Wednesday, February 29, 2012

lost mittens, crying kittens

Little excitement happening in central Ontario. Training has resumed after dragging my ass for a day or two after the race. A weak attempt was was made to ride outside yesterday, the sun gave a false sense of warmth. Five minutes into my ride my hands started getting cold, i turned around and headed home. Not before have a sprint contest with a dog. I believe a dog owner and I are going to have a talk. This is the third time I've been chased by the same dog,lucky for me the dog is fat and slow but as the warm weather reappears more riders will have this dog running often. Popular route. A little concerned that those growls are a little more focused now.

As for my weakness and bail, I lost my lobster claw mittens a few weeks ago and have yet to replace them. Of course I have ones for extreme cold and a few for milder days, just nothing for right now. My hands don't like being cold, I'm slightly over protective of them, need to be with my line of day job. So I settled in on the trainer with some good tempo work. I actually enjoyed being there, maybe it's the thought that the first race is only a month away. Time flies, snow melts?

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