Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UMMM? Nothing, I got nothing.

Not much happening. Gotta love recovery week. My legs do. Of course it's not all sitting around and eating crap food. Would be nice sometimes. I've been getting the Anthem's prepped for their first rides. Of course some more melting would be nice. Single track is somewhere under that white crap that's still in most of the forests.

That leads to my thoughts for the weekend. Still debating. The prize money idea has temptations along with the fact it's the first race. Of course the abuse on the body if it turns into a running race like last year won't be worth it. It's going to be a Sunday 6 am decision I think. Seems I'm not the only one.

There could be some exciting news in the lighting department coming up. Fingers are crossed. It's something I'm pretty wired about. Amazing systems that are above and beyond everything I've looked into. Talks have begun. Maybe????

That's it for that day. I'll do something exciting for April Fools.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Maybe, maybe not

It's a week out from the Uxbridge Icebreaker and I saw what I expected to see for conditions. The website was updated with these pictures of the course. Lots of snow left.

The weather should be right to melt more this week but that could be a bad thing. The ice that is rideable could become to soft. These are in the order that we will see them. This race has always been an option and I am still pretty sure I'll be heading south on Sunday morning.

One new highlight this year. Cash prizes for the top 3. HMMM. This is where the bike option comes in. Lots of road sections which means cross bike but bobsled run and some of the crazy sections would be much more enjoyable with a wider tire of a mountain bike. The thought of a single speed is pretty much gone but the potential of beating up an Anthem is there now.

They list the course currently 90 percent rideable. I'll be checking in daily to see if there are updates all this week.

Time for work.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

A nice sponsorship perk

The decision to flip 2 training workouts around was a good one. It is pouring rain out this morning and no signs of clearing. I can handle a couple hours of intervals on the hamster wheel but base miles are boring. The weather was one of the reasons for flipping here is the other.

One more reason for you to click on the link to the right and start using INFINIT. Besides me, the guy with the bad stomach saying how well this works for me with no problems at all how about the best 24 hour solo rider ever telling you the same thing. Chris Eatough is a user and abuser of INFINIT also. So where am I going with this.

Here, I'll be sitting on my ass this afternoon with laptop on watching, listening and learning. This offer is open to all INFINIT customers. The company runs webinar's once a month with different athletes. Of course I had to sign up for this one. An hour and a half of info from the Chris will be great and it is interactive.

Click on to the right, order something and then sign up for this perk. Oh don't forget to use the promo code MATTMTB. It saves you 10%, that's better than any government stimulus package and this stuff tastes a hell of a lot better than anything they are feeding us.

Rain, rain go away.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shut up and pedal

It was far from that tortures this morning. On the bike early and the temperatures showed. Just below the freezing mark but it was dry and calm winds. Legs felt a little sluggish but loosened up after the first climb.

Heading up Gratrix side road I got my first wave of the day. Runners are a strange type, did they know that cyclists get to coast???

On my way to Moonstone I had a double take on this. It looks like just a dirt bump. Well that dirt bump was linked in with a pump track. The things you see when there are no leaves on the trees. I think I may have to stop in and introduce myself to the land owner.

Kept heading west towards Wasaga Beach. This place is a complete zoo during the summer but today you could shoot a cannon off without hitting anyone. Unfortunately no bikinis to see.today.

Hard right and heading north towards Balm Beach. Some great views of Blue Mountain.

Just outside of Lafontiane I had the crap scared out of me. I'm looking at my computer to try and figure out where to head to next when this retro Bianchi riding guy pulls up beside me. After a few seconds and some pauses in his words he started to ask some directions. I'm a little stunned at first (doesn't take much some days) but the conversation flows on to some mutual friends. The cycling world is smaller than we think.

My loop today ended at the 145km mark and 4.5 hours of riding. Very happy with the way my legs felt during and how the body felt after the ride. No nap needed as soon as I walked in the door.

In other exciting news, I guess the word has gotten out that I am whoring out my legs to 24 hour teams. Yes I am a bike slut and will put out pretty cheap. Got an email from a friend yesterday asking if I was interested in racing Lifestyles of the Rich in Famous. The team, 5 time defending champions. Very tempting, very but I do have my mind set on this race. I would love to do LOTRAF but it won't be this year.

