Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm torn

I really am confused, what do I want? No I'm not making a life altering decision, I can't decide if I want winter or spring. A few days ago I w all over watching the snow melt, now I'm wanting a few more weeks of it. When the XTC showed up I was very anxious to try it out, some snow covered trails helped calm that craving, This was topped up with a two hour road ride on it last night. I really like the bike. Melt dammit,I want to rip some singletrack. Oh wait, the Loppet is tomorrow? I think I would be ok with everything melting except that I just brought home a new pair of rocket skis.

My 7 year old RS9 skate skis have been demoted. My skating abilities have increased and the skis have been a big part of the improvement but it was time. It's called the end of the season selling things that are normally very expensive at a much more reasonable price time. S a visit to my favorite ski dealer last night had me looking at a new pair of Atomic race skates. They were calling name, I couldn't resist, they are on the waxing table now. Like bikes the evolution of skis over the last couple years is amazing. The changes in sidewall construction etc, lucky I don't plan on adding xc ski racing as a major winter activity. Just some random fun.

I had some debates on changing categories for tomorrow but sticking to my original decision. 20k classic and while others are still out there puking during the 40 I'll get some play time on the new skis. That old proverb of don't try something new on race day will be followed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have realistic expectations on results. Hoping that my gear and waxing abilities will make up for limited fitness and technique. Chill tonight for what could be another epic weekend of playing.

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