Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing, I got nothing.

It was a boring day. That's it. My legs hurt from the intervals, yes they were indoors. Yes I did wear my glasses until I realized that I looked like an idiot. I was in my sun room and it was sunny, kinda. Does that make it better.

My coach did start prepping me for 24 hour racing by keeping me up way past my bedtime last night. Happy Birthday Heather!!!! I'm feeling a little draggy today because of it but it was worth it.

Oh my excitement for the day. I got to abuse another cyclist. Strapped him into the hamster wheel from hell and made him pedal till he blew up. Aww the fun of the power test. Rob pulled off some big numbers. Very understandable since he is becoming a well known time trialist.

That was the thrills of my life today, I'll try to do a little better tomorrow. It's big mileage day and I'm trying to get some company for it. Pictures? Videos? Finger painting? Well maybe a little more visual tomorrow.

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