Friday, March 30, 2012

flip flop

Back up plans are supposed to be back ups, not used daily. After the great start to the season with amazing weather then reality coming back with a vengeance I just can't seem to make myself ride road when it's only a few degrees above freezing and the wind blasting. Normally I'd Bernie but I'm already accustomed to 20 degrees. I'm weak and frail, luckily the trails have been amazing, the place to hide when the road just doesn't look favourable. Of course this means those very specific type workouts I had planned go on the back burner.

It's been 4 days in a row playing in the big backyard known as Copeland forest. Two of those days included some solid climbing. Nothing feels better (cough cough) than 1400 feet of climbing in under an hour. What goes up gets to go down, almost an equal reward. I'm getting a little more comfortable on the 29er, it still doesn't decend as well as my dualie but makes up for it in other areas. Looks like it will be the bike of choice for this weekends race season kick off.

Looking forward to seeing where the legs and lungs are at, it's going to hurt, it's going to feel good, it should be fun

Monday, March 26, 2012

A week flies by

A rest week is much shorter than you think. Did I really rest and recover, we will see. So what have I been up to? On the bike front, I've been getting a little more fine running done on the 29er, new gear ratio helps a lot. 38 Chainring should get me though most race courses. I d o have the fall back though of the Copeland gear and with the flick of a switch the 26 comes into play. Some tire pressure experimenting done and pretty sure I've found my happy place. Now there is a debate on which bike to race this weekend, a slight delay on my race wheels has,e tempted to pull out the Anthem, decesion will be made later this week.

O the rest front of riding I've got my rail trail cruiser ready. Pubs, here we come. The fixie is looking pretty sweet, How many times will my 20 year old Gardin change styles? For 2012 it's rocking the high gloss white look, now we just need summer to return. Negative numbers will keep the Fixie in the basement instead of the front of a waterfront pub.

Took advantage of a lowly week for some hammer away at the house time. Lots of summer prep projects going on, scrapping windows and trim etc readying things for the big house paint this summer. On the inside, prep for next winter is already happening. The training room is getting some huge tlc and even more modern tech to make time in there more enjoyable. It will petty much be a movie theater in there, with a full wall as the screen. With the plan to return to 24 solos next season that also means the return of long winter training. It should help me stay in there.

Getting a little excited to start the season, legs do feel good, most of the time. Some weight training will be incorporated into my rides this week, all the extra clothing needed to stay warm. Let the fun begin.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What time is it mr wolf

I must say that I'm almost stunned that I'm saying this. I love my 29er. Finally got it into the trails , where it belongs, it doesn't act like 29ers of old, quick handling, great climber. Who knew. Of course I'd probably be happy riding a mid 80s 6speed CCM at this point. I forgot how much I missed the trails. The conditions are stunning, feeling more like mid summer than the first day of spring. Global warming ,Southern Ontario is the new Arasonia.

Other quick notes, new light is in and been tested. One word, Awesome!!! The new Exposure Diablo has a bit more kick than previous models in the same size. 975l lumens for 1 hour using the internal battery. Of course you have two other settings that have longer burn times but that's like having a 911 turbo and never revving the engine over 3000 rpm. Of course you have the optns of plugging in the external battery which adds huge burn time. The 24 hour will be just a little easier on this old guy with his limited night vision. I still think aboutmy first 24 back in 2002 using a 10 watt light bulb with 1.5 hours of burn. How things have changed in my short 10 year race career.

Bodyis feeling back in forth, feeling strong but some random discomfort in the joints. Lots of treatments being done, recovery week, lots of stretching, hoping this cures it after a long training block. Only a week and a half till the first aggressive group training ride, oh wait that's called a race. Homage to Ice, I'm not sure if I remember what ice is anymore.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

No title just riding

A few solid days of riding put in. Found myself in one of those no win situations on Tuesdays tempo work out. Power was there, roads were great etc etc. As I head north-west towards Honey Harbour I'm at a steady pace into the wind. Steady pace stands for slow, into the wind stands for strong and cold headwind. Now the balance to this was the warming sun on my front side. It meant it was bearable for everything and right on the edge for my feet. Then came the turn around,, no head wind. I didn't get off so easy? With the tail wind speed increased dramatically, the return to a wind chill and now having the sun on my back, again, just on the edge of staying warm enough to not turn miserable. Now my anti complaint, I'm riding road, clear roads at that in early March not wearing seventeen layers of clothing to stay warm.

