Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scoping it out

Made my way up to Mountianview last night to put a few laps in on this weekends course. I took the long way, little road, little rail trail, a few trails that are just there in the middle of no where. I needed the warm up to help wake me up, but yet another midday body crash. This work thing. It was a Mountainview C.C. club ride and there were many out wanting to get a little extra time on this weekends race course.

Nothing dramatically changed for the first few km. The killer start climb is there yet again and the grind up the side of the ski hill will be the way up for the remaining laps. A couple fast flowing sections after the second single track climb before heading into the rock garden. You come out of there shaken, not stirred and have a long double track section in the farm field to get your eyes back in focus.

Some great older sections next, fast and flowy, punchy climbs mixed in before making your way into a new section. Thomas and the crew cut this not to long ago. It's tight and a little bit of work to get through it. One corner in here will take it's toll on riders, I slide out once trying to find the line. Left hand up hill off camber hill. There is a line, it is ride able. Same with the log step up. There is a go around which I found quicker. I think it felt quicker because I basically stopped dead at the log and slammed my shins into my pedals. After the grunt there is some fast single track to recover a bit on before making our way back up the hill. For the Experts and Elites we get to make our way up Glassford's grind. It's not a bad climb as long as you get the get through the narrow rock section at the bottom.

Fun course, seems a little long for time. Kept it very low key and was around the 33 minute mark. Race lap? 28-29?? Now where Hardwood was a sketchy place for traction there was no problems here for it. I was on the one step above slick tire and hooked up everywhere. It's also going to be a hard tail day. I'll be rocking the Blue this weekend. With the short tight climbs and the controlled speed descents a full suspension is not really needed.

The return trip home was spent playing low speed slalom around future cyclists along the rail trail. Lot's of little kids riping it up with parents in chase. Tonight, I'm hoping the rain holds off, at least for a bit.

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