One more hammer day left in this training block then a well needed rest week.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Options, Choices, Decessions

I'm an anal planner. Mr Organized so I've been thinking about this even though it's such a minor thing. What do I do about the Uxbridge Icebreaker. My coach has already sent me next weeks schedule. She knew I would have been calling, emailing, smoke signalling any moment. Planner's are predictable.

I have it as a tentative, why? Well last year turned into a cross race but the dismount sections were very very long and running through rutted snow was not a great thing for my recovering knees. Well the knees are really good right now. HMMM, the choices are these.

Race pace options, I can either hammer it and do my blow out the legs ride that is scheduled for Saturday or I could just cruise it and that will cover the 4.25 hour recovery/base ride that should be on Sunday. I'll be honest. I really don't think I could cruise it. It's just not in me. I'm to weak mentally to not hammer right off the line.

The next options are associated to the first. Which bike? Cross bike is optimum but I could also run the single speed. Possible. Another option is to get the old NRS race ready (needs a bottom bracket). Neither of the Anthem's are coming out for this component killer. More than likely it will be the cross bike.

Of course all of this is weather dependant. I love racing in the crap conditions but the way the snow is melting I am seeing conditions similar to last year a strong possibility. They will be posting the trail conditions sometime this weekend. This will start to influence my decision.

One final influence could be my friend Tanya. If Craig skips the race she could be crashing here. Of course she would lay some sort of guilt trip on me to ride. Would probably sound like one of my favorite ones. Are you riding or are you hiding.

I do like this race though. After a long winter I swear we could be racing on a gravel parking lot and I would be there with a smile on my face. It's going to be a week of talking nice to Mother Nature.

Rest day so I'm resting.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mother Nature hates cyclist!!!!

So if April showers bring May flowers what the hell does crazy winds and rain in March bring???? I know that I shouldn't be complaining about the weather. I've already put in big miles outside in March. Back in my downhill ski days we would still be on the hills with an excessive amount of snow left. I guess global warming is good for somethings, like clear roads in the beginning of March??

So why am I venting. Because I had to go back on the hamster wheel from hell tonight. The rain would come and go so instead of being an hour plus from home in plus 5 and windy conditions and have a streamer soak me like a drenched rat I choose to stay indoors, to start.

Now like any person who has lived in the snowbelt knows that you never ever put your snowblower away until at least Easter weekend I have followed my advise and still have it sitting beside the house. Now like any person in the snowbelt knows that you never put your trainer away until the end of April. Ya I failed that lesson and had put it in the basement last Sunday. It rained because I did that.

Because it was a basic endurance workout which is pretty mind numbing just turning your feet I put on a mind numbing movie that brings back memories of my misspent youth. The Fast and the Foolish,opps Furious is perfect to kill brain cells to. Yes I used to be one of those guys with the cars.

After and hour or so into the movie I snapped. It's not raining now, the dog needs a run, I hate the trainer in March. Changed quick, called the Molly Monster and grabbed something fun off the rack.

Toured the rail trail and some gravel roads for an hour as the Monster set chase then found your rhythm and set pace. It's time to start building her base also. Once the e trails are clear she will be out there hammering the single track right behind me. Or sometimes in front, that usually on hills.

Quick stop at the Sturgeon River, she was tempted to swim but changed her mind pretty quick. The rain held off until we were 3 blocks from home. I have a tired dog, my hours needed and a dirty bike. Life is perfect.

This was the first time I've ridden the Anthem since it was fit. The only adjustment left is bar width. Still a little wider than I like so a few more cm are coming off. I've yet to do much on the 2nd bike which will be the main race bike. New pedals for both are coming in any day. Time, of course.

Bike to clean, Mother Nature please be nice!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

The whos's Who

Actually it's more "who is racing?' The list is up for Summer Solstice. Let's just say that I'm a little stumped and shocked. I normally know a good chunk of the racers and who will be battling for the front. Not this year. Erick Auger is back and will be the major threat for the podium. Besides that.

No Tristan (under stand he is, ok maybe more his wife is trying to get pregnant) Come on Tristan riding a bike 20 hours a week does wonders for the sex drive. Matt Kymson where are you??? I know where Andrew will be.

So who do I know and where are they going to be. HMMM, brother-in-law. If all goes well very far behind me. Just buggin Rick. Matt Wynen will be there and I hope he is riding well. Jube Leonard will be a threat for sure but I believe he is over 40 now.

