Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yep, I'm a sheep. I'm following the trend, drinking the kool-aid, buying into the fad. I have a big wheel bike coming. Sticking with a Giant, will be rolling on an xtc 29er by the end of the month. It's funny how this has come around. It's not that I really wanted to change bikes, I still plan on racing the dualie most often but I like options. I love having a hardtail for certain conditions and just even technical riding. I need to have a hardtail, that's where the problem developed.

I like my Blue, at one point I loved it. Now though I have a bit of a fear of it. I know that sounds dumb, being afraid f a bike but when I ride it I'm always just a little hesitant on it. Every time I stand up and put some power down I pause, back off, or worst sit back down. Why I went over the bars last fall for what I consider one of my most painful injuries to date is still a mystery but it's always in my mind. It happened on the Blue and I. just can't seem to get past it. This is a problem, how can you tride aggressive if you have fear your bike may hurt you, I'll never push on the Blue again. So that's why it's has to go. It's still an amazing bike and hopefully it will be a great race bike for someone else.

This is where the debate went in, new 26 inch bike or do I chance it and see what all the fuss is about with the big wheels. I thought long and hard, about 6 minutes, roughly how long it took for me to drink a cup of coffee. Some research was done, option list was made, the search began. Less than a week after really looking and planning I have a 2011 Giant xtc 1 coming. It's black, the Chuck Norris bike will either be happy to have a friend or the world will catastrophically implode. Some plans for a Stan's wheel build up have already started. I haven't even got the bike yet.

The countdown to spring has begun, I'll be a little more anxious for it next week. For now, another cup of coffee before heading out for a ski in the winter like conditions

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