Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shore leave, weekend pass?

Get out of jail free, 48 hour pass, diplomatic immunity? There were the normal thoughts of why I wasn't going to get on the bike yesterday. I attempted to use them, some of them sounded really good, of course they were all false.

I tried the I don't have a bike ready to ride but even though the Anthem was still on the stand getting some TLC this was totally false. Then the thought that I don't have any clean race kits to wear which was yet again false. Although all my gear that was worn was on the drying rack I have lots of spare clothing and even more so I had that winner's jersey that could have been warm. Hmmm, I used it was to windy on the road to ride in active recovery pace but the rail trail is pretty protected and then there are always those gravel trails that could have kept me protected by trees.

The thought of the trail though was limited and with my hands still sore there was a legit reasoning on why to stay off any fat tired bikes. The thought of a temper tantrum crossed my mind, and jumping up and down yelling I don't wanna may have worked but then the simplest solution came by referring to an email from Monday morning. It was from my loving coach who said in black and white, take the next two days off, if you ride though it can only be active recovery. Heather does things in a subtle way, what she meant to say was "Stay the hell off your bike for the next two days you obsessive compulsive workaholic!!!" Sometimes I catch on to the subtle hints, sometimes I don't.

I was proactive in returning more recovery to my training. It's funny that those that promote all that stuff, me, are sometimes the worst ones for following their own advice. You should see what I do to my appliances, if I caught you doing that to yours I'd be writing you a bill. I spent most of my evening in the padded scary room watching an amazing historic movie while bending, stretching and mixing in some yoga poses. The body is starting to feel pretty good again even though I know there is very little horsepower in those legs.

It will be the return to the road bike tonight for a good spin on my favourite loop around someplace big. As much as I had a pass for the last two days Heather is not letting me off to easy, miles to go but intensity is lower. I wonder what I will wear tonight??? There is a really pretty green jersey hanging around my house.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More of the 24

It was such a long race that there is always more to blab about. Like any long race there is always something learned, experimented with, or bluntly smashed at you that you couldn't help but pay attention. I believe Tristan has learned that he never ever wants to do a 24 hour tag team again. Of course everyone says that after the race for a few days, then it's, I bet I can do one more lap let's do it again.

For me my big blunt smack in the face reminder was involving my body. I've had a few interesting body issues during the last couple races. Some abdominal tightness. No it's not a six pack revolting but it is some core stuff that really needs to be addressed. Why am I having this happen, because I'm lazy and sometimes procrastinate some of that important stuff like stretching the not so common muscles. With shorter races I can b.s. my way through it with no problems but with the now countdown till the next long event which will be the Hardwood 8 hour, there will be no hiding.

This also lead to the strategy of my last lap riding with Box. Since he will be the new kid on the block at this race with attempts to mix it up with Logan and myself I figured I'd do what I can to intimidate him a little. I don't think it really worked but it will make this one very interesting. The course suits my riding style a little more than Logan's, less long climbs, more work those turns single track. Should be fun.

A few more highlights from the race, I roughly burned 12,000 calories and was almost 4 pounds lighter. I barely have enough power in my legs to walk up stairs. Close to it. I've started cleaning clothes and bikes. It did not take 3 times to get the mud out of the jersey this time and even after 11 laps it looks like my brake pads actually have something left of them. The bike is pretty good overall. Infinit Nutrition yet again got me through the race. Met some new people this weekend, put some faces to names of others, got to see lot's of old friends.

I'd say that the race was a success and has me marking one more category off my list for a 24 hour's of fun. Again huge props out to Tristan who suffered hard but did what needed to be done.

Attempts to spin on something with 2 wheels will be done tonight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

24hr,23hr, The 22 Hour of Summer Solstice

This one is going to take a little bit to recover from, where to start. Awww maybe when I woke up to what else? Rain. Not a great way to get one energetic about abusing the body for more than a few hours. My thoughts of packing the cross bike and beer were starting to look like a great idea. I was concerned.

Except for the excessive amounts of cop cars on the highway doing their best to stop and protesting drivers and making me drive semi-responsible was at Albion with plenty of time to do the meet and greet, the camp setup etc etc. For the first time ever I happened to be down at the captains meeting. I don't think I've been to one now in 6-7 years, glad I was though when it was announced that the start would be delayed by an hour. Gave the updated info to those I like, know, not competing against. This did include Tristan who was looking very nervous before the race. Mr. Spurr was doing the lead out lap, for me I toured around on the cross bike trying to get my legs working and making many jealous. Many a comments were made, after last year the answer was obvious. Half an hour later we adjusted again for the 2nd delay of start. All hell breaking loose would begin at 2pm no matter what.

That is exactly what happened, the rain stopped, the countdown began and they were off. As expected Mr. Watson came through first, what was amazing but yet slightly bad was the join up of the Shake'n'Bake twins as Jacob came through the timing with Tristan right behind him 5th and 6th. This was great for a build up but my concern for him going to hard off the line were there. It's a long race. He continued for the 2nd lap, I switched up bikes back to my Anthem and counted down till my first stint of 2 laps. Tristan's power down session gave us almost a 15 minute lead. My turn to play, sorta. Headed out and the legs were a little blah. The fact that I started climbing almost immediately didn't help. The mud added to the fun. My weak attempt at warming up was felt but kept on the gas. The first lap hurt, the second felt better. That diesel powered engine kicked in.

My thoughts on the race course at this point, the first 3-4km leading to the sugar shack sucked. Not that the trails sucked, they were awesome but the baby crap type mud that just sucks the life out of legs was not enjoyable. I'm the first to say that I can't ride power, or have the power to muscle through that stuff, have you seen those skinny things I stand on?? That section of mud at the sugar shack smelt bad also!!! From that point on it became a course was amazing. Traction came back, running dry tires was a risk but it's a tire setup I'm used to.

Things continued along rotating every 2 laps, T slowed a little and I started to get faster. This was to be expected though. It balanced out though and we continued to put more time into the other teams, we had a very comfortable lead as we started into the night. Tristan came in from his lap and we did a couple strategy idea talks. Me and my over analyzing brain. We stayed with double laps for now. I was starting to really get into a grove though as the course began to suit me more and more with the return of traction. I was having fun out there and didn't want to get off the bike. The night laps were very interesting though. because of the humidity in the air there was this haze that made it almost harder to see with bright lights. I ran my Exposure Maxx D on the bar 700 lumens on full and a Joystick which at 240 lumens was perfect.

