Thursday, March 15, 2012

No title just riding

A few solid days of riding put in. Found myself in one of those no win situations on Tuesdays tempo work out. Power was there, roads were great etc etc. As I head north-west towards Honey Harbour I'm at a steady pace into the wind. Steady pace stands for slow, into the wind stands for strong and cold headwind. Now the balance to this was the warming sun on my front side. It meant it was bearable for everything and right on the edge for my feet. Then came the turn around,, no head wind. I didn't get off so easy? With the tail wind speed increased dramatically, the return to a wind chill and now having the sun on my back, again, just on the edge of staying warm enough to not turn miserable. Now my anti complaint, I'm riding road, clear roads at that in early March not wearing seventeen layers of clothing to stay warm.

Yesterday brought on an Andrew Watson paced endurance ride. Had my minimum and maximum numbers to stick by. The max is easy to avoid but those minimum are hard to maintain on those descents. 2 hours in the sun, unfortunately it's not quite warm enough for me to shed the knee and arm warmers yet and blind the world with my pale body parts. Legs are impressing me right now with the numbers they are pushing comfortably. The change of focus seem to be doing them well, hoping to add a couple big turbo chargers to that diesel engine I've built the last few years.

Looks like some changes to the race season have already happened, Pole Pound and Pedal has been cancelled. Something about needing snow for two of the three sports. I'm disappointed about not being able to do two out of the three events. The skis have been coated in their summer storage wax. Looks like AWI Racing may start the season with a group ride in Orrillia this Sunday.

Mother Nature's road cleaning service showed up this morning. Forgot how cool thunderstorms can be, hard rain will kill the last of the snow, clear the salt and dirt off the road and will have me unfortunately riding indoors this afternoon for my shortest workout of the week. Weekend is looking good.

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