Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It was worth it

Im tired, I'll be dragging my ass today and guzzling coffee like it was water but it as so worth it. Last thoughts Monday had me skiing, oh I skied alright. First round was 2 hours in the glorious sun. With only light winds by the mid way point it almost felt hot out on the ice. I had the mad pack of dogs chasing me. It was perfect, great snow, great conditions, great pace. I would have been content to call it a day after that but I didn't.

After a good stretch out on the deck it was out for round two with Shannon. The snow was even better, it was even warmer, even with tired legs I was ready for a f more solid hours but we kept it fairly light, light being another hour and a half. Again the dogs running around like lunatics. I think they enjoyed this time a little more as we skied around all the islands, lots of smells to amuse them and the pace was much slower. They are both moving slower today. They easily ran 70 plus km this weekend.

The day was not done,refueled with some coffee I met up with the boys for the MNS. It's been a while since the last adventure but it was done right. Afte some recon work the previous day The Mighty T promised us a loop that w rideable. He was right, it was perfect. Even though it was a narrow hard packed trail which when slightly tired seemed even narrower the conditions were perfect. It was also the maiden voyage for the xtc, I like it. Fit felt good, the handling was great. It's night and day between my KHS winter bike and the Giant . A great decesion to change

. Some quotes from the night include "who would have thought it woulda look like this a year ago". This coming from Jer on the fact that a year ago we were all on 26 inch hardtails and smack talking 29er as we are all now on twenty niners. A great ride including a couple near death moments, leads into a great rest day. Weather is hinting for some indoor riding this week, prep work for Saturdays race will be mixed in. I need another cup, oh sweet coffee.

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