One thing that changed for me at this race was my ability to stay vertical. I consider myself a pretty strong bike handler but this weekend that seemed to not be the case. I think the total time on the ground added up to at least 10. There was one root that took me out twice, my chainsaw and that root may have a conversation on a later date. I have the bruises to show. I did get to ride with a few different people through out the night, chatting about everything and anything. It was a rare time that the night didn't seem lonely.

I need to back track a few hours though, for some reason there were random fighter jets buzzing the ground. Yes there was some big political hoopla happening about 60km to the south but these jets were flying so close and in such a pattern that I was waiting for either the pine trees, which I was currently in while this was happening, were either going to be shredded with bullets or napalm. I never actually saw the planes but I felt them everytime. I was concerned that they thought that the largest 24 hour race in North America was turning into a protest against mother nature and they would just take a few out to keep us under control.

Back to the action, Tristan was not feeling to hot after his night laps and when he went out at 5:30 am he was not very impressed. He pushed through his first lap as I tried to get ready for the next session. We had a 2 lap lead on 2nd place at this point, T pushed around for one more lap before saying he was done. This left us roughly 4 hours of racing left. Looks like Heather was going to get me to do that one long session on the bike. My legs were sore, I opted to were my nice new compression leggings hoping that they would give me the extra strength I would need. because they are not designed to ride in I loaded up the back of my knee was chamois butter hoping it would help prevent any freaky looking rash.

The next two laps were ok but my body was getting made at me. With maybe 20-30 minutes of sleep and 10 plus crashes I was feeling the pain. The legs were weak going up the hills, the hands were the worst part, some bruising on the palms. I was tired and trashed but there was still time that needed to be spent out on the trail. One more lap meant we would still no matter what finish with a 2 lap lead. I was good with this Tristan was pretty content to not get out of the chair he was sitting in. I headed through the timing tent. Last lap worked out great. Hooked up with Erik Box of cyclocross fame and we rode the last lap together with the mentality of going slow enough to not feel like we had to do one more after that. Unfortunately we can only go so slow which really isn't all that slow at all. As we got closer to the end I had a simple reminder on why I was done after this lap. I started to cramp in my left hamstring. I don't cramp, or at least not very often. This hurt a little. Managed to control it and opted to walk the last long muddy climb. Done finished with 21 laps. Tristan with 10 and one of the fast laps of the race and me with 11. 2 laps ahead of 2nd place.

There was an interesting moment that happened out on the course in the early morning. On a big double track section that was really wide I came up on a group of riders in a single file and as I passed them way over to the left on the grass section I hear a guy make a comment to me. He says" you need to call out every pass" I responded with " Are you serious" He said didn't you go to the team meeting" I responded with " I've been doing these for a long time, I know the rules but come on. " Now what I wanted to say was "If I called out every pass, especially on big wide double track, I would never shut up. I barely stop talking as it is now!!" The woman that was in that group pulled out and passed this guy also and she was giggling as she did it. I don't want to sound like an ass but I thought it was funny.

So my thoughts on the race overall. I think the boys from Chico Racing yet again did the most amazing job with everything. They battled Mother Nature and came out with their heads up high and had everyone their happy. Again a huge thank you to my Mom and Aunt Ruth who yet again pulled off an amazing support crew keeping Tristan and I on track. Couldn't do one of these races with out them. Also huge thank you to Tristan, you rode hard, you suffered hard, I must remind you that this was your idea!!

I'll probably have more thoughts on the race over the next few days, right now I need to eat, lots!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm up, I'm moving. Great massage last night, good stretching session this morning. Not a bad sleep, starting to prep for the 30 plus hours of no or little sleep. Car is packed, bikes are ready and one does include my cross bike. If I pack it I won't need it, if I don't it will be the most wanted bike ever. I have continued reminders of what is needed in what course conditions from last years excitement. Heading out soon, quick setup, some hello's to be said then grab a spot on the front row for Tristan.

More in about 48 hours from now.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thoughts at an earlier time than normal

It seemed a little brighter than normal today causing me to drag myself out of bed a little earlier than normal. Coffee is brewed and waking the brain up. I can't really blame it on the light but more on the anticipation of this weekend. The list is getting smaller of the things to do but there have been a few more considerations to be had with the potential crap weather.

The last of the pre race fitness was done last night on the road bike. Small idle threats were used against my tag team partner on his original ride plan and he came north for the 2 hour ride. It's amazing how the "I'm going to tell your coach" line seems to work. Kept things to a sane pace along the rail trail en route to Midland to check out the damage caused by Wednesday's tornado. It's amazing how some things were completely destroyed and yet 20 feet away a house was left untouched. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt.

The ride was also some strategy updates and possibly changes. More based on weather conditions, let's just say that at this point things are not looking very rainbow and butterflies with trails made of chocolate. I'm hoping that the boys from Chico slide a thick brown envelope filled with some unknown amount and a map pointing to the G20/G8 summits under Mother Natures door. She could do that last minute change of conditions. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beer has been bought, oh and some food. Tire changes have been made along with wheels that like mud. After the thrills of last year and evolution/demolition of the course last year the thoughts of what bikes to bring has had a couple random bright ideas. Last year pretty much anything that was singletrack was walked/run/crawled through and the doubletrack was ride able. Let's just say that dragging a fully was not fun. This year the hardtail will be there and could become the bike of choice very early in the race along with the bottle of Advil. I've also randomly thought about getting the cross bike ready, you know, just in case. Last year I would have loved to have had it there. I know, overkill. But my thoughts are on preparation.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a lap or two of the course in before Saturday but it's Albion. At one point over the last 7 years I've pretty much ridden every trail there multiple times with just a different way of linking them together. It will just become a giant blur like usual. Fingers are crossed, I've given up on the rain dance since it seems my skills, or lack there off seem to not impress and distract. No Rain Please!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Her date reminder was wrong.

It's hard not to talk about what happened yesterday, pretty wild stuff. My thoughts though are that Mother Nature may need to get a new appointment calender because her attempts to wreak havoc on the 2010 version of the 24 hour of Summer Solstice has failed!!! I'm dunking a little as I poke fun at her because if she finds out I did it, well I'd be concerned.

First the earthquake that I got a random text about it. Pretty minor in the greater part of the day. The weather held off when I got home and made my way to Hardwood Hills to do a short vomit session during the weekly series. Wasn't thinking much of the weather when I left and even during the race. Of course forward momentum felt a little harder than normal with the wall of humidity making the start climb a little harder. Blasted off the front for the first k before Elliot, a very fast Hardwood kid caught up with me. Put a big gap in to the pack pushing each other a bit. Neutralized things a little at a just slightly less than vomit pace. About a km or so out Elliot attacked and I just waved. I crossed the line 13 seconds behind him.