The Misfit boys. Well Tom will probably get blown up by his own teammate. I did not make that picture. Corruption usually starts at the top. Look to the below for the culprit.

Awww, yes Mr Keiller, NICE TEAM NAME!!!!!! How are the camera's coming???? All I will say is that I won't ask you if you need gears when I pass you this time. I learned my lesson last year. "How about want a shock for that thing??"

This is going be an interesting race. I'm getting very excited. MELT SNOW MELT DAMMIT!!! I know it's still 3 months away but I want it now!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Direction is key

The Sunday morning after and what a Sunday it turned out to be. Since I failed to rig Andrew Watson election I made sure I would have a little company for today's ride. A phone call was made and a message was left. HMMM, well lets see if the Genius had a better play list for today. Could be riding solo.

Used the 5 hour mix from Infinit, filled a baggy with some extra, plan was for 4 plus hours today, means refueling.

Looked back in the living room.

What is that saying"let sleeping dogs lie" Well the Molly Monster was not ready to move to quickly this morning. Lucky puppy.

Weather was a little hard to dress for. The freezing mark and sun but crazy wind. My route had me heading south west through the hills. ;This worked well since I had the wind to my back most of the time. Of course I knew I would pay for it later. My legs were a little blah for the first 30 minutes. Right around the time I took this shot.

The picture doesn't give justice to the view. With the wind to my back it made it much easier for me to stay in my riding plan. Big hills are much easier with a push. Finally hit Hwy 93 at Hillsdale. This is where I realized that the wind is stronger than I thought.

When I am running mid 40 km/h's in my low zone 2, it is a sweet feeling. As I enjoyed the bigger push I saw what I was hoping to see. A Giant road bike out in front of a house. Andrew was up and ready to roll.

I was an hour and a half in so topped up the bottles. We continued south on 93 to the outskirts of Barrie before turning left on Ridge Road. Ridge Road is a favorite of roadies because of the great pavement, rolling hills and low amount of traffic. I was very surprised that we didn't see anyone out there.

Andrew's ride was to be a lower intensity than mine so we tried to balance it out as best we could. He is ramping up for some major 100 milers in the states. Kinda wish I had those on my race schedule, maybe next season.

Just outside Orillia Andrew and I both had this real temptation to stop. We went past Shaw's Catering. Oh did I mention that Tom makes Maple Syrup. MMMMM pancakes. if there wasn't such a lineup I think we may have stopped.

Headed north from Orillia. Did I mention that we still continued to get happy waves during the ride. All except on idiot on our short stint on Hwy 12. Had to honk and be an moron. There is always one.

Finally made our way through Marchmount where I took this.

Last week the small lake was still frozen, spring is coming. Turned on Town Line and started heading for home. Andrew turned off at Foxmead and headed for home. I was still an hour from home. I picked up the pace for the next 45 minutes running upper zone 2. This is when I started to think about food.

Having the nice push on the way out meant a steady amount of resistance on the way home. The last section of Quarry Road was south bound which gave me some time to cool down.

One last little climb over the bay. Won't be long now till I can pull out the canoe. Finished up with 4:45 of seat time and a 130 km of not trainer enjoyment. I felt really good through the whole ride. Of course the nap in the sun room was expected. With the wind, hills and direction I took I pretty much had steady resistance for the whole ride. Perfect.

Rest day tomorrow. I've noticed that I never post on Monday's. I try to think of something.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Running the Chute

Where to go, what to do. Well I had the what to do given to me by my COACH, the where to go up to me. I had to maintain a pace for intervals so the least amount of interruptions on the road the better. Big Chute Loop it is.

Headed out as early as my fingers and toes would allow. Spring has seemed to have been put on hold the last couple days and I rolled out of the house with the temperature still below the freezing mark. I had an afternoon agenda so I had to get early.

The roads were perfect almost zero traffic for the whole ride. The waving did continue today, it's a brave new world??? After a nice 30 minute warm up the first interval began. I've been come an addict to my Iphone and have now step up to using the genius feature where it lays out a play list that should flow together. Why was it that a mellow song came on as soon as the interval started?HMMMM what type of genius is it?? My legs were a little draggy for the first minute or so but then things began firing.

Finishing up the third interval I started to trip out. I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating because of the lack of oxygen to the brain or if I found the Partridge Families secret hide out.