Yesterday brought on an Andrew Watson paced endurance ride. Had my minimum and maximum numbers to stick by. The max is easy to avoid but those minimum are hard to maintain on those descents. 2 hours in the sun, unfortunately it's not quite warm enough for me to shed the knee and arm warmers yet and blind the world with my pale body parts. Legs are impressing me right now with the numbers they are pushing comfortably. The change of focus seem to be doing them well, hoping to add a couple big turbo chargers to that diesel engine I've built the last few years.

Looks like some changes to the race season have already happened, Pole Pound and Pedal has been cancelled. Something about needing snow for two of the three sports. I'm disappointed about not being able to do two out of the three events. The skis have been coated in their summer storage wax. Looks like AWI Racing may start the season with a group ride in Orrillia this Sunday.

Mother Nature's road cleaning service showed up this morning. Forgot how cool thunderstorms can be, hard rain will kill the last of the snow, clear the salt and dirt off the road and will have me unfortunately riding indoors this afternoon for my shortest workout of the week. Weekend is looking good.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A bad Chuck Norris joke and a great weekend

One season ends another begins, I'm ready. Hopefully Saturday was the last indoor ride for a long time, followed it up with what should be the last skate ski of the year, took the rocket skis down to the bay. This was more for the dogs than for me but I wasn't complaining about being out there. For safety I was restricted to about 10 feet off the shoreline, any farther it and it looked like a skating rink. It was nice to get that last one in, there seemed to be a calm on the bay. No snowmobiles out on the ice, no noise, the sun broke and the wind died down. A great way to finish.

Once home the prep for Sunday began. The biggest thing to do, come up with a new Chuck Norris joke. As I removed Chuck from his winter home in the trainer and given a once over before the returning to where it belongs, on the road. Mother Nature didn't choose to change the weather ,Chuck Norris decided he was bored in the training room and ear flicked her until she changed. I'll stick to my normal job.

Training becomes so much easier when your outside, I like movement. Big day planned, big day accomplished. First half of myride was alone on the TCR with wattage leading the way. Nice warm up followed by a right turn on to Vasey line where I went up and down the hills for the next hour with about 2000 feet of climbing. I was enjoying myself as I suffered, so much that I even turned around one more Tempe to blast the longest climb on the road one more time. What felt like a short time after I left I roolled back into the driveway, at this point I'd put in 2.5hours. Swapped bikes and picked up some company. Shannon was anxious to be outdoors also. I put some ore quality time in on the 29er. Good out and back with Shannon, the last few km's were tough though, Stomach was growling and the energy was fading quickly,understandable as the the 4 hour mark was approaching. The rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up the sun and consuming food.

How long will it be until the trails are clear? I'm anxious.

Friday, March 9, 2012

life and what comes with it

Little excitement happening. Solid road ride in the spring like conditions on Wednesday. Used the 29er,trying to get as much time in on it to get any fit fine tuning done. Loving the bike more and more, now just need some wonderful single track to play on. Melt dammit. Last night had life take over,some later than normal business meetings kept me off the bike. Not to concerned, still putting in the hours to make me semi-fast this year. Another reason I was stepping back from the long races this season besides the body recovery etc was based on Mom retiring from the family run company. Means I have more on my plate this year in my day to day what pays the bills life. No worries, just a new challenge.

