Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter Releif

Wouldn't it be great to get away from the snow even if just for a week. Unfortunately I can't do this but anyone who has some vacation time should check this out. My buddy Ben books a huge house in South Carolina every spring. This year it's for two months and he rents out bedrooms by the week. You can't stay in a tent on the side of the road this cheap.

Click here for Info HERE!!!!!!

I'll continue to dig away at the snow and keep looking for that bastard groundhog. I'm going to feed him to my cat!!!


McWattberger said...

I heard that guy is a bit of a flake but for $160/week I'll put up with it.

Matt Spak said...

Ben's a good guy. Saw him yesterday. There is are some awesome riders showing up at the house.

Sir Legs-a-lot said...

Yeah maybe you're right. I'm just jelous because he's so fast.

Matt Spak said...

Yep he can. But I know he can't eat as many potato chips as I can. I type this as I have a much needed beer.

The names Ben mentioned going down basiclly listed some of the best riders in Eastern Canada.

You only ride as fast as teh company you keep?? Or try to keep up with.