I still laugh everytime I ride past this place. I wonder how much drugs were taken while they painted. I'm very happy that I was to young to remember the 70's.

Finished up the coaches requirements and now had the rest of the ride to enjoy. One of my favorite sections of this loop were ridden at a much saner pace than normal.

The sand was pretty think in places. Not much leaning done for the next 6-7 km. Slicks and sands don't mix to well. Back out on Honey Harbour Road I was able to pick up the pace again.

The whole time I've been trying to plan out my route for tomorrow's long ride. I'm hoping to snag some company. I thought that Mr. Watson may join me for part of the ride today but he was voted to ride in another direction. I should have voted or tried to rig the election.

My afternoon agenda if you are curious consisted of spring cleaning. Not the house but the yard and the Audi. The yard is the big challenge. I spent 5 years building the yard at the old house so that there was next to no maintenance but yet it was very warm and inviting lots of trees and shrubs etc no grass to cut. Meant lots of time to train and lots of time for recovery. Well the new house is a little different. The fact that I have half an acre in town means lots of work. Can we do a 24 hour yard work race?? Lots to do.

Next up was the car. How can the Molly Monster create such a mess in the back when all the dirt was hidden under snow for the last 4 months?I'm trashed, time for the couch. More tomorrow.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Shiney Happy People

I don't know what it was but I I have never been waved at by as many drivers in one ride than I was today. Was it the sun? Was it the non full moon? I don't know and I really don't care, I liked it. It was a nice change from the norm.

Living in an area that most consider 4 wheeling with a case of beer a physical activity, their knowledge of cycling and where we should be riding is pretty minimal. I've heard many a time "get off the road" or "you should be on the sidewalk not the road.'

Of course with the early spring and late winter rides really through them off since they are expecting snowmobiles on the road not some lunatic in minus 15 riding his bike. Well being the first day of spring people just instantly expect us to be out there.

Did I mention the driver that gave me the option to merge before him. I waved him through but it was more that he even thought I had the right of way, which I did. He waved as he passed me and I returned the wave. Normally my wave consists of only one finger, mitt covered of course.

Let's just see what happens for the rest of the weekend. I could get used to this.

More to come.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

planning ahead, way ahead

Well the ground work has been set for what could be the most enjoyable 24 hour race I've ever done. I know that it's the complete opposite of my normal plans but I'm going to be racing on a corporate 10 person team for Hot August Nights.

WHAT??? You wussy, yayayaya. Why am I doing it. One, because it will be fun. Two, I have the Mountainview 9 Hour the week before and my legs will be trashed. I found that out last year after racing on a 4 person team one week after the 9 hour. I payed for that one but it was worth it. Pretty winners jersey.

So why else am I a little excited about this team. Well let's just say that it will be a little bit stacked. We will be racing in the Pro/Expert division. Any less would be sandbagging. SO who is on the team. Just go to any of last years Ontario Cup results and look at the top 5 in both the senior expert and the pro/elite divisions. That's the team.

There have been talks that we will have a betting poll amongst ourselves for fastest laps. Of course beating Andrew or Ben or Jacob may be a bit of a challenge. As for the team name, we are the Monday Night Something. Our apres race season, screw around on either single speeds or snowshoes for a couple hours group.

I know my focus should be on my solo efforts for the season but this is going to be so much fun, how can I not be excited about it. a total of 3 laps ridden with 7-8 hours between laps, full out. How could it not be fun. I'm used to being the fast guy on the team. Not in this group, hell I'll be fighting it out not to be the slowest on the team.

Oh and we won't be riding single speeds.

Gotta run, work time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rainbows and Butterflies= Sun and Beer?

Maybe not but it was sun and fun. Between the combination of St Patrick's Day and the weather to come I flipped some training around. There is no way that I could make myself sit on the hamster wheel for a wattage workout when I could play outside.

I pulled out the pasty whites today. It's been a long winter here in Ontario.

Base ride out through Coldwater and up Vasey line. What is the best way to get up a hill faster? Increase wattage? Drop weight on the bike? Drop weight on the body? Or just loose 7-8 pounds of booties, full length spandex, jackets and gloves.

After a little food and stretch it was time for a recovery drink.

