Friday, June 11, 2010

But yet agian

The weekend is almost upon us, it's a beautiful sunny morning, there are races again all weekend long and guess what!!! The weather network is calling for everything but a tidal wave for the weekend.

The races are short enough that I can suffer being cold, wet and miserable. The original plan to do the interclub road race is with 3 unnamed mountain bikers to wreak havoc on the pack has been on the teeter totter. As much as I believe carbon fiber frames on rubber tires makes me invincible to Mother Natures weak lightning bolts, being in a pack of riders that may be on steel or aluminum bikes cuts down advantage and could have me caught as an innocent bystander.

I wasn't the only one thinking that and the 3 other unnamed riders are feeling the same way. There still could be a game day decision but it's looking like I may be riding alone first thing in the morning.

As for day number 2 of potential racing. Well this one I'll be doing. There are very tall trees in the Ganaraska forest to keep my ass safe. I'll continue to keep telling myself that during the race. Substance Project puts on such a great low key event and every race Dan seems to make things one step better than the previous. Did I mention the BBQ after the race. Let's just say that I'll be hammering hard to make sure I get some of that great apres ride goodness. Yes, he makes sure there is enough for everyone.

My real attitude is this, let all the rain come down now and get it out of it's system so that this years 24 hour of Summer Solstice will have the perfect dry conditions for a clean smooth event. I need it, other racers need it, the organizers need it. I'm already packing all that just in case stuff, the more I bring the less I will need.

More coffee needed.


The Vegan Vagabond said...

awesome! I was wondering if were going to the marathon.
See ya there!

Kim the Misfit said...

Carbon fibre is actually very electrically conductive...