Friday, June 4, 2010

In the grove

After 4 days I finally started to feel like myself again. No needing a nap by mid day, customers seem to not be happy if I curled up for an hour in their laundry room for some reason. This also means it was much easier to get on the bike after work. I had a forced, ok more gently persuaded rest day Wednesday when it began to rain. Being draggy my motivation to go out there was very low, the thought of the trainer was down even lower so I slept.

This was what I needed and after work I was on the bike bursting, somewhat, with energy as I made my way towards Mountainview again. A few things to focus on during the ride, I've yet to figure out tires as of yet. The rain is again listed in the forecast and it had stopped only a couple hours before I left. I ended up still rolling the semi's. More because of lack of time to change them. Even with the rain I hooked up really well through most of the course.

A couple laps of the already modified course, the first layout was to long. There is always changes being down and I think this might not be the last alteration. Legs felt pretty good, opted out of the weekly series race knowing that I wouldn't stay in the "this is the pace you should ride at" with the temptation of hammering and trying to run down my 24 hour team mate. Instead I pressed the lockout switch to boring road selection and spun my way home by way of the rail trail. Of course I did run every old aged, cruiser riding cyclist down along the way.

I'm starting to not feel that craving to go back on holidays which means I need more coffee this morning. Later!

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