Monday, June 4, 2012

Canada Cup

Well that was fun, it's amazing how a course can go from fast to abusive with just a few rain drops. Didn't have the race I was hoping for but got what I expected. Weak warm up, my own fault but rolled in with the crew for what was yet again a crazy fast start. Felt not to bad, back of the lead group holding ground ok for the first half of the lap, then I got hot. The sun broke, I had opted for a second synthetic which 2 minutes in I knew was a bad idea. It was supposed to rain on us, the sun came out. Second lap had me in damage control already, took the next half a lap for my brain to kick in, half my drink in my stomach half on me. Started feeling better mid third lap and picked up the pace. Last lap I started to dig deep and push a harder on the double track, some extra risks on the single track, I knew the distance to the next rider, I can catch him. Stalled up going over a rock, front flip dismount into the woods shook me up enough to stop for a few seconds to find my head. Lost a spot, hammered and caught the rider, bike making weird noise, stopped, lost a spot to same guy. Cable touching, hammered caught him and dropped him on coffee run, crossed the line. Knee hurts, solid swelling this morning, generally sore today, still having problems with iPad/blog site merger. Couple days of playing then Albion followed by a week of holidays from work and a month till the next race. Maybe we can find some fitness for the second half of the season, maybe. I'm having fun, this year that's all that matters.

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