Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shore leave, weekend pass?

Get out of jail free, 48 hour pass, diplomatic immunity? There were the normal thoughts of why I wasn't going to get on the bike yesterday. I attempted to use them, some of them sounded really good, of course they were all false.

I tried the I don't have a bike ready to ride but even though the Anthem was still on the stand getting some TLC this was totally false. Then the thought that I don't have any clean race kits to wear which was yet again false. Although all my gear that was worn was on the drying rack I have lots of spare clothing and even more so I had that winner's jersey that could have been warm. Hmmm, I used it was to windy on the road to ride in active recovery pace but the rail trail is pretty protected and then there are always those gravel trails that could have kept me protected by trees.

The thought of the trail though was limited and with my hands still sore there was a legit reasoning on why to stay off any fat tired bikes. The thought of a temper tantrum crossed my mind, and jumping up and down yelling I don't wanna may have worked but then the simplest solution came by referring to an email from Monday morning. It was from my loving coach who said in black and white, take the next two days off, if you ride though it can only be active recovery. Heather does things in a subtle way, what she meant to say was "Stay the hell off your bike for the next two days you obsessive compulsive workaholic!!!" Sometimes I catch on to the subtle hints, sometimes I don't.

I was proactive in returning more recovery to my training. It's funny that those that promote all that stuff, me, are sometimes the worst ones for following their own advice. You should see what I do to my appliances, if I caught you doing that to yours I'd be writing you a bill. I spent most of my evening in the padded scary room watching an amazing historic movie while bending, stretching and mixing in some yoga poses. The body is starting to feel pretty good again even though I know there is very little horsepower in those legs.

It will be the return to the road bike tonight for a good spin on my favourite loop around someplace big. As much as I had a pass for the last two days Heather is not letting me off to easy, miles to go but intensity is lower. I wonder what I will wear tonight??? There is a really pretty green jersey hanging around my house.

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