Thursday, February 16, 2012

This and That and This

Could be today, maybe tomorrow. New wheels could be on my door step when I get home. Almost like Christmas even though I do have to pay for it. Spelling of Christmas, also preping for just I case. The Anthem is ready to roll, thanks to Jacob for the rebuild and tune up. A few grams lighter and sporting some shiny new parts. Now I just need the snow to melt everywhere but the ski trails. Picky and demanding right.

The bike side of the season is coming together, my body on the other hand. Just as things started to settle and get better I have my wonderful ass smack on the ice which has set me back a bit. Jumping on it full force right now, hoping for some quick recovery, hoping.

As for training, this week so far has been the train, skate skis and a road ride. Nothing longer than an hour and a half, but controlled intensity. Minus the hip, the strength is coming along. Plans to stat increasing the time will start next week, weather and body dependent.

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