Monday, March 26, 2012

A week flies by

A rest week is much shorter than you think. Did I really rest and recover, we will see. So what have I been up to? On the bike front, I've been getting a little more fine running done on the 29er, new gear ratio helps a lot. 38 Chainring should get me though most race courses. I d o have the fall back though of the Copeland gear and with the flick of a switch the 26 comes into play. Some tire pressure experimenting done and pretty sure I've found my happy place. Now there is a debate on which bike to race this weekend, a slight delay on my race wheels has,e tempted to pull out the Anthem, decesion will be made later this week.

O the rest front of riding I've got my rail trail cruiser ready. Pubs, here we come. The fixie is looking pretty sweet, How many times will my 20 year old Gardin change styles? For 2012 it's rocking the high gloss white look, now we just need summer to return. Negative numbers will keep the Fixie in the basement instead of the front of a waterfront pub.

Took advantage of a lowly week for some hammer away at the house time. Lots of summer prep projects going on, scrapping windows and trim etc readying things for the big house paint this summer. On the inside, prep for next winter is already happening. The training room is getting some huge tlc and even more modern tech to make time in there more enjoyable. It will petty much be a movie theater in there, with a full wall as the screen. With the plan to return to 24 solos next season that also means the return of long winter training. It should help me stay in there.

Getting a little excited to start the season, legs do feel good, most of the time. Some weight training will be incorporated into my rides this week, all the extra clothing needed to stay warm. Let the fun begin.

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