It is supposed to turn miserable for the next few days so we will see where this keeps me. More later.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

no directions needed

I've been in the new house for about 5 months now. I didn't move far from where I used to be but it has opened up the option of new routes. With the stress of work this week I needed something different to keep me on the bike. Yesterday was one of those "lets see where this road goes" rides. It was what I needed.

Headed south on Upper Big Chute Road towards Town Line.

Sporting my new helmet. Another Giro Atmos to keep my brains where they should be if I fall. I've ridden Town Line a few times but usually turned right at the end to head back home, not today. Turned left on Marchmount line. 10 minutes later I came to this.

Pictures don't do it justice. It was the coolest water falls and rapids. Signs that spring is almost here. Turned right on some other road that was paved. Yep very direction oriented ride. Next thing I know I'm on Bass Lake Side Road.

They have been paving roads out this way but I had know idea which ones so I just kept pedalling until I hit gravel. This is a route I will ride a lot more often. No traffic, good rolling hills with a few steep climbs. Oh and great pavement.

Turned north on the 10th line towards Horseshoe Valley. More new pavement from last year. Oro/Medonte is planning on paving all there side roads which will make this a cyclist dream.

Made my way to Warminster to top up the bottles before heading north towards Port Severn. The ice is breaking up quickly. Another sign of spring.

This was what really got me.

Yes that is a caterpillar. A little more anxious than me??? Maybe.

Finished up my 4 hour ride feeling pretty good. 109 km of base. New roads, found a few more potential loops. I'm a happy camper with a little less stress. For now.

I tried something a little different on this ride. No big ring allowed. I did run out of gears a few times but this forced me to spin. I love my 53t and will be using it today. A couple hours of intervals today, heading out very shortly. Need to get the work done early today because it's a special day. It's my number one supporter at all the races.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister and I have organized a little surprise for Mom's 60th. I know she won't read this till Monday.

Sun is out, temperature is rising, time to ride.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kid in a candy store

That's how I felt yesterday as I wandered through the Toronto International Bike Show. So many things there that would look so much better in my house. Of course I kept my self under control by starving myself. Kept me weak. Oh wait the 8 dollar sandwich's and 4 dollar bottles of water were the reason.

I didn't come home with a Pinnarello Prince. I did touch it and my eyes did widen. I think both the guys from Giant and Dave of Georgian Cycle would understand if I had to have it. It's the Ferrari of the bike world.

Touring through the manufactures section of the show I came to this guy. My favorite taunter. Wow they will let anyone in now. Is it like the CRTC where there needs to be a certain amount of Canadian content to be allowed to go through?

The bikes looked great and one day I may even have one sitting in my collection. I think this singlespeed thing might be a little more than the latest fad. Check out the MisfitPsycles site.

Peter let me in on his little secret of his abuse of Tom. Tom moved fast up the ranks and even gave Peter a good run and now he is looking for some revenge. The challenge for Summer Solstice has been laid out. You will see the Misfit Guys abusing themselves for 24 hours. Should be interesting.

In other fun news, I'm licenced and plated and ready to be raped by my competition.

Elite men, hmmm something tells me the Ontario Cup series is going to hurt a whole lot more this year. Well it's only about 2 hours of hell. My plan is to grab onto Mr. Watson's seat post as he laps me.

I'm plate number 512. Actually I'm 5 11 and a half but someone beat me to that number. Speaking of numbers. The challenge to Mr. Summer's and the ground work of aging has be started. For what? I want to win back my number one plate for the Mountainview 9 Hour. No puking this race!!!

More excitement later, I have a 4 hour ride to do.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

two out of three

Massage in the morning then work before the fun begins.

Heading here

Of course I need to work to pay for the other two. Of course those two are a little more enjoyable too. Pictures and purchases on Saturday.

BLAH!!!! The Sequal

I did make an attempt.

Got to the end of the driveway and turned up the hill, fine no worries. Top of the hill turn right and there it was. They said there was going to be gust of wind up to 90 km/h. I guess the weatherman was right for once. I used some of my favorite words that I will not repeat on here. Rode around the block, and and headed back to the house.

I'm just about indoored out. It's harder now mentally to stay on the trainer than it was in January when I knew it was to cold out. I want to ride outside!!!! I want real hills!!!! I would love to see dirt!!!

Since I was stuck staring blankly at the tube it made sense to do some course research. Put in a past Hot August Nights race dvd at Albion Hills.

