Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The evening started about the same as the morning did, sore, slow and tired. I was not an energetic guy yesterday and my body was still very mad at me. But!!! I was off to see the man that fixes all, on the body part issues at least. My regular trip to see Dr. Bill at Total Pain and Injury Clinic is always looked forward to, more than ever it seemed yesterday. I was in total pain.

A fix of a.r.t treatment, some joint realignment etc. Working on my hip flexor I felt a little bit of embarrassment. As Bill said push, in attempts to fatigue the muscle for a better stretch, I responded in a weak voice, I am pushing. There was zero power in those legs. 30 minutes later I was heading home feeling pretty wimpy and I lost my craving to head down to ride with the guys even with the ridicule I could receive. I also decided that I would screw up all the good repair work that I've just had done. A beer was opened and a seat was taken.

Maybe I'll use the excuse that the weather was not a favourable night for the group to ride, it's supposed to be a crap night and it turned into a perfect night to enjoy outside. I used my back yard grass as my active recovery. I'll use the re seasoning that there is no engine in my lawnmower as leverage. Recovery is going to be important, really important with the 24 hour less than two weeks out.

A simple break down of the race. 25 hours, since there is that extra hour available. 25 divided by 2, split between T and I equals 12.5 hours each of riding. Divided that into roughly 2 hour blocks equals roughly 6 Ontario Cup length races. Yep that about right, 6 hammer fests in a row. Yep, it's going to hurt.

Return to the road bike tonight

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