Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rainbows and Butterflies= Sun and Beer?

Maybe not but it was sun and fun. Between the combination of St Patrick's Day and the weather to come I flipped some training around. There is no way that I could make myself sit on the hamster wheel for a wattage workout when I could play outside.

I pulled out the pasty whites today. It's been a long winter here in Ontario.

Base ride out through Coldwater and up Vasey line. What is the best way to get up a hill faster? Increase wattage? Drop weight on the bike? Drop weight on the body? Or just loose 7-8 pounds of booties, full length spandex, jackets and gloves.

After a little food and stretch it was time for a recovery drink.

It is supposed to turn miserable for the next few days so we will see where this keeps me. More later.

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