Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UMMM? Nothing, I got nothing.

Not much happening. Gotta love recovery week. My legs do. Of course it's not all sitting around and eating crap food. Would be nice sometimes. I've been getting the Anthem's prepped for their first rides. Of course some more melting would be nice. Single track is somewhere under that white crap that's still in most of the forests.

That leads to my thoughts for the weekend. Still debating. The prize money idea has temptations along with the fact it's the first race. Of course the abuse on the body if it turns into a running race like last year won't be worth it. It's going to be a Sunday 6 am decision I think. Seems I'm not the only one.

There could be some exciting news in the lighting department coming up. Fingers are crossed. It's something I'm pretty wired about. Amazing systems that are above and beyond everything I've looked into. Talks have begun. Maybe????

That's it for that day. I'll do something exciting for April Fools.


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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Its official. No Icebreaker for me.