Wednesday, February 8, 2012

needed, deserved

Little happening as the week hits the midway point. Rest week became a reality, body is draggy and craving sleep. That day job plays its toll on the play job sometimes. A light spin on the rollers helped make the body feel better, unsure what tonight will bring. On the happy side of things, new goodies for e Anthem are rolling in. Bike will be ready for spring riding when spring shows up . I am guesstimating that my be on the 29th, just a wild guess.

Doesn't look like I will make it down to the FrostBike race this year. A little disappointed but there is always next season. Timing just not working for me at this point. Thoughts on the the ski race the following weekend, I'm wondering if I should start looking for some wheels to bolt on. Hoping winter and mother nature sends a little white stuff our way.

Check out the AWI Racing site, new team members announced. I need coffee.

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