Heading to the hills tonight for what will probably be the last downhill sliding.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Some super secret Pole Pound and Pedal training last night. Not that I am focused on doing all that well at this particular race. It has running of sorts in it and for those that know, running is stupid. Is a sub primal instinctive reaction to fear that is activated when a big ass dinosaur shows up. The human race has evolved , dinasurs are dead and we ow have bicycles. See running is stupid. It was more some quality time on the snow with my skate skis, my new skate skis. I love these skis, this was the first time I got to just slide around on them. The first word, fast. Fast skis help compromise average technique. This could be the last time they are used until the race, something about 10 degrees and sun.

Theconditions last night were far from prime, I didn't really care though. Good glide made up for slightly rough snow. There was a secondary motivation for my visit to Copeland. To see how much snow was there and guesstimating how long it will take to melt. I'm craving singletrack, a romp in the woods. The29er is crying for some attention, I'm just wanting to play. So my thoughts, there ally isn't that much, 2 weeks of warm may be all it will take. This also leads to having dry roads. Not to much snow on the shoulder less to melt on the road. Melt dammit. I'm ready to start putting storage wax on all the skis. I have no problem. calling it on the sliding season let the wheels start rolling.

Attempts to put some colour into the legs and arms may happen today. For those in Ontario, thank Andrew Watson for his out of country plans. That always guarenttee great weather here. Enjoy South Carolina, I'll enjoy Ontario.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

getting my shit together

Ducks in a row, etc etc as spring has a strong chance of showing up in the next 2 weeks I figured I better get my to do list laid out. This is always easier on the third cup of coffee and with little or no craving to step outside. So where am I racing in 2012?? Looks like another busy season, I'm excited.

Pole pound and pedal this month will pretty much end the ski season, good way to finish. I think. On to the two wheel stuff.

Homage to Ice
Ontario Cup Mansfield
Ontario Cup Woodnewton
Marathon 1 Ganaraska?? Maybe
Canada Cup Hardwood
Ontario Cup Albion
24 Hour Summer Solstice. Tag yet again
Ontario Cup Sudbury
Ontario Cup Buckwallow
Sir SAMs 4 hour. Haliburton
Ontario Cup Championships Duntroon
Tour De King
Hardwood Singletrack Challenge

This is subject to change but at this point I doubt it. A very busy season but a new trend, except for the 24 the longest race is Sir SAMs which is just so much fun I dont even think of it as a race. They have berms on their course and the climb doesn't really feel like a climb. Oh and their chalet has awesome beer for after the race. Yet again it's and stacked early season. Better get at it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A loaded question

So I get this little reminder yesterday, of course it wasn't really needed because the official reminder came by email 6 hours earlier. It was subtle but I knew there was more to this than what it said. What was I supposed to doubt call a spade a spade. What the hell am I talking about? Registration opened yesterday for the 24 hour of Summer Solstice. I was very aware of it, I was also indecision on my plans for it. With a short races only plan originally planned a large team would have been my first choice. Single laps, lots of rest in between, have some fun, drink a beer or two, just go fast.

So what happens when you are asked to partner up with Ontario's premier tag team rider? How can you say no? The big change this season, Mr Tristan Spurr asked me to team up, not the other way around like the past two years. He has forgotten how much pain is involved with this race, for me,I remember all two well. Yet again I just can't say no, I just change my thoughts on what the race is so that it jives with my 2012 race season. It's not a 24 hour race, it will be 6 two hour races at the same venue held over the course of a weekend. Good bullshit? I think so.Yes Mr Spurr I will race the 24 with you again.

This lead me onto the trainer again last night slightly more motivated. That lasted for a few moments before realizing how much I get annoyed on the trainer. After 2 movie different movies, both failing to distract me enough I loaded in an older 24 hour of SS video. It worked well, watching a little racing, seeing some very familiar trails, course of the past. A little race simulation while watching a lap of the 2008 course. The things we do. Legs are starting to feel strong and that matchbook is getting a bit larger, time to start buying the matches.

Toronto Bike Show tonight, another weekend of training lined up. Looking like it will be a trainer day tomorrow with the predicted 100 mile an hour wind. Let the fun begin.