Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mother Nature hates cyclist!!!!

So if April showers bring May flowers what the hell does crazy winds and rain in March bring???? I know that I shouldn't be complaining about the weather. I've already put in big miles outside in March. Back in my downhill ski days we would still be on the hills with an excessive amount of snow left. I guess global warming is good for somethings, like clear roads in the beginning of March??

So why am I venting. Because I had to go back on the hamster wheel from hell tonight. The rain would come and go so instead of being an hour plus from home in plus 5 and windy conditions and have a streamer soak me like a drenched rat I choose to stay indoors, to start.

Now like any person who has lived in the snowbelt knows that you never ever put your snowblower away until at least Easter weekend I have followed my advise and still have it sitting beside the house. Now like any person in the snowbelt knows that you never put your trainer away until the end of April. Ya I failed that lesson and had put it in the basement last Sunday. It rained because I did that.

Because it was a basic endurance workout which is pretty mind numbing just turning your feet I put on a mind numbing movie that brings back memories of my misspent youth. The Fast and the Foolish,opps Furious is perfect to kill brain cells to. Yes I used to be one of those guys with the cars.

After and hour or so into the movie I snapped. It's not raining now, the dog needs a run, I hate the trainer in March. Changed quick, called the Molly Monster and grabbed something fun off the rack.

Toured the rail trail and some gravel roads for an hour as the Monster set chase then found your rhythm and set pace. It's time to start building her base also. Once the e trails are clear she will be out there hammering the single track right behind me. Or sometimes in front, that usually on hills.

Quick stop at the Sturgeon River, she was tempted to swim but changed her mind pretty quick. The rain held off until we were 3 blocks from home. I have a tired dog, my hours needed and a dirty bike. Life is perfect.

This was the first time I've ridden the Anthem since it was fit. The only adjustment left is bar width. Still a little wider than I like so a few more cm are coming off. I've yet to do much on the 2nd bike which will be the main race bike. New pedals for both are coming in any day. Time, of course.

Bike to clean, Mother Nature please be nice!!!


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