Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's coming, It's coming!!!!!!

Spring that is. Maybe I'm just a little anxious and jumping the gun but it did feel like it today. Was able to get home early enough from my grown up time to take advantage of the above freezing temperatures. My trainer is fun and all and the rollers add some extra thrills to long long indoor workouts but nothing beats the road.

My legs are feeling just a little tired after the last few days of intervals so I was happy that it was just endurance miles scheduled today. I'm still sticking to my cross bike for a while since our township loves using sand. So much that you would swear some of the roads could pass as sand dunes. I have no interest in trying to slide into a snowbank just for the thrill of it while on slicks.

Headed out on Hwy 12 and finally made it to the Old Fort Road. Want to fix the economy? Put people to work fixing the roads. Some pretty sketchy shoulders in places that will only get worst as the ground thaws.

Just getting off the trainer was enjoyable.

The Old Fort is a great road for rolling hills. Of course on thing that you cannot get the body used to no matter how many miles you put in on the trainer is the air blowing into your eyes.

This was my first ride with the new glasses. I love them. No fogging and kept the lenses tinted just right. Of course with all those vents my eyes were not used to that 60 km/hr breeze. I can't wait to use them in some single track, yes snow you can melt now!

It was on to Vasey line with more rolling hills. I did my very bestest to keep my heart rate in zones 2 and 3. Unfortunately a couple hills did get the better of me. Hills, they don't get any easier you just go up them faster.

Rolled back to the house just under two hours and 55km. The nice thing was that it was almost 6pm and there was still daylight. It's coming, it's coming.

Weekend is coming and there will will be a session on the hamster wheel from hell. I'll have some company again. What is with my competition all coming over to ride with me??? Are they keeping tabs on me??? I should check and see if my phone lines are tapped.

Gotta relax, massage in the morning. Nothing more to say.



OilcanRacer said...

are you new glasses the real thing or a knock off.

i need something that vents like mad, but am throwing all my money in a new build right now

Matt Spak said...

Yes the glasses are the real thing. Oakley builds to order. I got them with transition lens. Well worth the money.