Monday, February 13, 2012

I've heard the trainer is nice this time of year

Why oh why didn't I think a out my actions. I was over anxious without thinking things through and now I'm paying for it. Oh I'm paying for it. I spent the remainder of the weekend trying to remedy the consequences. The scenario, Saturday morning, new snow, minus 15, sun. Yep looked like what mid February should look like. I went to do what I would normally do on a winter morning, yep I went skiing. Still being on a chill week I figured I'd take it was and ski on the bay. No hills, good glide etc etc, low exertion. I should have stayed in bed or on the couch.

I opted to start in the next town over with a rough plan to ski Hoggs Bay, my plan failed quickly. It took all of 6 strides to know that it was going to be a lot more work than I originally planned, the first 5 strides were on snowmobile packed snow, then came the light powder. I should have known better, cold and fresh snow, doesn't pack well. Screw it, toughen up, be a man,keep going. 5 minutes later I'm stopped, this sucks. No ski traction, no ski glide, the wind is a lot colder than I thought, forget being a tough guy use common sense and turn around. That is exactly what I did.

A few minutes later and the hands were frozen, still not back to shore. Why didn't I ride the trainer? Why didn't I take the classics into the woods? Getting closer, getting colder even though I know I dressed right, minus the wind chill. I've been it for ten minutes and hated every second of it. I finally reach the shore line, come to a stop. It wasn't hard since I was barely moving. Catch my breathe, look to the left, look to the right, nice view. That's when it happened, for some reason I found my balance shift onto my right ski, then my balance completely fail. When is the last time of fell on ice? Obviously for me it was Saturday morning around 9:43 and guess what, it friggen hurts.

After the first few seconds of shock went by the pain started. I came down center tailbone. Yep I fell on my ass. Of course being a skinny cyclist means not a lot of booty back there. So now I'm on the ice with my low back and ass screaming in one tone and my hands freezing and screaming at me in another. Attempts to walk it off were useless, instead once home I tried to spin it out on the trainer. Now I'm doing everything and anything I can to feel better, yoga, stretching, heating pad, ice, laser, voodoo, meditation etc etc. With the Loppet only who weeks away some ski mileage is needed, also a random thought about the FrostBike race this weekend has returned. Hopefully my ass recovers quickly, need it two so I can get it handed to me on skis.

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