Friday, February 6, 2009


After my last 24 hour race it was an easy decision. Time for some new lights. Racing on a 4 person team meant riding full out. I was able to out ride my lights. So I've been doing lots of research. Do I get a new headlamp or new bar lights. Decisions, decisions.

I would like to keep my systems compatible, Don't want the support crew fumbling with 5 different style batteries and chargers. I'm also not in the mind set to build my own lights. I've seen a few creations and they are pretty cool but not for me.

Well the first debate, LED versus HID. I've been an LED user for years. Biggest reason was huge burn times and abuse level. Ya I crash from time to time. Of course when I started to use LED they were still no where near as bright as HID. Things have changed this year.

I'm pretty sure I'm just going to replace my headlamp for the moment. The options. Click the pictures for info on each.

This is my first choice. % hour burn time, 700 lumen, LED. I had a chance to see this light last year and it really caught my attention.

Of course there has to be a light from NiteRider. Super bright, good burn time etc.

Andrew wants me to check out this system and has offered to let me try it.

Of course there is this beast. Ben uses a modified version of this. 1850 lumen's. Yep it would be like riding with the sun strapped to your handlebars.

Ah decisions decisions. Well the decision right now it to head of to work.



Jason Hilimire said...

I think you need to check out the Ayup lighting systems. Superlightweight, durable, plenty bright and fairly cheap for the enduro (24 hours total battery time, 2 lights, loads of mounts, car and outlet charger)

I've used them for a full season now, and never had any issues.

Dave Stowe said...

Ha! I was going to mention the Ayup's as well.
Ken Waring got a set last year just before HAN and he loves them.
I'm using a combination of a Stella 180 and a Dinotte 200L, but I don't think you would be interested in something like that

Anonymous said...

Light In Motion, need I say more?

Dave said...

One of the guys at that night ride last year had them (when the race the night race at mountainview was cancelled). He was riding the NRS that you used to ride. They were super bright and I checked them out later online after I talked with him. I'm thinking of getting the 600/200 combo. Perfect for your needs with incredible output and long battery life. All the batteries are interchangable and cheap because there is no chip in the battery. They have an upgrade program too in case you want to upgrade your lights when the technology gets better.

Francois (mtbr) said...

HID = huge step backwards for you. Lupine (bright but $$$), TriNewt (bright, but big & $$ battery) or Dinotte (tons of light options, all use same batteries, extra batteries are cheap).
Check out the shootout pics.

Matt Spak said...

Thanks everyone for your input. I'll check into all the lights that everyone mentioned.

Mr. Stowe, you know the way I ride, I need bright otherwise I hit things.

Are you doing both Ontario 24's on your SS?

Thanks Francois I was pretty sure that HID was not even going to be an option. LED is the way to go now that they are able to spread the light pattern well beyond the spot of the last few years.

I will say something about the trail tech though. Run two of those and everyone will just drop their mouths in awe with 4000 lumens going. I think you could burn the earth with that light.

Chuckie said...

Not all of your lights listed are necessarily best for an endurance racer - look a little deeper. You want a combo of hassle free light bodies, bright lights and effective and affordable batteries - all at a decent weight. That really narrows down your choices, and eliminates some of those you listed. The Niterider Newt engines are great, but the batteries are way expenseive, too big and over-complicated because the lighting chips (and dim buttoms) are in the batteries themselves and not the light engines. Watch out for that.
I ran Dinotte's at Canmore last year. I used to run Niteriders, but gave up the free gear and actually bought Dinotte's. They were just a better match for me. Two reasons - the light engines are strong and reliable (really built with the endurance racer in mind), and the high number of batteries that a solo rider needs are easy to come by (cheap). Plus, they're lithium ion, so very strong with no memory. There is no funny electonics in the battery, so they're a lot more reliable, small and cheap.

If you're a 24 solo guy you want extra batteries, bright light and versatility at a decent weight. No sense lugging around a huge battery. You can't lose with the Dinotte lights because of the amount of options they have. Wicked customer service too - call Rob and they'll set you up with a custom package for your needs. They told me that as better LED bulbs come out, their systems are designed so that they can be upgraded so you're not stuck buying new units. Same batteries work with all lights too, so that's good. Worth a check - borrow a set if you can, and you'll see how well they're designed, and what options you'll want.
I'll be running them again at Canmore and also Moab in October.

Dave Stowe said...

Are you doing both Ontario 24's on your SS?
I'll be at Lifestyles and HAN. Hopefully at Solstice too but on some sort of team. Have you checked out the Ayups yet?

Matt Spak said...

Hey Dave

I did check out the Ayup's and was also on the light shootout on MTBR. The Ayup's are just a little bit brighter than what I already have and my systems have longer burn times. I get five hours out of the small batteries.

I'm pretty sure I'm goign to get light n motion seca ultra. 5 plus hour burn at 700 lumens. Obviously Georgian Cycle will take care of me with this system.

I may be at Lifestyles on a team