Friday, March 2, 2012

A loaded question

So I get this little reminder yesterday, of course it wasn't really needed because the official reminder came by email 6 hours earlier. It was subtle but I knew there was more to this than what it said. What was I supposed to doubt call a spade a spade. What the hell am I talking about? Registration opened yesterday for the 24 hour of Summer Solstice. I was very aware of it, I was also indecision on my plans for it. With a short races only plan originally planned a large team would have been my first choice. Single laps, lots of rest in between, have some fun, drink a beer or two, just go fast.

So what happens when you are asked to partner up with Ontario's premier tag team rider? How can you say no? The big change this season, Mr Tristan Spurr asked me to team up, not the other way around like the past two years. He has forgotten how much pain is involved with this race, for me,I remember all two well. Yet again I just can't say no, I just change my thoughts on what the race is so that it jives with my 2012 race season. It's not a 24 hour race, it will be 6 two hour races at the same venue held over the course of a weekend. Good bullshit? I think so.Yes Mr Spurr I will race the 24 with you again.

This lead me onto the trainer again last night slightly more motivated. That lasted for a few moments before realizing how much I get annoyed on the trainer. After 2 movie different movies, both failing to distract me enough I loaded in an older 24 hour of SS video. It worked well, watching a little racing, seeing some very familiar trails, course of the past. A little race simulation while watching a lap of the 2008 course. The things we do. Legs are starting to feel strong and that matchbook is getting a bit larger, time to start buying the matches.

Toronto Bike Show tonight, another weekend of training lined up. Looking like it will be a trainer day tomorrow with the predicted 100 mile an hour wind. Let the fun begin.

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