Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vison is over rated!!! Maybe not

Ride blind, have fun?? Makes hills interesting at least. So, I've looked at them online way to many times. I've been to stores looking for them to try with no luck. I've asked everyone about them but no one has them, aww but they want them.

Well I caved and got them. I'm anally protective of my eyes. Ask my eye doctor, no Glaucoma test for this guy. The thought of putting a contact lens in my eye gives me nightmares. Nothing goes near them except my eye lids. That means I need protection. Since Trojan has yet to make a pair of glasses I went to the next best company.

Yes they are ugly, function over form??? In this case Oakley has.

I've been an Oakley addict since way back to the Razor Blades, they looked great with a mullet!! Hey it was the late 80's. So addicted that my cat is named Oakley. I really hope that the glasses don't shed like she does.

The Racing Jackets are pure function. More vents than lens. I've had way to many times where I'm having to slid my glasses to the end of my nose to try and defog them. Well that won't be a problem with these. No more trying to figure out lens tints either. Their setup with the Transition lens. This means no more trying to see in either extreme light or shady singletrack. The lens changes tint.

I've used them already. I even put them to the test of a situation that the engineers at Oakley never thought of. Guess what. No fogging, no loss of vision in anyway as I pushed the snowblower down the driveway.

They are calling for some sun/cloud mix this weekend so hopefully I will get to try them out in different elements. Or worst case I will look hot wearing them while on the trainer. Ok, maybe the glasses will look hot.

That's it for now. Hanging out with my coach tomorrow, see what happens there.



Jacob said...

i disagree with the ugly part. the racing jacket is probly the best set of glasses ever made, but nobody wears them anymore. bring them back!!

Youreyesite said...

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