Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An old routine revisited

Maybe it was the amount of continued discomfort that it took to start back to an old routine, a routine that worked. Like most, I will procrastinate fixing something that is progressive until it's gotten so bad that day to day life becomes miserable. This is the routine of morning and evening stretching/yoga sessions.

I used to be so diligent about doing it in the past and then as racing picks up, training increases, house work list get longer this is one of the first things that gets cut. Even first thing in the morning, the thought of stretching instead of relaxing on the couch for an extra 10 minutes with coffee before work seems more tempting. Well that has to change.

And it has, until I feel better at least. Last night was spent a little south of my normal riding area for a chill ride with the Barrie Cycling Club. I was told that the pace would be very low key which is pretty much all the legs were looking for. Nice change to ride with a few new people. 2.5 hours catching a nice sections of new road pavement was another bonus. The apres ride social was close to the CTS Club who goes for wings in beer. Roadies are a little more reserved and and was cookies and coffee. A later than normal return to home had me forcing myself in the padded room for 15ish minutes bending myself ways that used to be comfortable.

I'm staring at my coffee pot thinking how good that looks and how comfortable this couch currently is. How long does it take for a routine becomes less invasive to life and just blends in??

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