Friday, February 3, 2012

when given lemons,

Oh Copeland forest trails, I've missed you. I know I've played on your wide paths many times this winter but it's your narrow winding trails. You know what I'm talking about, singletrack. This is not a word many talk about in this part of Ontario at this time of year unless you have a trip south planned. Thats changed this year.

After a quick start and stop on the road, I just wasn't in the mood to ride on the road yesterday and the dogs we in need of a run I did what I normally would do, in June. I went to the big backyard. My thought of this was pretty simple, it was either going to be awesome and amazing or it would be completely unrideable but the dogs would atleast get a short run. It wasnt the later. The snow was just hard enough to roll on and just soft enough to give some traction. No studded tires on my bikes, just big wheels. The 29er winter beast was in its element with the 2.3 tire. Started out on the ski trails, I'll be honest I would have been content to just ride around on these but after close to an hour I noticed one of the marked snowshoe trails looked solid and made that left turn that puts a smile on your face.

Again they were perfect and with the dogs still in chase I found the pace quicken. It got the dogs fired up and Molly showed signs of her old self by passing and then ramping up the speed even more. Yep I got dropped by a 8.5 year old dog, I smiled. I was having fun, I started to craving spring. The biggest reason, I want smoother trails, my head is still rattling from the bumps on the trails and the rigid bike. It was worth it. Even made my way up the wall singletrack, some of it while on the pedals, some of it was pushing the bike.

2 hours of play time that will help me deal with any boring trainer time, the dogs a tired, the legs are tired. Hmmm thinking I may have to do that again.

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