Not much after crossing the line the talk starts, Midland has just been hit by a tornado, Midland is on the far side of my big backyard but close enough to be concerned. Lot's of text and missed phone calls to deal with but until I got home I was a little stressed. Coming through Waubaushene damage near my place was pretty minimal but a few tree limbs down but the grunt of it missed the town. Unfortunately A few sections of Midland were not so lucky. I've heard that there were no serious injuries but there were a few homes destroyed and lots of damage. I'll be making my way over there today for work.

So was it Mother Nature attempting to take out the 24 hour again? I think this happened on the same date as the race last year. I'm not sure but it was yet again another reminder on how small and not powerful we are and how strong and destructive Mother Nature can be. Technology makes us powerful, Mother Nature just needs to get a little pissed off and shuts down all technology in one quick sweep.

Let's hope she is done for a few days now and gives us a wonderful weekend. I've begun the anti rain dance, I'm sure others have also.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

prep and play

The original play to make my way down to Albion Hills for a loop of the course pretty much went out with the rain. I'm concerned of flashback shakes that may or may not happen if I'm at that place while it's raining. Also assumed that the course would be shut down for pre-rides regardless. Instead I headed out on the hardtail for some cadence stuff and one legged stunt riding. It was one of those days that I knew I would be on the road but I didn't want to ride the road bike.

This ended up being a great thing as I did yet another one of my let's turn left on this road and see where it goes which ended up being a gravel road which turned in to a dirt road which eventually narrowed to a tractor trail. 10-15 minutes later I came back out to the main road all of 100 feet from where I started. Kept it interesting. Planning and packing was what was on my mind as the countdown numbers are getting smaller, quickly.

The list is getting a little smaller, bikes are being tuned.

The tent is on a true interior camping trip, it's currently setup in my fire wood room. Pete, notice that this room is empty, great crossfit workout this fall!!!

Lights are charging, clothing including rain and cold temperature gear is being packed. Last year I brought what I needed to race, this year I'm bringing what I'll need to party!!!!! I did all this fun stuff while sporting my newest investment.

Sporting some compression tights, they feel good. I've heard the rave, I've read some reviews and now I've spent some money, They could come to be a benefit this weekend. If all else fails there will be drugs, Advil is my friend sometimes.

Attempts to do a short intensity ride tonight that may include a weekly race series. Hoping

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just enough to get me in trouble.

After a false start for pickup on Sunday, let's just say that Sunday started amazing but by mid day went down hill. Round two had me possibly braving Toronto rush hour traffic, which for a country boy like myself is a little overwhelming. Round two attempt for pick up of the now new to me car became successful. The new hot rod. It's got all that good go fast out of the box stuff that I seem to need from time to time.

The next attempt was to get mid T.O. to Rack Attack to pick up goodies that will help strap a couple bikes to the roof. As the clock clicked towards 6 and the traffic clicked up towards 6pm at a much faster race I did the illegal while moving, non hands free blue tooth phone call and was happy that they said they would stay open. As for the phone call, I was not technically moving so was I really driving? I could have put the car in park with no difference.

The countdown to the 24 hour is on, lights to charge and test, bikes to final tune, some easy training to do. Attempts to get one lap in of the course will be made as long as Mother Nature allows. Chico Racing is asking very nice for people to stay off the course during any potential rain. I don't blame them. The next two days are scheduled dampness, that's fine with me as long as the weekend is full of wonderful dryness.

Early work to be done, attempts to get the bike rack on before work, breakfast, rain. Lucky coffee is tasting good.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Highs and lows

The weekend has been very interesting, mostly fun, unfortunately finished on a low note. For the moment. Great ride in Copeland on Saturday, no major hammering. Great company, no rain, all good.

Followed it up with the 2nd of many rounds of the fixie ride. Another group of 9 headed out to fuel up on dinner and beer. The night was filled with cheap parlour tricks like watching Tristan turn around on the seat on the death machine while Jacob pedaled.

Yes, the Shake'N"Bake twins mounted up a tandem again for the ride and even followed the protocol and turned it into a fixed gear. You know there would be potential death in the ride. Once at the establishment of choice things continued on the light side with some interesting one liners, "What type of dark beers do you have?" The waitress started to list things off like this " We have Budweiser, and" She got to there and was interrupted with "Bud is not a dark beer". Her response "it's in a brown bottle." You know the night was going to go downhill from that moment on. Yep it did.

Stories were told, beer after beer was consumed, food was eaten. We found out that Andrew has been sporting a secret super hero identity and pulled off the best Clark Kent to Superman impression. Norco would be proud. DZ and GK may want to watch out.

The return trip was equal to this, yes the sense of balance was gone. The night continued on. Great day.

Sunday was a little of the reverse of fun. Thought the new car was supposed to be ready, went to T.O. to pick it up to my disappointment it was not. Of course the typical salesman run around got me a wee bit pissed. Thought all was not lost for the day and headed to Albion Hills to ride the 24 hour course, in the parking lot I realized that I forgot to pack shorts. 4 hours of driving with absolutely nothing done pretty much frustrated my energy level and spent the rest of the day napping and stretching.

Attempts on a better day for today will be made, work, riding, new car? Hoping it will be a 3 for 3 type day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It really wasn't in my ass, Honest!!

I've heard many times but today proved it was not true. I even made sure I had the evidence. Headed out for a nice easy spin on the Anthem, a little grass, a little rail trail, a little road before I made my way to my really close backyard piece of single track. When I say close, I mean taking the longest way around with out technically leaving the town took all of 15 minutes of riding.

Started to spin up the double track and I started to have flash backs to any race that is run at Hardwood Ski and Bike. That long start run that goes for ever with a steady grind uphill, and always seems to be covered in fresh wood chips. Well someone, the horse people, laid fresh wood chips up the trail. I love wood chips, in my garden that's it. Continued along to the cut off trail. All normal again.

2 minutes later I came to an abrupt stop here.

Why here? Because this is what stopped me in my tracks.

I debated on taking it home with me, a lucky horseshoe is a great find and I can always use more luck. BUT so can others, some more than me so I figured a photo would work well at pulling a little power my way. As for the horseshoe, well it's right where I found it ready for the next person to come across it and gain a little goodness. It's better to share the wealth right??

Spun my way around and the luck of the horseshoe seemed to be working already, I missed every pile of horse crap on the trail. Do you know how hard that stuff is to get out tire treads?? Finished up with the legs still feeling a bit draggy but still not expecting much out of them yet, as long as they make a return appearance next weekend. Maybe the luck of the horseshoe will speed up their return. I currently believe that they are using their strength to battle with the poison ivy I picked up from that wonderful place called Ganaraska.

