Friday, June 25, 2010

Thoughts at an earlier time than normal

It seemed a little brighter than normal today causing me to drag myself out of bed a little earlier than normal. Coffee is brewed and waking the brain up. I can't really blame it on the light but more on the anticipation of this weekend. The list is getting smaller of the things to do but there have been a few more considerations to be had with the potential crap weather.

The last of the pre race fitness was done last night on the road bike. Small idle threats were used against my tag team partner on his original ride plan and he came north for the 2 hour ride. It's amazing how the "I'm going to tell your coach" line seems to work. Kept things to a sane pace along the rail trail en route to Midland to check out the damage caused by Wednesday's tornado. It's amazing how some things were completely destroyed and yet 20 feet away a house was left untouched. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt.

The ride was also some strategy updates and possibly changes. More based on weather conditions, let's just say that at this point things are not looking very rainbow and butterflies with trails made of chocolate. I'm hoping that the boys from Chico slide a thick brown envelope filled with some unknown amount and a map pointing to the G20/G8 summits under Mother Natures door. She could do that last minute change of conditions. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beer has been bought, oh and some food. Tire changes have been made along with wheels that like mud. After the thrills of last year and evolution/demolition of the course last year the thoughts of what bikes to bring has had a couple random bright ideas. Last year pretty much anything that was singletrack was walked/run/crawled through and the doubletrack was ride able. Let's just say that dragging a fully was not fun. This year the hardtail will be there and could become the bike of choice very early in the race along with the bottle of Advil. I've also randomly thought about getting the cross bike ready, you know, just in case. Last year I would have loved to have had it there. I know, overkill. But my thoughts are on preparation.

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a lap or two of the course in before Saturday but it's Albion. At one point over the last 7 years I've pretty much ridden every trail there multiple times with just a different way of linking them together. It will just become a giant blur like usual. Fingers are crossed, I've given up on the rain dance since it seems my skills, or lack there off seem to not impress and distract. No Rain Please!!

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