Monday, February 20, 2012


Just what I needed. Sun and fun. Fun being attached to some skis and it's still not done. With the long weekend here and what could actually be called the best conditions for winter activities, umm all winter, I've taken advantage of it. With a bit of a solo weekend, just the dogs and I home I pulled out the my pace training. Saturday found us out on Georgian Bay for a warm up skate ski. Conditions were 97 percent perfect with the sun breaking through the clouds and warming the soul. It was a good mix of cat and mouse with the dogs depending on our direction, I love tail winds. An hour and a half of goodness, can it get better?

Yes, yes it can. Sunday was even more gooder. Loaded up the car and headed to Awenda, first one on the trails so a little fluff to break through but overall amazing snow for a 18 km classic around the park. The perfect tempature, the perfect grip, the perfect glide. Had it been track set. The Molly Monster returned at the mid way point and showed her years of endurance and pacing by taking the lead for the last 5 km, the young whippersnapper started to drag her tail on the last 5. 2 hours with some solid tempo mixed in that time, not hard to do in those conditions. It's also given me a chance to evaluate my thoughts for next weekend. At this point I'm at 96 percent set on the 20 km classic for the Loppet. A little disapointed that I don't have faith in my hip to do the 40. The fitness is there but id pay for it, would be taking to many steps backwards. So far the long term Saturday weather is looks no pretty good.

Just waiting for the coffee to kick in and the dogs and I are off to the bay for yet another ski, the sun is up. May be the first test of the xtc 29er tonight. It's fit and comfortable, I figure there will still be a few tweaks to do. After next weekend, spring can arrive.

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