Saturday, June 19, 2010

It really wasn't in my ass, Honest!!

I've heard many times but today proved it was not true. I even made sure I had the evidence. Headed out for a nice easy spin on the Anthem, a little grass, a little rail trail, a little road before I made my way to my really close backyard piece of single track. When I say close, I mean taking the longest way around with out technically leaving the town took all of 15 minutes of riding.

Started to spin up the double track and I started to have flash backs to any race that is run at Hardwood Ski and Bike. That long start run that goes for ever with a steady grind uphill, and always seems to be covered in fresh wood chips. Well someone, the horse people, laid fresh wood chips up the trail. I love wood chips, in my garden that's it. Continued along to the cut off trail. All normal again.

2 minutes later I came to an abrupt stop here.

Why here? Because this is what stopped me in my tracks.

I debated on taking it home with me, a lucky horseshoe is a great find and I can always use more luck. BUT so can others, some more than me so I figured a photo would work well at pulling a little power my way. As for the horseshoe, well it's right where I found it ready for the next person to come across it and gain a little goodness. It's better to share the wealth right??

Spun my way around and the luck of the horseshoe seemed to be working already, I missed every pile of horse crap on the trail. Do you know how hard that stuff is to get out tire treads?? Finished up with the legs still feeling a bit draggy but still not expecting much out of them yet, as long as they make a return appearance next weekend. Maybe the luck of the horseshoe will speed up their return. I currently believe that they are using their strength to battle with the poison ivy I picked up from that wonderful place called Ganaraska.

Coffee to drink, miles to be ridden, anti rain dance to practise