The Cadence XC videos have really helped me this winter. Neil always does one lap with the camera. I found myself trying to turn when he did. Seeing some of my favorite sections of singletrack helped. Ok no it didn't. It makes me want to ride outside even more.

I moved a total of 10 feet in 2.5 hours. Had to grab a bottle off the counter once. Looks like I'll be doing the same thing tonight. Rocky made 6 movies, hopefully I don't go for 6 in a row.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It snowed, I'm stuck indoors on the hamster wheel. Stupid winter. Mother Nature your a ##0$(. Teasing us with those mild days and sun. Done complaining. Not really but have nothing better to do.

Wattage workout tonight. Felt ok, last set, last rep hurt. They always do.

That's it, it's boring today. I'll try to find something exciting to talk about for tomorrow.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting closer

Daylights saving did take a toll on me this morning. I slept in, only because of the time change. Anyways this put me behind a little but I was on the bike just after 9. Of course that was partly my fault as I tore apart my house looking for my heart rate strap. Checked all the normal spots, twice, some even three times. I think I know where Molly gets here OCD from. Don't ask me why but it was in the laundry hamper.

Spring is definitely on the horizon. It was foggy and plus 3. Not minus 20 and snowing. Took the cross bike today for the LSD. Max heart rate of 150 but trying to stay even lower. With the compact crank set it would be a bit easier to maintain a low zone 2 pace.

The main reason for the cross bike thought was I wanted to stop in for a quick visit at Mountainview to cheer on the racers doing the 24 hour ski. There is not a chance in hell I would have gotten down that road with my road bike. I was actually clean for the first hour of my ride for the stop. The bike looked as dirty as at my last cross race.

Toured through Little Lake Park on my way to the ski resort.

After a quick visit and a couple photos I headed north to Awenda Park. The snow may be melting everywhere but it will be a while before you see grass up this way.

The infamous shoe tree on Awenda Park Road.

Everytime I see it there are always new additions. Most of the time I see it I'm in a full out sprint with my head down and eyes crossed during a group ride.

Coming back down Champlain Road. Still lots of ice on the bay but I chose to stick to the road. Still love this section of road, to bad the pavement is far from smooth.

Only a couple weeks ago I was riding out on that section of ice. Not today, it was a right turn instead. Rolled back to the house at 3 hours and 50 minutes. A little tired but very happy to not be on the trainer for that long. 108 km and lots of smiling.

Yep the outdoor season has begun and it does not include skis anymore.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


What is it that I was remembering you might ask. Riding in zone 4 for a long time. It was blow out the legs day. 20 minutes warm up then let it all out. The words from my slave driver. Go Fast!!! Like O-Cup fast. In other words go till you blow?? Almost.

The weather was perfect to ride outside. Screw sitting on the hamster wheel from hell. I need to see things moving past me if I'm going to hurt like that. Since I am, or at least play one on tv, a mountain biker and since there is yet to be a completely flat race course I picked the hilliest course I could think of. The road bike was the weapon of choice today.

For those that know the area. Vasey line coming out of Coldwater starts just like every O-cup. Going up. Steep up. I believe it is 13 percent on the first grade. It was zone 2 to just below redline almost instantly. My legs were sore first thing this morning and I was a little concerned as I started that I would crash and burn. Not the case today.

From Vasey line I turned left on the 8th heading towards Moonstone which continues up. No rest just climbing. I tasted my breakfast a couple times but managed to keep it where it should be. I was going to need it. About 20 minutes in to the hammerfest I flipped my HR monitor so I couldn't see it. Watching the stupid thing keep flashing numbers between 180 and 190 knowing I still had a while at this pace was mentally cruel.

Can't see it can't feel it? Ignorance is bliss? I don't but I kept telling myself this. The highlight of the ride was the 17 percent climb on the 3rd line. Yes it hurt, a lot but when I looked down to see where I was in gear ratio I sorta smiled. I was a couple gears smaller than I was at this point last year.

I did the dumb thing and not put my GPS on the bike because I would love to know the vertical I climbed today. Of course no pictures, hell breathing was hard enough. It was and hour and 5 minutes of full out. 34.5 kms. Roughly 32 km/h on an extremely hill course. Heart rate averaged 171 including warm up and cool down. This makes me happy. All those crap hours on the trainer showed up today on the road.

