Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What time is it mr wolf

I must say that I'm almost stunned that I'm saying this. I love my 29er. Finally got it into the trails , where it belongs, it doesn't act like 29ers of old, quick handling, great climber. Who knew. Of course I'd probably be happy riding a mid 80s 6speed CCM at this point. I forgot how much I missed the trails. The conditions are stunning, feeling more like mid summer than the first day of spring. Global warming ,Southern Ontario is the new Arasonia.

Other quick notes, new light is in and been tested. One word, Awesome!!! The new Exposure Diablo has a bit more kick than previous models in the same size. 975l lumens for 1 hour using the internal battery. Of course you have two other settings that have longer burn times but that's like having a 911 turbo and never revving the engine over 3000 rpm. Of course you have the optns of plugging in the external battery which adds huge burn time. The 24 hour will be just a little easier on this old guy with his limited night vision. I still think aboutmy first 24 back in 2002 using a 10 watt light bulb with 1.5 hours of burn. How things have changed in my short 10 year race career.

Bodyis feeling back in forth, feeling strong but some random discomfort in the joints. Lots of treatments being done, recovery week, lots of stretching, hoping this cures it after a long training block. Only a week and a half till the first aggressive group training ride, oh wait that's called a race. Homage to Ice, I'm not sure if I remember what ice is anymore.

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