Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shut up and pedal

It was far from that tortures this morning. On the bike early and the temperatures showed. Just below the freezing mark but it was dry and calm winds. Legs felt a little sluggish but loosened up after the first climb.

Heading up Gratrix side road I got my first wave of the day. Runners are a strange type, did they know that cyclists get to coast???

On my way to Moonstone I had a double take on this. It looks like just a dirt bump. Well that dirt bump was linked in with a pump track. The things you see when there are no leaves on the trees. I think I may have to stop in and introduce myself to the land owner.

Kept heading west towards Wasaga Beach. This place is a complete zoo during the summer but today you could shoot a cannon off without hitting anyone. Unfortunately no bikinis to

Hard right and heading north towards Balm Beach. Some great views of Blue Mountain.

Just outside of Lafontiane I had the crap scared out of me. I'm looking at my computer to try and figure out where to head to next when this retro Bianchi riding guy pulls up beside me. After a few seconds and some pauses in his words he started to ask some directions. I'm a little stunned at first (doesn't take much some days) but the conversation flows on to some mutual friends. The cycling world is smaller than we think.

My loop today ended at the 145km mark and 4.5 hours of riding. Very happy with the way my legs felt during and how the body felt after the ride. No nap needed as soon as I walked in the door.

In other exciting news, I guess the word has gotten out that I am whoring out my legs to 24 hour teams. Yes I am a bike slut and will put out pretty cheap. Got an email from a friend yesterday asking if I was interested in racing Lifestyles of the Rich in Famous. The team, 5 time defending champions. Very tempting, very but I do have my mind set on this race. I would love to do LOTRAF but it won't be this year.

One more hammer day left in this training block then a well needed rest week.


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