I did get to see Heather today and we talked about the results and with some alterations to my race schedule. There is a new race series in Ontario that really has me interested. O-cup may take a back seat to this. Check out Substance Projects. It's an Enduro series which is sweet and needed.

I have an easy paced long ride for tomorrow, last day of recovery. It's also daylight savings time. This means more light at the end of the day which means less time on the trainer. Woo Hoo.

That's it for now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To much spare time???

trimmed back training has given me way to much free time to think about things. Yes this is a very bad thing when it comes to me. One of the things going through my mind was how many calories do I burn in the day in the life of me. So I wore my heartrate monitor for 24 hours. Come on you have all wanted to do it.

I should have worn it on a complete rest day but with the short base ride yesterday it was still going to give me a basic idea. I found it pretty cool to see that I burned 877 calories while I slept and had an average heartrate of 58 bpm. For the day I burned roughly 2400 calories in day to day stuff but add another 900 in that 1.5 hour ride.

Calories are important to know but there are good calories and bad calories. I do eat pretty good but do have a weakness for potato chips. Oh and beer, must make room for beer, I'm hydrating, honest. So most of my intake is pretty good.

Where am I going with this?? This is all about my training partner. The Molly Monster. The last few days I noticed her energy was down. We did do the long ski on Sunday, about 30 kms. She is 5 and a half now but still. Of course having a calm dog for a change is always a great thing.

Now the second thing I noticed was that she wasn't eating all her food. She just ignored her dinner last night. Ok something is wrong. Wait I've seen this before a few years back. I went into the basement and looked under the stairs. Looking closely I saw the cause of a the tired puppy.

Cat food. In the dogs eye's sweet, tasty, dry food. Cat food to dog's is on par to us trying to live on ice cream. It tastes ohhh so good and it will give you a little bit of energy but when you crash. Well there are to many good descriptions but I'll keep that open to your imagination. She ate at least a pound of dry food. It was indoor lazy cat food but still.

Well like any drug addict, help is always close. Unfortunately they don't have the Betty Ford Clinic for animals so in Molly's case the next best thing is exercise. This worked well with me also. Heather had me scheduled for an active recovery ride. With mild weather again today to stay on the trainer would be a crime.

To keep the pace sane I grabbed the single speed and headed toward Port Severn by way of side roads. The Molly Monster was in chase. For those that are about to say this is mean. Molly has run 50 km in 3.5 hours leading the whole time. Yes she can move.

She found her rhythm after about 15 minutes. For me it was a mellow ride with the main idea of keeping my heartrate under 130. Just enough to get the blood flowing.

We still have lots of snow but with the weekend's weather I'm really hoping to see some dirty soon. I know March is still early but I can hope.

How I feel about winter now.

Slimer has been moved from the helmet to his new full time ride. The Blue XC Carbon singlespeed. seems to like it there. I still have one slimer on a helmet. You will still see the glow in the dark slimer at 24 hour events.

We were out for an hour and a half and Molly was back to her normal strung out self and tore into dinner. She is now doing her next favorite thing. The couch.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

old faithful

Roads were dry, sun was out, it was only a few degrees below freezing. Time to pull the road bike off the hamster wheel. Finally!!! There is something to be said about the simplicity about the road bike and road riding. No driving to trail heads, controlled pace, unlimited options. Ya I love the road. I also love my 5 year old road bike. My far from what it came as Giant OCR easily has 40 000 km on it and it feels like a comfy pair of slippers everytime I get on it.

Of course with the upgrades that have been done it also handles great, climbs awesome and is just a hair over 17 pounds. Of course the only original thing on the bike is the frame. And some pretty wheels. I am looking at a new TCR Advanced but something tells me I will still have a hard time putting the OCR on the back burner.

Anyways, the ride was pretty mellow. Being in a recovery week it pretty much was zone 2 riding with a few zone 3 tempo intervals. Headed out on the lower section of the Big Chute Loop. Pretty much a flat ride.

It was amazing what a couple rest days will do for the legs. This was my first chance of really seeing where my legs are at. Cruising in the mid 30 km/h while in zone 2 put a smile on my face.

Of course the sun dropped quickly and so did the temperature. Cruising home my toes started getting a bit mad at me. I was restricted to an 1.5 hours today but it won't be to much longer now. Daylight savings time is coming.

With more evening light my time on the bike begins to increase also. The race season is coming. Woo Hoo. I want to play.

That's it for now.