Thursday, June 21, 2012

slip slide melting

The life in a nut shell, road my fixie in the rain Tuesday, got a little scared when I hear thunder and saw lightning while being on a steel framed bike. I t want doing that when I left, I don't normally poke at the mother nature bees nest like that.

Solidly weak 2.5 hour road ride in the wall of heat yesterday. Legs felt like rubber, power was nonexistent, still climbed a couple thousand feet but questioned my power tap and hoped it was out of calibration,of course it wasn't.

I'm playing this weekend, rocking the Summer Solstice with the crew. Nice being on a team for a change, rest, real rest between laps, should be fun. Looking forward to the social side of the 24 hour, something I normally don't get to see.

A return to the little wheel bike, seems that the next couple Ontario cup races are dualie friendly. Add in a couple other potential events that a longer than a short ride, it's time to get used to the Anthem again. It will take about 30 seconds, like putting on your favorite sweater, It always just fits.

Weekend is coming, should be good

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