Saturday, February 28, 2009

MMM sweet coffee

Been up way to early for a weekend morning so it meant time for a coffee induced haze. My original plan for training has been altered a little. Andrew isn't coming up to play with me. I'm a little disappointed, it's been months since we have trained together.

It's not that I really need anyone to ride with but not seeing someone else suffer through intervals is always. So I'm going to take advantage of the young and naive. Brent is coming over. It's a short workout but the intesity is high. Should be fun.

Need more coffee.

Updated 5 hours later.

Got on trainer, warmed up on trainer, did first interval on trainer, blew up on first interval on trainer, got off trainer and went outside for some base miles.

My legs were not in a happy state today so I pulled the plug, got changed, sent Brent home for a different bike and headed out on the road for a few hours. Well not really the road but more outside. I had a chance to put some miles on one of the Anthem X's which was great. It handles awesome on snowmobile single track and Georgian Bay ice.

Managed to squeeze 2.5 hours in before my feet started to lose feeling and called it quits. Though it was a nice sun out there the temperature never got above minus 14 which turns into one hell of a cruel wind chill while in motion. The fear of descending??? Ice cream headache for the lactose intolerant??

Pretty sure Heather has me heading into a recovery week next week. The way the legs feel I think it's that time. 4 hours planned for tomorrow. Not sure which bike yet and where I'll go. I'll be armed with a camera though. I need food.


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The Vegan Vagabond said...

There's that coffee-angst I was talking about. its a dangerous drug, almost as bad as sugar!

okay admittedly nothing is as bad as sugar...mmm sugar. Wait, maybe peanut butter as Big Ring pointed out. *drool*