Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More of the 24

It was such a long race that there is always more to blab about. Like any long race there is always something learned, experimented with, or bluntly smashed at you that you couldn't help but pay attention. I believe Tristan has learned that he never ever wants to do a 24 hour tag team again. Of course everyone says that after the race for a few days, then it's, I bet I can do one more lap let's do it again.

For me my big blunt smack in the face reminder was involving my body. I've had a few interesting body issues during the last couple races. Some abdominal tightness. No it's not a six pack revolting but it is some core stuff that really needs to be addressed. Why am I having this happen, because I'm lazy and sometimes procrastinate some of that important stuff like stretching the not so common muscles. With shorter races I can b.s. my way through it with no problems but with the now countdown till the next long event which will be the Hardwood 8 hour, there will be no hiding.

This also lead to the strategy of my last lap riding with Box. Since he will be the new kid on the block at this race with attempts to mix it up with Logan and myself I figured I'd do what I can to intimidate him a little. I don't think it really worked but it will make this one very interesting. The course suits my riding style a little more than Logan's, less long climbs, more work those turns single track. Should be fun.

A few more highlights from the race, I roughly burned 12,000 calories and was almost 4 pounds lighter. I barely have enough power in my legs to walk up stairs. Close to it. I've started cleaning clothes and bikes. It did not take 3 times to get the mud out of the jersey this time and even after 11 laps it looks like my brake pads actually have something left of them. The bike is pretty good overall. Infinit Nutrition yet again got me through the race. Met some new people this weekend, put some faces to names of others, got to see lot's of old friends.

I'd say that the race was a success and has me marking one more category off my list for a 24 hour's of fun. Again huge props out to Tristan who suffered hard but did what needed to be done.

Attempts to spin on something with 2 wheels will be done tonight.

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John Bragdon said...

This guy is tuned in...all about functional assessment and training sport specific..have to sift through some of his stuff but signing up for mailing list enables peaks into blog etc for good tips