Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weaker before stronger

Schools in??? Naw but it was test day. Lets say that I was a little disappointed but I was also expecting the results I got. Wattage is up but not as much as I expected. I was down 10-15 watts lower than expected but the test showed the results of a hellish week at work. Heart rate did not want to drop in the recovery time. I'm going to do another test in 2 weeks, hopefully things in the day to day will settle down a little.

I'm one of the rare people who is actually expanding his business in this recession. I've never seen things this nuts at work since well, the last recession. If they can't afford to buy new they have to fix what they got. If they do buy new we have that covered also by being the lead warranty company for just about every major appliance manufacturer. Yep the Maytag Man is NOT lonely.

Back to the bike. My legs actually felt great all the way through the test and I know there is a lot more power there than what showed up today. After my ride last Sunday where I was feeling very Olympic I know what the numbers should have read. Of course my heart was thinking something else. I know these test are really only for me anyways and they don't mean anything. It all matters when you roll up to the start line.

So I'm done venting about how wimpy my body was today. The numbers were still up and that is all that matters. Heather has the info and will let me know if there are going to be any changes to my schedule. Of course she will also be the amazing coach that she is and get me where I'm supposed to be for Summer Solstice.

Anyways, relax time, a new adventure tomorrow. Snowshoes, MCC, Dogs, Hills and NO LAKE.



Anonymous said...

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Mike Kraus

the original big ring said...

Matt, I've read that you're not supposed to be testing so often - it's hard on the system, not to mention on the brain if you don't see results. Every couple of weeks seems too much too often. My 2 cents.

Matt Spak said...

Hey Craig it was just over a month since my last test and I didn't finish it because the legs were off that day. It's usually once a month for testing.