Coffee to drink, miles to be ridden, anti rain dance to practise

Friday, June 18, 2010

More of my backyard

Yet again I am amazed at what I have in my backyard that makes being a cyclist/racer just a natural thing to be. I've gone on and on about the trails that are all so close that it almost links to my yard. There is Copeland forest, Hardwood Ski and Bike, Mountainview, 7th line grid of Sugar bush and the 8th. Of course there is even my little trail 2 minutes from my house for those short rides on a time budget.

Then there is the recovery stuff like Georgian Bay for paddling, I won't even start into what we have here in the winter time because the list continues to grow. What I'm thinking about right now is roads, miles and miles of roads. I've yapped about the Big Chute Loop many times and time spent on the waterfront paved rail trail, the climbs that are around the ski resorts etc. Well out on the ride yesterday I found yet another former gravel road getting fresh blacktop being put down.

This is the 5th line of Vasey road, this road happens to have the most amazing climb that was only ride able on a mountain bike. This is also a road that is not on a popular commuter route which means low traffic. Not that there is all that much traffic in this area to begin with. The temptation to ride the road was there but the thought of blowing tires by the far from cool asphalt pretty much shut that thought down. Instead, I made my way along the 4th which was paved last year.

The wonders from my house, if I head east from my house I can stay on pretty flat roads for hours on end, if I head a little west I can be in the big hills of Oro/Medonte. The options are limitless. I added a couple of those random left turns saying lets see how far this goes last night and found myself on yet another road that I had know idea existed. The few homes in the area had people almost looking at me strange since they're probably not used to much traffic either.

The ride was full of distractions but overall not to bad. My legs seem to still be carrying a few more pounds of dead weight fatigue in them than I would like but seem to be recovering well. My continued time spent stretching seems to be helping the rest of the body.

Time for more coffee. Might need it, planning on chasing around every asphalt filled dump truck screaming "where are you going!!!" This could lead me to new roads, it might lead me to riding around someones driveway. Intervals on a 30 x 10 driveway might be interesting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You are feeling sleepy, so very sleepy!!

It wasn't an overly tough work day, it wasn't a longer than normal day but for some reason my will to live, stay awake, disappeared faster than it showed up in the morning. Got home and knew the to do list but had more of a craving to just curl up on the couch and have a nap. So I did. I will use the idea that it was napping weather.

After a little of that I could still feel the body feeling a bit off and opted to do a huge bendy, stretchy session instead of rolling up and down a hill on the bike half hearted. It was a better choice, body is feeling a little better today.

The 24 hour list of things to pack and get ready must be dealt with soon. Tent is still somewhere in a ball in the basement, lights need to be charged and tested, beer needs to be bought, bikes need to be cleaned and tuned, stock piling sleep has started.

Sun is out, looking like a nice long road ride today.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An old routine revisited

Maybe it was the amount of continued discomfort that it took to start back to an old routine, a routine that worked. Like most, I will procrastinate fixing something that is progressive until it's gotten so bad that day to day life becomes miserable. This is the routine of morning and evening stretching/yoga sessions.

I used to be so diligent about doing it in the past and then as racing picks up, training increases, house work list get longer this is one of the first things that gets cut. Even first thing in the morning, the thought of stretching instead of relaxing on the couch for an extra 10 minutes with coffee before work seems more tempting. Well that has to change.

And it has, until I feel better at least. Last night was spent a little south of my normal riding area for a chill ride with the Barrie Cycling Club. I was told that the pace would be very low key which is pretty much all the legs were looking for. Nice change to ride with a few new people. 2.5 hours catching a nice sections of new road pavement was another bonus. The apres ride social was close to the CTS Club who goes for wings in beer. Roadies are a little more reserved and and was cookies and coffee. A later than normal return to home had me forcing myself in the padded room for 15ish minutes bending myself ways that used to be comfortable.

I'm staring at my coffee pot thinking how good that looks and how comfortable this couch currently is. How long does it take for a routine becomes less invasive to life and just blends in??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The evening started about the same as the morning did, sore, slow and tired. I was not an energetic guy yesterday and my body was still very mad at me. But!!! I was off to see the man that fixes all, on the body part issues at least. My regular trip to see Dr. Bill at Total Pain and Injury Clinic is always looked forward to, more than ever it seemed yesterday. I was in total pain.

A fix of a.r.t treatment, some joint realignment etc. Working on my hip flexor I felt a little bit of embarrassment. As Bill said push, in attempts to fatigue the muscle for a better stretch, I responded in a weak voice, I am pushing. There was zero power in those legs. 30 minutes later I was heading home feeling pretty wimpy and I lost my craving to head down to ride with the guys even with the ridicule I could receive. I also decided that I would screw up all the good repair work that I've just had done. A beer was opened and a seat was taken.

Maybe I'll use the excuse that the weather was not a favourable night for the group to ride, it's supposed to be a crap night and it turned into a perfect night to enjoy outside. I used my back yard grass as my active recovery. I'll use the re seasoning that there is no engine in my lawnmower as leverage. Recovery is going to be important, really important with the 24 hour less than two weeks out.

A simple break down of the race. 25 hours, since there is that extra hour available. 25 divided by 2, split between T and I equals 12.5 hours each of riding. Divided that into roughly 2 hour blocks equals roughly 6 Ontario Cup length races. Yep that about right, 6 hammer fests in a row. Yep, it's going to hurt.

Return to the road bike tonight

Monday, June 14, 2010

Marathon number 1 Ganaraska

My body currently hates me. I did things to it this weekend that it gently rebelled to. Maybe gently is not the right words, how about violently rioted against. After spending the Saturday in Toronto car searching and finding what I want, the evening was spent celebrating. This is where I started to do things to my body that it didn't' like with the consumption of way to much non race type fluids. Surprisingly I felt not to bad in the morning, felt didn't last.

Rolled into the race an hour before start time, started to see who was there, knew it was going to be a tough field. A weak attempt of a warm up and it was off to the start line. So far I was feeling not to bad. Notice that I felt good BEFORE the race. Gun went off and like usual we blasted off the line probably way faster than we should have, we never learn. Filed in the pack and I think it took about 3 minutes into the race when I realized what my day was going to be like. 3 minutes was the first hill. It felt a little more painful than normal. Of course I just put my head down.

