Saturday, March 3, 2012

getting my shit together

Ducks in a row, etc etc as spring has a strong chance of showing up in the next 2 weeks I figured I better get my to do list laid out. This is always easier on the third cup of coffee and with little or no craving to step outside. So where am I racing in 2012?? Looks like another busy season, I'm excited.

Pole pound and pedal this month will pretty much end the ski season, good way to finish. I think. On to the two wheel stuff.

Homage to Ice
Ontario Cup Mansfield
Ontario Cup Woodnewton
Marathon 1 Ganaraska?? Maybe
Canada Cup Hardwood
Ontario Cup Albion
24 Hour Summer Solstice. Tag yet again
Ontario Cup Sudbury
Ontario Cup Buckwallow
Sir SAMs 4 hour. Haliburton
Ontario Cup Championships Duntroon
Tour De King
Hardwood Singletrack Challenge

This is subject to change but at this point I doubt it. A very busy season but a new trend, except for the 24 the longest race is Sir SAMs which is just so much fun I dont even think of it as a race. They have berms on their course and the climb doesn't really feel like a climb. Oh and their chalet has awesome beer for after the race. Yet again it's and stacked early season. Better get at it.

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