pickup. Hmmmm that's a deep ditch, it will hurt, change thought. Re adjust direction as much as possible, the road is slippery that erratic movements are limited, all gentle persuasions. I pulse the brakes, control some skidding, turn the wheel a bit and get the passenger side lined up, can't completely clear the truck, Fuck. Still going to hurt, the road is narrow, the truck realizes what is about to happen and stops. I feel a little bit of grip, some manipulation and I manage to do a Dukes of Hazard style 180 along with controlled braking. A slight brace, it might not hurt as much this way going rear bumper to rear bumper, speed is dropping quickly. Stopped, less than a foot from a new truck purchase. Luck was on my side, a little bit of experience helped, no new work truck for me.

I make a comment to the driver wondering what he was thinking, driving p a hill backwards on a slippery hill in the wrong lane is not only dangerous beyond belief but also very illegal. The driver gives a stunned response, I notice he is sporting camouflage, I wasn't concerned of a redneck hillbilly get shot and buried in the back forty, didn't think he was bright enough to move quick enough. I continue along the road to m next service call, along the way I notice the very organized spacing of trucks. About 500 feet apart, hmmm there all siting in their trucks, strange. They're all wearing camouflage and hunting orange caps. hmmm. Strange, there is nothing is in season. A lot of organization for catching turkeys on a deserted back road. Can you say corralling a field and section of woods. A phone call was made.

If your going to do something illegal like poaching you shouldn't be stupid and obvious. If you are reading into a house in the middle of e night you don't turn on all the house lights when the neighbours no the owners are in Florida. Hopefully my phone call ends with good results. Hopefully, my rant is done. Road on the trainer for a bit in the evening to spin out the stress. Just another fun day, the weekend is almost here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Following the fad

With the strange winter I must admit that finding fun and exciting adventures to write about are limited at this time. What did I do, I rode the hamster wheel, woo hooo, so exciting. A looked out side at the monsoon and must admit that I didn't mind it. AWI must stop venting about the weather, just take it as it comes. We did get out for a great snowshoe on Monday night. Again the pack was in aww of Deathmarch Liz.

With the new challenge of no headlamps she stilll managed to lead us around for an hour, randomly slowing allowing us to catch her. Some how again she had us return 5 feet from where we started. How does she do it? Inquiring minds need to know.

Another minor change, my ride. I'll still be on the Anthem for most races but I'm looking at drinking the Kool-Aid. Up for grabs is my Blue carbon Hardtail. I'm looking at getting one of those big wheel bikes. A few thoughts of what brand, 3 options right now. Back to the Blue, XTR drivetrain, manitou carbon fork etc, etc. $1450. If your interested email for more details. I like grape Kool-Aid.

Play day today, Getting some day time two plank snow play with Shannon this afternoon. Graviity can be fun.

Monday, January 16, 2012


The weekend has come and gone and some of my grand master plan for the winter have come and failed. My plan to not ride the hamster wheel from hell. Well after a fun evening of powder playing, skiing folks, stick to the legal side of life and yes there was actually powder up at Blue on Friday evening. Saturday morning came and a glance at the thermometer had me shaking my head, in doubt I checked two weather sites. Yep it's really that cold out.

There was no hesitation in my decision to strap myself into the padded room ride of boredom. Of course someone had to show me how unmanly my decision was and road outside this weekend. I've had that wonderful feeling of thawing feet, I'll stick to my choice. What did happen was the first structured workout of 2012. There was controlled wattage for specific times, nothing crazy, not yet at least.

Still lots of time for winter to show up, feeling that I may need to get my Anthem built up sooner than later though. Pretty sure there are more than a few places just to the south where trails could be ridden.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Banff Films Fest 2012

My quick two cents on the Banff Film Festival tour this year. Awesome. 8 movies, new perspectives, some new knowledge, some old reminders on what I don't enjoy and a real motivation driver on the final film. One of those self analyzing movies that will make you push yourself through that tough time, someone is always working through something more difficult and making the best of it.

I don't want to describe each movie for you, what fun would that be. I will mention that the comedy highlight movie brings a whole new outlook of what cats are capable of. Busy weekend coming up some play, some focused training, should be fun.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still trying

Little excitement, just some sliding on two planks with some mixed in quality time on the long board. I will be a master of my own domain on that thing, Ive made that deal with myself. Of course every time I start building up my confidence on the snowboard I find myself on my ass. It's funny, I'm pretty good on two wheels, two feet and two skis but very sketchy while standing on one leg, can't ride a unicycle and now I'm trying to become competent on one board. Hmmm am I not thinking this one through?

Rest night tonight, it's a movie filled evening that will hopefully raise the motivation level to the next level. Yep, it's Banff Film Fest day. With snow currently coming down it at least helps set the background scene. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If you can't beat them

Acceptance is key sometimes. I've given up doing my snow dance, I figure it's pretty much a waste of energy by this point so I'm just going with the flow and doing something I didn't want to do. What is that you might ask, I'm riding my bike. I hear the gasps. What type of lunatic ideas have gotten into my brain? I believe it's because I don't have much of a choice.

My big plan of xc skiing as much as possible has pretty much gone it the window, I think I've been on the slippery sticks a grand total of 4 times since the first snow flake has touched the ground. Why so little? Well there has only been that one snowflake that has fallen, or that's at least that's how it's been feeling. So I'm saying screw it to my grand plan. The bike has come out of hibernation.

Minor technical failure on the winter bike had me making a second run on the same road other cross bike but at the end of the day I pedalled into the darkness for 2.5 hours. I was treated to just shy of an hour in the daylight before firing up the lights, that treat was them strange feeling in the air. It was a good feeling though, it didn't feel like January, it felt like a late March ride. That slight crisp in the air, sand on parts of the roads, not a huge amount of snow on the shoulders. Not very middle of the winter like. Not very good when of want to ski, but it is what it is and I've said "whatever". If it means riding, its what I have to do. Maybe this will ag Mother Nature on a little and she will attempt to kibosh my new plan. Come on lady, I dare you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Who would have thought.

It was a perfect day for eveything, well everything except for what we were doing. After a slow start while enjoying the sun we headed to the big backyard. Threre were thoughts and considerations made before we left but we, especially me, thought it would be fine. I was wrong, we also ran into a few others that felt the same way. So what was our plan that was not recomended. As funny as it sounds for the time of the year, it was classic xc skiing. I know, crazy thoughts. January and skiing just never mix, well on this day it didn't.

Thaw from the day from the previous day and then the cooler tempatures pretty much wrecked any enjoyment that we would get. It was more of a double pole day with a hint of fear on any decent. The snow was bullet proof with a dash of ridges just to make things interesting. Of course the dogs loved the hardpack for running. Some how we still managed to slide around for 2.5 hours,I'm feeling it today in the joints. Of course in hindsight we we wishing we had brought the bikes, perfect conditions to roll around. What we do for the dogs.

Its not looking like things will be better anytime soon, Im feeling that I'll be charging up some lights and pumping up the tires on KHS this week. I'm pretty us the body will be very content with some smooth motion aft the weekend.