It didn't take long for there to be a split. Tim Carlton, Ryan Atkins, Pat Dennis and a couple others were off the front, then there was me, then another pack. That was what and how I assumed the race would be, me riding alone, like usual. Kept things steady knowing that I didn't have any top end for hills. I had some random tastes of wine at the top of a climb. Let's just say it tasted better the night before. Just after the first feed zone I caught up with a rider from Brant Cycle, as I passed him I heard in a quiet voice, I'm going to hold your wheel for as long as I can. I was sorta ok with that, for the first few minutes.

I do need to back track a little. There was a section on the trail just before I caught this guy that was just like Joyride 150's pump track. All that winter training there paid off again. I was giggling there. I really didn't expect this guy to hang on for to long, I kept the pace as high as I could, I'd hope that others would fade a little faster than I would. The problem was he didn't fall off. After about 5 minutes of him letting me do all the work I continued to put out weak attacks. Seemed that I was faster on the downhills and single track but every time we would split there would be a climb or he managed to hammer enough to catch me on the flats. I knew even for me I had to be careful not to burn off to much to early.

Next feed we both stopped, bottle refilled but he got out a minute before me. Of course there was a long climb to start again on and having that 3 minute break my legs said screw you, were breaking for longer. Of course the lungs and heart argued with them and my brain got somewhere stuck in the middle of the fight. I was back to riding alone. I was starting to feel a little weak, this was just the start. It didn't take long for me to see my granny gear on a couple climbs. This is when the next body part started to get made at me.

My abdominal area decided that it wanted to see how tight it could get. I know it was caused more by my wonderfully tight hip flexors but this started to kill my climbing even more but more my concern was the technical sections. i found my body very twisted up and balance out of whack. I started to bounce around on the trail a little to much. I was started to develop pain. For some reason I always seem to have body problems when I race at Ganaraska, last year I cramped from the heat, the year before I was raped by my bike. There was a point during the race that I was actually tempted to quit, I haven't had this feeling in a long time. My abs were screaming.

Of course I had absolutely know idea where the hell I was on the trail. The quiting thought lasted for about 2 minutes before I got one of those reminder thoughts in my head. Based on an article I read about Ray Zahab, an ultra runner, his answer is just put one foot in front of the other, in my case just turn the crank one more time, then one more, etc. Worked well. There were some big open sections at this point and I kept watching over my shoulder. There are a few wild animals out there that make the sounds of clicking derailleurs, and free hubs. I had a pretty big gap over the next rider, at least 5 minutes.

I did get a little temptation to go faster when I saw Pat at one point on one of the hey he's only right there which happened to be only about 3 minutes ahead. Not sure if he rode faster after that or not but I didn't have much more to go any faster than I was already going. I nailed my nutrition perfect during the race, or I thought I had. past the 3 feed zone and was good, 45-50 minutes later there was another feed zone. Last year Dan did this because of the heat and the slow last section, I asked the volunteers how much farther. I'm not sure if I heard them right but what my ear's thought they heard was 10km to go. As I climbed the hill about a minute later I looked at my bottles, I was just under 4 hours at this point and there is 10 km to go. I don't have enough fluids, I don't have enough power left, I won't have the will to live soon, I'm going to die out here. This was followed by a few of my favourite words.

I debated about turning around and topping up a bottle but that meant climbing a hill again and probably losing that buffer I had. Screw it, just suffer through. Then like a (use what you would like) I saw a building, then some cars, could we be done? Why are we riding away from the building, I want to go there not the way you are sending me. It was the long way around but every time I turned I started to think that there would be some random turn going away from where the finish area was. Rolled through a minute of two later crossing the line 8th overall and 5th in the under 40 division.

The reward was a great burger, some social time and the wonderful sun. I chilled for a bit before opting to head out early. It was a long drive home and lets just say that my body was not in a happy place and I was squirming around lots. Luckily I see Dr. Bill tonight. Considering the way I feel I was pretty happy with the results and also the beating the battle against the brain, legs, and abs. That wasn't even adding in the fast crew that always show up at these races. Another great event from Dan and Substance Project.

There may be an attempt to join the Monday Night crew. I'll see how the day goes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Random ideas about the 24 hour

It's rainy, windy, tornadoy, miserably reminder of shall I dare say it, 2009 24 hour of Summer Solstice. Of course it's not going to be like that this year as I am making sure I am prepared for the worst conditions possible. I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to racing Tag Team for a change. I have a teammate that is fast, very fast!!! On my side of things, I'm riding faster longer than last year. Between those two combinations Tristan and I have a pretty strong chance at winning this year. Of course there are always underlying problems that can happen and here are some of my plans.

Yes, I'm telling you our race strategy, why, because apparently even if the opposition knows what you are going to do, if you execute is right it doesn't matter. Ok maybe that only works in football but I'm hoping.

So first off will be preparation for the weather. Last year it rained because I wasn't prepared to hide from the rain. I had no tent, no mud tires, no real food besides race food. I was planning on not stopping no matter what. Well we were stopped and I was miserable, trashed, and slept in the front seat of my car with the heated seat on to try and stay warm. Not this year, I'm bringing a tent, sleeping bag, Tristan may be bringing a cargo trailer where we can stay dry, kitchen sink, every piece of rain gear I have, a live cow that I will sacrifice to the rain gods to stay away and to fatten up everyone around my campsite. That should keep the weather away. I will also have beer, lots of it. If it rains I'm planning on going on a drinking bender with Sean and Adam.

So that is the simple side of things, Mother Nature can be bought. Gear wise, well I'm planning on having many bikes there, why why not?? I'm bringing a hardtail for sure because if it does turn crappy I learned that it's a much easier bike to drag, carry, throw in the mud. It's also a little cheaper to repair. The thoughts of bring the cross bike just for backup has crossed my mind. For those that raced last year, honestly that was probably the best bike to have after the 5 hour mark of the race.

On to me and my team mate. Tristan is fast, very fast. His left turns are a little off, his right turns are a little skewed, he knows this and acceptance is the first step to a cure. Being a long race I will be attempting to make him slow down. Yes that's right I want him not to go as fast as he can, he is that fast that he can afford to slow down and still crank out fast laps. Why am I slowing him down or at least trying to, I need him in one piece for 24 hours. I know you are reading this Tristan!! Thoughts on first lap, I started to debate with him about who should go first. Final decision, Tristan will be blasting off the front first. The fun of going off the line in the huge pack is great but when I get on the course an hour and a bit later I will have a clear race course for two laps. For those lining up at the front, you may want to give some space. I will be assuming that Jacob will be doing the first lap for the BCC which means the Shake'N'Bake twins will be on the course, starting side by side. There could be some havoc on the trails of Albion.

