Thursday, June 3, 2010

The next level of evil?

I started to upload this video but there is just not enough time this morning. Check this out!!!!
So after so many years of clean athletes having to battle against the dopers there is a new challenge that peeing into a cup won't catch. I'm still shaking my head about this one.

Do we need to have a new division for cycling? One for dopers and scooter riders and a separate one for clean riders? If he did use it and gets busted , which I have to say the acceleration away from the other riders looks like a Ferrari racing against a bunch of Ford Focus's.

I do admit that it's pretty cool technology and there are many a hills out there that I would love to have that boost up. Unfortunately I'd have way to much of a guilty feeling if I had one of those things mounted in my Anthem. So for the 2011 race season I have decided to race on one of these. I figure it's a nice balance, for the help it will give me going up hill the complete scare of possible death I'll get going downhill should make it fair.

I've always said I want to see a free for all with the drugs, I have this craving to watch a rider smoke it up Alpe du huez at 50 km/h and then have his heart explode. Thought this might scare a few people back to clean racing. This new little toy will wreck it. Hell even the most heavily drugged riders can't keep up with a motor. Why take drugs and possibly die when you can just press a button, fake pedal the bike and fake looking fatigued at the top of the mountain.

Time to go, I need to charge my bike for the ride today.

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Vanderbike said...

Matt, I am not buying it. I have seen the video's, perhaps his "suspect" hand movement is actually a gear change or perhaps after being on the bike for hours is a change of hand position? If you were in a bogged down gear and I did a double shift, stayed seated and attacked one could drop another rider, even if he stands to sprint he is still under a bogged up gear. Just my thoughts, secret buttons? Do you realize how little clearence there is between a BB cup and the frame? not much. I do not doubt that the technology exists but in use? If a rider is cuaght with this on his or her bike they should be forced to spot a rotating wheel with their teeth in succession until all teeth are lost.