Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happier thoughts

My questions about where my legs are really at were answered last night. I feel relieved. No, not another power test but my fun power workout. Of course I won't share my numbers with you. What fun would that be. My heart rate returned to normal also with fast drops in between reps. I guess stress and fatigue affect me more than I thought they would.

I was stuck on the vomit comet because the roads were looking more like rivers yesterday. We have two days in a row of rain and plus 10 temperatures. I'm not complaining even though this will trash the ski trails a bit. I have a few long rides coming up and I would love to do them outside on the road bike.

Speaking of the near future. The Mountainview Cycling Club general meeting is on February 26 at the chalet. For anyone local wanting to join the future world dominating team and for anyone out of country who just wants to say they're cool. Team kits can be ordered at this time.

Other updates, looks like my final decision on lights will be the Light & Motion Seca Ultra. Thanks for the suggestions from everyone. It has a nasty price but is twice as bright as all the other systems. The fact that the Bestest Bike Shop in Ontario is a dealer had a little bit of an influence on my decision. I'll be selling off a few light sets, as much as I'm a gear slut it will be time to purge.

Craig brought up a point about testing. Yes to often is bad, my last test was 6 weeks ago. I'm not always bright but I'm not stupid.

Well it's grown up time. Work work work.



the original big ring said...

"I'm not always bright but I'm not stupid."

you sure about that?!?! ; )

Glad you're finding the legs.

Matty, what are you using to measure power - SRM? PowerTap? Show us the goods!!!


Matt Spak said...

Awe thank's for the support Craig. Maybe it's the other way around I'm not always stupid but I am bright and shinney???

I'm using the Tacx Flow wattage trainer. Very similiar to the Computrainer but without the video game portion.