So there is the next thought. More than likely we will be doing double laps. The last time I did tag we found that we needed to do singles during the day and doubles at night. I was a lot slower back then and lap times were an hourish during the day. Last year we were pulling low 40's. Preride plans have been made. Of course we will have the greatest support crew ever at the race making sure we are fed, ready to go for our next laps, etc etc. Mom and my Aunt will be there again keeping T and myself in line.

Coming into the nighttime, triple laps will probably be the plan. Sleep at a 24 hour is almost impossible but weak attempts will be made to close the eyes and not open a beer. I will need to save a little extra energy for laps though, I've vowed to push a solo or two up a hill when need be. I've received my fair share of assistance out there, it's just something you do.

So thoughts on the competition. I know for sure that the Cyclepath Markham boys of Mike and Kevin will be a threat. I've raced with both in the past and they can both ride well for a long time. They will be watched, also Andrew Parry (returning to 24 hours) and Gord could make things interesting. They say they are riding single speeds and drinking after every lap. Until I see them drunk on the course, they will be watched. Their site may be visited if we run out of beer. Of course there are always wild card teams. There are a few names that I don't recognize. These are the teams that really need to be watched, the ones racing in camouflage.

Either way, it's going to be fun. It better be fun, it's riding bikes for a really long time. A for warning to all for after the 24 hour. Our team name is Turning is Over Rated. Based on Tristan's technical skill. Well after he practises for 12-14 laps on the same course there is a very strong chance that he may become the premier Ontario technical rider and be giving people like Andrew and Peter some lessons on single track. Maybe.

Ok I've procrastinated enough, the rain has not stopped, the wind has not let up in anyway and I just saw Auntie Emm's house blow by with Toto yapping his little dog head off. The trainer and rollers have never looked so good.

Friday, June 11, 2010

But yet agian

The weekend is almost upon us, it's a beautiful sunny morning, there are races again all weekend long and guess what!!! The weather network is calling for everything but a tidal wave for the weekend.

The races are short enough that I can suffer being cold, wet and miserable. The original plan to do the interclub road race is with 3 unnamed mountain bikers to wreak havoc on the pack has been on the teeter totter. As much as I believe carbon fiber frames on rubber tires makes me invincible to Mother Natures weak lightning bolts, being in a pack of riders that may be on steel or aluminum bikes cuts down advantage and could have me caught as an innocent bystander.

I wasn't the only one thinking that and the 3 other unnamed riders are feeling the same way. There still could be a game day decision but it's looking like I may be riding alone first thing in the morning.

As for day number 2 of potential racing. Well this one I'll be doing. There are very tall trees in the Ganaraska forest to keep my ass safe. I'll continue to keep telling myself that during the race. Substance Project puts on such a great low key event and every race Dan seems to make things one step better than the previous. Did I mention the BBQ after the race. Let's just say that I'll be hammering hard to make sure I get some of that great apres ride goodness. Yes, he makes sure there is enough for everyone.

My real attitude is this, let all the rain come down now and get it out of it's system so that this years 24 hour of Summer Solstice will have the perfect dry conditions for a clean smooth event. I need it, other racers need it, the organizers need it. I'm already packing all that just in case stuff, the more I bring the less I will need.

More coffee needed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GET OUT!!!!!!

Maybe I'm a cold person. Maybe I've just been pushed farther than I can handle. I'm a pretty common sense type of guy and I feel that being in my house hold you need to pull your weight if you want to live in my house. Don't continually keep poking at me asking for just a little more. You want how much today???? But you didn't even leave the yard today, how can that be. You're becoming very annoying.

No, I'm not talking about Molly or Bob. I think they were concerned when I came home and called out that one of you has to go. What I was looking at when I said that was the driveway. More specifically I was looking at the wagon. I'm at my frustration limit with it. First off I love the car, won't have spent what I did if I didn't but it seems to continually have something happening with it and with the world of euro cars even the most minimal problem takes three rocket scientist to fix and cost require visits to Fort Knox. I've always said that you shouldn't have a car that you can't afford to fix, I can afford it but I do need a little break between, well breaks!!! I have longer downtime between intervals it seems.

Giving me it's best end, almost telling me to kiss it's ass.

We have had some great years and a couple good trips together but this is also where the other problem is. I barely drive the car. I'm lucky if I put 15,000 km on a year. How can something break when it's sitting still?? It's just not fair, it's not fair. Yes, I'm jumping up and down in a mini temper tantrum. Seems to work for 5 year old. No change.

I'd been considering getting a slightly simpler car for a while now, my begging mechanic's to work on it, the slight problem of where I live, has worn thin. The last few road rides have been spent staring at every vehicle and saying to myself, would I drive that?? The problem is I'm a car snob. Basically cancel out all minivan right off the bat, come on! Then eliminate all s.u.v.'s both are semi practical but neither are fun to drive unless it happens to have BMW X5 on the trunk. See car snob. It also seems that I put my nose up at just about every car that was on the road and everyone that I seemed to like all came from the same side of the planet as my Audi which means that I probably would end up no farther ahead. After a week of creepy staring at cars and search the computer car porn sites I've narrowed down the search to a couple models. One in particular is at the top of the list. Nothing till I finally get it in my driveway. It will be 4 door, sits low, still fast and fun to drive, possibly semi rare but any mechanic will work on it.

So in the end nothing that I love is safe in my house if you don't pull your weight. Continually frustrate me and you'll be packing your bags, I don't care how cute you think you are. I just noticed Bob cleaned out his kitty litter. Molly on the other hand just groaned and went back to sleep on the couch.

Training front, it rained, I rode indoors, I stretched more, both were stupid, boring, annoying and hurt. Sun is out, I see more enjoyment tonight

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I bribed her but still didn't work

Yesterday was another scheduled chill day and it was another one of those texting conversations with Heather. Mainly to do with what is considered active recovery. Can I consider cutting grass as AR, I have lots of grass, I really have a lot of grass to cut. The last few weeks of training and working steady at the back half of the yard had let the front grass grow just slightly longer than I would like. Not long enough to make me the full shady neighbour, just his inbreed cousin/brother. In defence, the back yard is looking amazing.

In the end I sort of lost the battle with Heather when she said you MUST do this amount minimum on the bike. In my deep manly tough voice, BUT, as my head lowers, voice weakens and body cowers, OK. Complete over exaggeration but of course the yard does get my legs moving but not enough so did the thing that most riders are usually not enjoying. Rode the mountain bike on the pavement. I love my Anthem, even on pavement.

