Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting closer

Daylights saving did take a toll on me this morning. I slept in, only because of the time change. Anyways this put me behind a little but I was on the bike just after 9. Of course that was partly my fault as I tore apart my house looking for my heart rate strap. Checked all the normal spots, twice, some even three times. I think I know where Molly gets here OCD from. Don't ask me why but it was in the laundry hamper.

Spring is definitely on the horizon. It was foggy and plus 3. Not minus 20 and snowing. Took the cross bike today for the LSD. Max heart rate of 150 but trying to stay even lower. With the compact crank set it would be a bit easier to maintain a low zone 2 pace.

The main reason for the cross bike thought was I wanted to stop in for a quick visit at Mountainview to cheer on the racers doing the 24 hour ski. There is not a chance in hell I would have gotten down that road with my road bike. I was actually clean for the first hour of my ride for the stop. The bike looked as dirty as at my last cross race.

Toured through Little Lake Park on my way to the ski resort.

After a quick visit and a couple photos I headed north to Awenda Park. The snow may be melting everywhere but it will be a while before you see grass up this way.

The infamous shoe tree on Awenda Park Road.

Everytime I see it there are always new additions. Most of the time I see it I'm in a full out sprint with my head down and eyes crossed during a group ride.

Coming back down Champlain Road. Still lots of ice on the bay but I chose to stick to the road. Still love this section of road, to bad the pavement is far from smooth.

Only a couple weeks ago I was riding out on that section of ice. Not today, it was a right turn instead. Rolled back to the house at 3 hours and 50 minutes. A little tired but very happy to not be on the trainer for that long. 108 km and lots of smiling.

Yep the outdoor season has begun and it does not include skis anymore.

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