Monday, February 6, 2012

Another good one

Another great weekend with a solid mix of outdoor adventure, the highlight was Saturday. With the cross country ski conditions here very limited we loaded up the car and drove north, way north. 2.5 hours later we were in Killarney Provincial Park in hopes of some great skiing. Overall it was pretty good, what was surprsing was that they didn't have all that much more snow than what we have, they just didn't get the rain. This made the trail a lot bumpier than they are probably used as we made our was out to Freeland Lake.

Lots of tracks that we're not owned by skiers, deer, moose, wolves, cougars, well we think it was a cougar track. Unfortunately we didn't see any of the culprits that left these tracks. The return loop had us out on the ice, I was craving some skate skis at this point, the conditions we perfect for them. An inch of snow on mirror smooth ice, life is tough. Some more photo opps at what would normally be a canoe portage, this time of the year though the skis did have to come off as we waked passed the water falls. George Lake was also spectacular with great snow and awesome ice waterfalls along the rock faces. Yep, it was worth the drive for the 2 plus hour ski.

Sunday was back at home and on the two wheels, an our of solid tempo pace out on the road before meeting Shannon at the parking lot in Copeland. For the next two hours we made all the xc so IRS shake their heads and smile as we ripped around the trails which yet again we better for bikes than skis. Maybe I'm a ski snob now but I just didn't like hearing the bases being shredded off. Hopefully some snow will return. Of course the dogs were with us both days.

Good weekend of training, feeling that there maybe be a couple chill days this week. It's been a few weeks of unstructured structured workouts. Body is craving a little rest, just a little.

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