A wonderfully relaxing but fat from as fun as the previous night hour spin on the rail trail. There were some good things about spinning on the bike that I am still the most comfortable on, it let me see how screwed up my body is. Monday night physio, bone cracking, and body realignment session with Dr. Bill had me hear a comment that I was not wanting to hear. I haven't seen your body this far out of whack in a long time!!! Let's just say i felt that if I walked with my eyes close I'd probably spin in a very small circle, after I walked into a wall.

I'll admit that I do slack a little on the stretching/yoga time during the race season. When it's most important. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day but last night I forced my self into my padded room, yes I'm crazy enough that I have a padded room in my house, it may only be the floor but it is padded, and spent a solid hour, 1 episode of Top Gear bending and flexing body parts.

I need to start the body feeling good as the next run of long races is almost upon us. The 1st marathon is this weekend in Ganaraska forest. Amazing place and with the rain today it will just get that poison ivy green and full of energy. Then the next of the big ones with the 24 hour. Looks like it may be an indoor spin tonight.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If a tree falls in the forest

Does anyone hear it, see it, ride in to it? Well that theory may have been proven in some different ways last night. The first in a long time of the Monday Night Something ride could not have come at a better time. Everyone was feeling a little achy after the thrills of Sunday and needed that chill ride which also turned into a bit of a comic relief. Rules were broken though, one of the main rules were broken. Seems that everyone was good with it though.

The idea that these are supposed to be done on our single speeds, which we all have has pretty much been tossed aside, there was lots of shifting happening last night. With the summer solstice coming no lights were needed, riding till after 9 and still having daylight at the end was amazing. Of course this killed the idea of me getting a little night riding in before the 24 hour. Last night ride was back when there was snow on the ground still.

There were two bear attacks last night to Tristan's wheels, just random jumping and pummeling for absolutely no reason. These are the notorious but rarely seen tree bears that lay possum on trail edges looking for a half decent meal. I figure Tristan was the only one that didn't look frail and sickly thin and was the cyclist of choice. If they had only waited a little longer and saw the cat food eating, couch potatoing fat girl that was formally the fastest dog in Ontario cycling. The Molly Monster was in chase for the hour.

There were freeride north shore style sections that had us all thinking we are ready to make some kick ass video. There were so many things jammed into that one hour ride that we all commented that it was perfect. Legs were feeling great afterwards, my dog is tired and burned some calories, the do's and don'ts about passing the tree bear were learned.

It's going to be a pretty chill week with a couple more of those rides before the thrills of the weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mountainview Ontario Cup #4

Woke up to the wonderful sound and as some were getting ready to race I pulled the covers over my head for a little longer. The typical prerace morning but with a slight change. I have found my new favourite breakfast. Banana pancakes rock and are easy enough to puke up if need be.

Was pretty certain that the weather would break and that my current tire choice would be the right one. Stuck with a set of pythons but just for that safety I tossed a set of mud's in the trunk just to pull the prepared card against Mother Nature hoping that she plays on the nice side. Did the typical morning socializing and cheering before heading for a warm up. Same old stuff.

Sitting the the start coral I started to get in a mood that I needed to be in and asked Death March Liz, who was doing my feed if I looked fat in this jersey. I was a little disappointed in the response. Countdown and we were off. I started the lap a little more conservative than I normally would. I did this at Hardwood and was happy with the feeling until I flatted. Thought I would try again as everyone hammered the climb. For a rare time I wasn't battling at the back at the top. I planned to just settle in for the first half of the lap and just let people make mistakes and take advantage of it. That took less time than I thought.

By mid first lap I'd went past 4-5 riders with no additional effort, the couple forced run sections were ride able as long as there was nobody in front of me, of course that didn't happen and running twisty treat and back up the punchy climb blasted my heart rate way up. Again running+me= stupid. I spent the next minute or two trying to get back to a normal beat. Lap 2 had me battling with Mark Brusso from the Lap Dogs. I knew his strengths and my weaknesses so knew I had to sit on him in the technical and push him a little to get flustered because out on the double track he would put some serious hurt on me. We stayed together for the lap swapping leads. This was the battle for 6th. Into the 3rd lap we were still only 10 feet apart. I was feeling good. Heading into the single track after the gully I had my first shifting problem. Coming up a steep climb my bike decided it wanted to go to a much easier gear than what my mind, body and spirit wanted to. The bike and myself argued as I tried to gently persuade it to stay in the middle ring but got stalled and forced to run the next couple rises. Mark gaped me, heart rate spiked, this opened the window to the HBCC rider who was tailing us.

Got through the rock garden still trying to recover a bit but he came blasting by on the wheel of a cadet that I'd passed earlier. Tucked in but couldn't hold the pace so opted to get him in the single track which did happen. Finished the lap with him still watching for Mark, started to recover and I could see the HBCC rider was fading and bobbling lots in the single track. Through the rock garden and field again on his wheel I planned on making my move after twisty treat. This was right when Andrew came through to lap us and I got the guy to go neutral for a second to let him by. Rolling again for maybe 200 feet and that's when things went to shit.

I heard a sound I didn't want to and my bike came to a stop. Started to run but the back wheel kept freezing. The chain jumped in between the spokes and the cassette. I attempted to do the redneck approach to bike repair and started to pull. I was in a crappy spot on the trail so started to run with the bike randomly smacking the back wheel off things while swearing and yanking at the chain. Shouldered the bike up the steep punchy climb and at the top stopped loosened the wheel and continued to yank at the chain. I finally gave, started riding but quickly realized that I hadn't lock the wheel again. See, running and my brain don't work well together. At this point I'd probably lost a good couple minutes and now the 9th place rider had caught and passed me. After the quick fix I rode like a pissed off teenager who stole his his ex-girlfriends new boyfriends car. That little break gave my legs enough rest to lay down power and pulled back 8th spot going into Glassfords, knowing that I would try and scare him on the decent if he tried to keep up. There was no chase and crossed the line in 8th. Could I have been battling for 6th, I think so, I think the legs were there for it, have to wait for the next one to find out.

Pretty happy with how my ride went, legs felt strong. This was the first short race where there were not crazy long miles done the day before, by crazy I mean it was only a 3 hour ride with an hour of tempo mixed in. My legs are aching a little from the running because yet again I think it's a stupid sport and should never ever be mixed in when riding a bike. My back is also a little mad at me for some reason, not sure if it's from rocking the hardtail which of course when forced to run was the right bike for it but may have added a little chatter that I was not used to. Fun day was followed up with a few beers and a few burgers. MMM food. Now it's back to my coffee.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The great tire debate

It's wet, it's chilly, it's windy. It must be a day filled with racing. Tomorrow's post could be interesting depending on the outcome of the day. This could be more on the non racing side of things than the race itself.

