Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roads? We don't need no stinkin roads!!!!

A few have asked what I'm using for my wattage workout. This is the machine that leaves me gasping for air and fighting on keeping my meals down. Today though I listened to Doc Brown.

It was a scheduled 3.5 hour ride and the last thing I wanted to do was stare at the tv on the trainer today. The sun was out and sitting at Minus 7. Two pairs of booties, my new super gloves, an extra base layer and I was off on the cross bike.

Last weeks thaw and excess of rain followed by 4 days of minus 10-15 at night has left Georgian Bay perfect for riding on . I race off road right??? Might as well ride off road when I can.

When I say perfect conditions, I wasn't exaggerating.

The snow was only about a 1/4 inch think at the most which gave amazing traction. Of course there were a few clear ice sections but there was no need for studded tires. I say that because I don't have any and probably will never spend the money on them. I really had no plan on where I was going, I just pedalled and followed the snowmobile tracks.

A quick stop. Not a cloud in the sky, and miles and miles of perfect ice. No hills out here.

Ever wonder what happens to your Christmas tree, they become trail markers. Also warning markers, If the tree falls through the ice it's not safe.

How would they know???? And yes they were when the wind picked up.

I stayed on the ice to the far side of Midland then took the back way into Penetang to my favorite place. Of course some of you might think I should have checked in for spending so much time out on the ice.

They said I wasn't crazy enough. Hmmm maybe they should get to know me before passing judgement. Anyways, got back on the ice and cruised down Penetang Bay getting some strange looks from people on the docks. I had no choice at this point but to spend some time on the mainland because my fluids were running low.

Hardest thing about winter riding is making yourself drink. You don't feel thirsty but you need to force it down your throat. The second is that if you don't constantly move your bottle it will start to freeze up. That's worst.

Refueled and headed back to Midland where I was back on the bay again. I was having a riot out there. I even got to work on a little technical skills by bunny hopping pressure cracks. Just to not seem like the only lunatic around there were lots of people out walking, ice fishing huts everywhere and even a xc skier. I don't even know how many snowmobiles I saw.

All said in done I finished up with 3:50 with nearly 50 km of riding on the ice. Total mileage was just under 80km. No where near what I would have done on the road only but I had a hell of a lot more fun and saw things I normally wouldn't. My legs were pretty much trashed by the time on got to the house. I think it will be an easy ride on the SS tomorrow with the dog out on the ice. I'm hooked.

On a second note. Congrats to my sister for finishing her first ever xc ski race yesterday. She finished middle of the pack in less than ideal conditions. As much as the ice I was riding on was fun anything like that on track set is not fun. Rick got her prepped with a great waxing job and she made it less time than she estimated. Great job Jenn.

Mellow movie night with some of the crew from the MCC, hopefully I can stay awake. Better, it's at my house.


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