Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have to pass

It's come to this, I'm still shaking my head but yet I actually expected it. Multipule things have lead to the decesion for me to skip the Ontario Cup race this weekend. I know there is a solid break coming but a short adventure in the big backyard on the big wheel gave me that gentle hint I needed. My hands are not a happ camper right now, old age, arthritis, over abuse etc etc has come into play and when I felt cramping and strain while on some long singletrack decents I knew for my own well being they need a rest. The plan, weak but realistic, my road bike is my friend. I've never really stressed bout being able to ride the trails. I have a month to be ready for Sudbury, I will train, sort of. I will ride my bike, I may ride it faster than I should sometimes, and slower than I should others, I will enjoy the scenery, I will chase down and pass anyone I see on a bike ahead of me. I will remind myself that this is not a job, it's fun. I will thank Sean Ruppel again for the impromptu talk in a random gas station that caused him to kill the world by over filling his tank. I do feel that Sean has a career as a shrink. What was said was private, if asked though I'll share the A couple key points. So where am I at, I'm a 39 year old used to be fast but remembering how much fun it is to ride a bike while not stressing that I put this many hours in so I can be borderline fast. I eat what I want, drnk what I want, have fun, enjoy life, race my bike from time to time, middle aged man. On a side note, I am planning on a 24 solo in the 40 plus catagory next year, I will train, I will have fun, I will push myself for me, not the podium. Of course that will still be in the background. Looks like the TCR is calling my name.

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