Keeping things short since I now have tires to change and spikes to install and need that coffee time to used in a more productive way. Time to head to the basement and try to figure out the perfect tire for the day. Do I bring out the crazy mud tires and hope it continues to rain, do I take a chance that it will stop before the race and it tacks up like it did last year and stick to something in between. Do I throw caution to the wind and use semi's which are on the light wheels and just plan on carrying the bike lots. Let's just say that I'm happy to be using the hardtail today, much easier to shoulder and carry in the more than likely forced running sections. I may be jealous of the dog today who will be chilling on the couch.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

no title, no creativity

A few more laps of the course including a nascar style sprint battle between Jacob, Tristan and myself that included tire rubbing, corner cutting and some 2 wheel drifting that could have all gone bad very quickly. A few alterations to the course again with the, what else could it be, chances of rain for race day.

Staring at the wonderfully darkened sky and tree moving wind trying to persuade myself off the couch and onto the road bike for a few hours this morning. I'm hoping summer hasn't come and gone and only happened during my holidays.

Coffee, food, pedalling. More later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

In the grove

After 4 days I finally started to feel like myself again. No needing a nap by mid day, customers seem to not be happy if I curled up for an hour in their laundry room for some reason. This also means it was much easier to get on the bike after work. I had a forced, ok more gently persuaded rest day Wednesday when it began to rain. Being draggy my motivation to go out there was very low, the thought of the trainer was down even lower so I slept.

This was what I needed and after work I was on the bike bursting, somewhat, with energy as I made my way towards Mountainview again. A few things to focus on during the ride, I've yet to figure out tires as of yet. The rain is again listed in the forecast and it had stopped only a couple hours before I left. I ended up still rolling the semi's. More because of lack of time to change them. Even with the rain I hooked up really well through most of the course.

A couple laps of the already modified course, the first layout was to long. There is always changes being down and I think this might not be the last alteration. Legs felt pretty good, opted out of the weekly series race knowing that I wouldn't stay in the "this is the pace you should ride at" with the temptation of hammering and trying to run down my 24 hour team mate. Instead I pressed the lockout switch to boring road selection and spun my way home by way of the rail trail. Of course I did run every old aged, cruiser riding cyclist down along the way.

I'm starting to not feel that craving to go back on holidays which means I need more coffee this morning. Later!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The next level of evil?

I started to upload this video but there is just not enough time this morning. Check this out!!!!
So after so many years of clean athletes having to battle against the dopers there is a new challenge that peeing into a cup won't catch. I'm still shaking my head about this one.

Do we need to have a new division for cycling? One for dopers and scooter riders and a separate one for clean riders? If he did use it and gets busted , which I have to say the acceleration away from the other riders looks like a Ferrari racing against a bunch of Ford Focus's.

I do admit that it's pretty cool technology and there are many a hills out there that I would love to have that boost up. Unfortunately I'd have way to much of a guilty feeling if I had one of those things mounted in my Anthem. So for the 2011 race season I have decided to race on one of these. I figure it's a nice balance, for the help it will give me going up hill the complete scare of possible death I'll get going downhill should make it fair.

I've always said I want to see a free for all with the drugs, I have this craving to watch a rider smoke it up Alpe du huez at 50 km/h and then have his heart explode. Thought this might scare a few people back to clean racing. This new little toy will wreck it. Hell even the most heavily drugged riders can't keep up with a motor. Why take drugs and possibly die when you can just press a button, fake pedal the bike and fake looking fatigued at the top of the mountain.

Time to go, I need to charge my bike for the ride today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scoping it out

Made my way up to Mountianview last night to put a few laps in on this weekends course. I took the long way, little road, little rail trail, a few trails that are just there in the middle of no where. I needed the warm up to help wake me up, but yet another midday body crash. This work thing. It was a Mountainview C.C. club ride and there were many out wanting to get a little extra time on this weekends race course.

Nothing dramatically changed for the first few km. The killer start climb is there yet again and the grind up the side of the ski hill will be the way up for the remaining laps. A couple fast flowing sections after the second single track climb before heading into the rock garden. You come out of there shaken, not stirred and have a long double track section in the farm field to get your eyes back in focus.

Some great older sections next, fast and flowy, punchy climbs mixed in before making your way into a new section. Thomas and the crew cut this not to long ago. It's tight and a little bit of work to get through it. One corner in here will take it's toll on riders, I slide out once trying to find the line. Left hand up hill off camber hill. There is a line, it is ride able. Same with the log step up. There is a go around which I found quicker. I think it felt quicker because I basically stopped dead at the log and slammed my shins into my pedals. After the grunt there is some fast single track to recover a bit on before making our way back up the hill. For the Experts and Elites we get to make our way up Glassford's grind. It's not a bad climb as long as you get the get through the narrow rock section at the bottom.

Fun course, seems a little long for time. Kept it very low key and was around the 33 minute mark. Race lap? 28-29?? Now where Hardwood was a sketchy place for traction there was no problems here for it. I was on the one step above slick tire and hooked up everywhere. It's also going to be a hard tail day. I'll be rocking the Blue this weekend. With the short tight climbs and the controlled speed descents a full suspension is not really needed.

The return trip home was spent playing low speed slalom around future cyclists along the rail trail. Lot's of little kids riping it up with parents in chase. Tonight, I'm hoping the rain holds off, at least for a bit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The OCD worker

That is the best way to describe me most days, yesterday was that evil first day back at work and lets just say that I was dragging my ass most of the morning. Walking up and actually having to do, stuff. I was yawning by mid day and the thought of riding the bike was at a minimum. It was a rest day but that sometimes is bumped for a MNS ride. I was grumpy, yes when I am draggy this turn me grumpy. Riding and being social was not in the cards.

So what does a grumpy tired OCD worker do when he gets home from a visit with Dr. Bill. No, I didn't go and sit on the couch. No, I didn't do yoga and stretching. No I didn't go to bed early and catch up on sleep. I moved dirt, more specifically limestone screenings. The other 3 options were the proper answer. The big pile that is sitting in the driveway is now almost gone as it's been spread and become THE driveway. It's funny but doing this grunt work for some reason made me less grumpy, I think it was because I happened to consume a beer while doing it.

The pile was almost gone and I was tempted to keep going but the stomach hinted for food and I paused. I heard a rumble that was not coming from me, Mother Nature agreed that it was time for me to be done. A few minutes later the rain was coming down. Still not enough. It return to the bike tonight. Attempts will be made to not pick up that shovel tonight.