Monday, March 23, 2009

The whos's Who

Actually it's more "who is racing?' The list is up for Summer Solstice. Let's just say that I'm a little stumped and shocked. I normally know a good chunk of the racers and who will be battling for the front. Not this year. Erick Auger is back and will be the major threat for the podium. Besides that.

No Tristan (under stand he is, ok maybe more his wife is trying to get pregnant) Come on Tristan riding a bike 20 hours a week does wonders for the sex drive. Matt Kymson where are you??? I know where Andrew will be.

So who do I know and where are they going to be. HMMM, brother-in-law. If all goes well very far behind me. Just buggin Rick. Matt Wynen will be there and I hope he is riding well. Jube Leonard will be a threat for sure but I believe he is over 40 now.

The Misfit boys. Well Tom will probably get blown up by his own teammate. I did not make that picture. Corruption usually starts at the top. Look to the below for the culprit.

Awww, yes Mr Keiller, NICE TEAM NAME!!!!!! How are the camera's coming???? All I will say is that I won't ask you if you need gears when I pass you this time. I learned my lesson last year. "How about want a shock for that thing??"

This is going be an interesting race. I'm getting very excited. MELT SNOW MELT DAMMIT!!! I know it's still 3 months away but I want it now!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

I know I'm not in your category but I've got a plan to kick yo ass Matty. Watch out!! ;)

Matt (the "K" kind) said...

Sorry for the no-show Matt. Early exit last year with back woes still has me a bit freaked out, and I will take 2009 to sort things out on this front, then hopefully come back to take a crack at completing the Solstice hat trick in 2010. Don't worry though, even though I'll have hit the >40 mark I'll be sure to ask Chico to group me in with the "quick kids" in the U40 just for kicks. Sounds like you have a good thing going with your prep for 2009 events. Time for you to show the Misfit the harsh reality of a genuine Spak Attack. ;-)

Team Kinetic said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the comprehension list of who will be the competition at the upcoming Solstice! Some new names in there might be underdogs... ;)

Looking forward to the race!