Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kid in a candy store

That's how I felt yesterday as I wandered through the Toronto International Bike Show. So many things there that would look so much better in my house. Of course I kept my self under control by starving myself. Kept me weak. Oh wait the 8 dollar sandwich's and 4 dollar bottles of water were the reason.

I didn't come home with a Pinnarello Prince. I did touch it and my eyes did widen. I think both the guys from Giant and Dave of Georgian Cycle would understand if I had to have it. It's the Ferrari of the bike world.

Touring through the manufactures section of the show I came to this guy. My favorite taunter. Wow they will let anyone in now. Is it like the CRTC where there needs to be a certain amount of Canadian content to be allowed to go through?

The bikes looked great and one day I may even have one sitting in my collection. I think this singlespeed thing might be a little more than the latest fad. Check out the MisfitPsycles site.

Peter let me in on his little secret of his abuse of Tom. Tom moved fast up the ranks and even gave Peter a good run and now he is looking for some revenge. The challenge for Summer Solstice has been laid out. You will see the Misfit Guys abusing themselves for 24 hours. Should be interesting.

In other fun news, I'm licenced and plated and ready to be raped by my competition.

Elite men, hmmm something tells me the Ontario Cup series is going to hurt a whole lot more this year. Well it's only about 2 hours of hell. My plan is to grab onto Mr. Watson's seat post as he laps me.

I'm plate number 512. Actually I'm 5 11 and a half but someone beat me to that number. Speaking of numbers. The challenge to Mr. Summer's and the ground work of aging has be started. For what? I want to win back my number one plate for the Mountainview 9 Hour. No puking this race!!!

More excitement later, I have a 4 hour ride to do.


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